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Direct mail marketing is a great way for your business to reach new customers, target a specific demographic for leads, and test new advertising campaigns. The point of your direct mail campaign is to persuade your audience to buy your product or services. Your copy should provide a clear, easy to read argument for why your audience should take a specific action. Brainstorming tag lines to catch your customers’ attention is a difficult process that can be made infinitely easier by writing your copy first.
You have a little more leeway with headings to be creative, but for the body of your mailing, you should emphasize readability. Make sure that your background and text colours are high-contrast without clashing painfully. Besides your text, font face, and colours, there is one final element to your direct mail design: the size and shape of the mailing itself. It may be easier to choose your format first, and then design your mailing to fit the format.
According to the Direct Marketing Association, US marketers send more than 90 billion direct mail items per year. You may also like:15 Irrefutable Proofs from Infographics about Effectiveness of Direct MailBias towards direct mail marketing as obsolete or out of touch must be cast aside. This entry was posted in Direct Mail, Tips & Tricks and tagged direct mail, direct mail marketing, direct mail tips by Colour Time. Contact our Direct Mail Professionals on your next mail campaign to help reach your target audience. Our Print Solutions Team can assist will all your mailing projects and maximize your reach to new customers. Long Island direct mail marketing and advertising is self explanatory, but there are many different solutions. It’s important to know which one is right for you! Does your direct mail advertising communicate with an existing client base, or new potential clients? All of these questions and more come into play when determining the best solution for a direct mail design marketing campaign.

Get back to the business of your business, and let AdSpace Technologies bring the customers to you. For a short time only we're offering all new clients 12 months of FREE website hosting when you sign up. Some auto dealers and experts like direct mail advertising because it targets and reaches prospects directly. Unlike most type of online marketing, the efficacy of your direct mail campaign is easy to quantify with mailing and response data. If you start out with a good design, you’ll get faster results and a greater ROI right off the bat. You may offer a coupon or special deal with your mailing, but in the end, your argument is what will convince the reader to contact your business for its products and services. It should be informative, but also easy to skim – utilize paragraph breaks strategically to create a clear scan path for the reader. Once you have outlined your argument to the customer, it’s easy to pull out for emphasis key words and phrases that contribute to and complement your argument. Since the selling point of your mailing is the copy, it needs to be readable in order to be effective.
The combination of high end software and equipment ensure a streamlined approach to mailing your printed piece at the best possible rates offered by the Unitesd States Post Office. This program allows you to send up to 5,000 pieces daily per Zip Code at the reduce rate of only $14.5 per piece. You can saturate neighborhoods with specific zip codes of your choosing with your customized message and product offering.
Dealers employing this marketing strategy would have mailers printed in bulk and sent to their prospects’ mail boxes. In order for that to happen, you must know which direct mail techniques have and have not worked in the past. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Exotic fonts, although effective from a design perspective, can hurt your bottom line if your audience can’t quickly glance down and understand it.

To increase your initial ROI, make sure your mailing has good copy, is easy to read, and is in a standard format that’s cheap to produce and mail.
Our Mail Soutions Professionals can assist in the Design, Printing and Mailing of your piece.
At AdSpace Technologies can help in identifying which potential customers are most likely to respond to your campaign, allowing us to bring a higher response rate and ROI.
Although a traditional automotive marketing strategy, some auto dealers still find direct mail marketing effective despite the flourishing of Internet marketing strategies today. Make sure that the copy is compelling, engaging, interesting, clear, and free from grammatical and spelling errors. These are phrases or sentences that tell readers what to do next after reading the advertisement. Direct mail companies can do mailer design, copywriting, strategy planning, and printing for you. And, with our innovative tracking program, we continue to expand our wealth of knowledge and insight to keep our direct mail marketing campaigns on the cutting edge. Examples of calls to action are “Join now!”, “Call us now!, “Follow us on Twitter”, and the like. If you want to achieve effective direct mail marketing, spend enough time for research and preparation before employing such strategy. Because we have such a diverse clientele all over Long Island NY, we can effectively serve the needs of businesses ranging from contractors to professionals, restaurants to landscapers, window cleaners, tree services, and many more, without sacrificing the personal service and specialized direct marketing that you deserve. Moreover, find out the interests of the people in your mailing list so you could personalize your mailers and make them more effective.
If you are going to use paragraphs, which are usually used in letters, keep them short and minimal.

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