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20-year-old Harvard dropout Olenka Polak is launching an app that may well change the movie industry in small, but significant, ways. There are 342 million people in the world who live in places where the language that they speak is not the dominant language. Inspired by this, Polak and her brother set out to create an app that would allow anyone to watch a movie in any theater in the world in whatever language they preferred.
It’s a remarkable creation, fulfilling a simple need efficiently and elegantly by using technology that most moviegoers already have in their pocket. In communities where a population of Spanish-speaking audience members exist, the film will frequently screen in both English and Spanish—but, as Polak learned when she took her cousins to see Hugo, that prevents intergenerational families, where older members may speak Spanish while younger ones speak English, from sharing the experience.

Cesar Chavez is the first film myLINGO is working with, but Polak has big plans for the future. It’s built on the same sort of acoustic fingerprinting and audio synchronization that powers apps like Shazam and services like Echo Nest. MyLINGO officially launches March 28, and the first film it launches with is Pantelion Films’ Cesar Chavez, directed by Diego Luna and starring Michael Pena, America Ferrara, Rosario Dawson, and John Malkovich.
The film was made in English, but the story of the Mexican-American labor rights organizer who founded the United Farm Workers has an obvious appeal to Mexican-Americans of all ages—including many who may not speak fluent English. Still, she sounds optimistic that the industry is perking its ears up at the sound of a 10% spike in ticket sales.

Being able to go to the movies in a foreign country may seem like a small thing, but for countless immigrants, asylum-seekers, and homesick world travelers, being able to enjoy the simple comfort of the cinema can be incredibly important. What myLingo does is allow anyone sitting in a theater to listen to that version of the language track on their headphones, by opening the app. When I ask her how the studios have reacted, for example, she launches into what sounds like a polished sales pitch, reciting numbers off the top of her head.

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