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NYC Transcription offers high quality, fast turnaround and low prices to clients throughout the U.S. Over the years, NYC Transcription has proven to be reliable, accurate, and speedy, always meeting and often exceeding deadlines. NYC Transcription is extremely reliable, efficient and most importantly produces video transcriptions at a timely rate.
Take a look at the latest works of Integrated Studios or contact them in New York directly.
Integrated Studios located in the heart of NYC’s Tribeca Film District, provides a wide range of high quality audio and video production services.Artist owned and operated, they deliver an excellent attention to service and amenities. All trademarks, images and videos on this website are properties of their respective owners. Real Arch Videography is video production company which offers professional videographers in NYC , NY and NJ.
We are skilled in many video editing techniques that will offer a great finished product of any event. Whether you are looking for a videographer in NYC or NJ , we offer all of our quality video production services in HD, which makes a big difference when using the video for many purposes. Real Arch Videography is a professional audio and video service offering traditional audio and video production, editing and shooting services in NYC and NJ. We offer unique business video services that can highlight any meeting, conference or event for use on a website. Whether you are looking for New York City video production or video production in New Jersey, we offer all of our quality video production services in HD, which makes a big difference when using the video for many purposes. What makes the PRG staff and crew members different from other entertainment technology companies is a passion for success.
Bob started making TV in the mid 70's when everything was done by hand with grease pencils to mark edit points on tape. Chris came to PRG Post in 2014 with nearly 30 years experience in media content production.
Our 100% native English speaking staff transcribe digital audio, video, webcasts, and tape cassettes for corporate transcription, legal transcription, focus groups and other areas.
When looking for a videographer to create high quality video production , we offer services that cover a wide range of events. Video can create endless opportunities to capture and highlight great moments from an event or function that can be displayed for future viewing.

When looking for a company who handles video production in NYC, we can provide the best service with high quality equipment.
We have had the experience of producing many quality videos for business events as well as parties for families and friends.
We also offer video production services for webcasts that can help to boost any company’s internet traffic. People that you can rely on not only to fulfill your production needs but more so as partners focused on the same goal; to provide outstanding equipment and service no matter how challenging your project may be. Since then, he has spent thousands of hours developing and managing new technologies and efficient workflows without losing sight of the creative process or the relationships with his many loyal clients.
Editing has become as important a part of the mix as picking the right cast members or creating the right environment. Ia€™ve used other transcription services in the past, but none can compare with the service and reliability of NYC Transcription. Music videos shot at the studios include Usher and Ashante, and audio for Gunit, 50 Cent and others.The sound stage is 500 square feet, with 18 foot ceilings, three cyclorama walls and 600-amp power.
There are not many video production companies NYC has that can compare to the quality of work that we offer.
For those who are looking for a quality company to provide video services for any event or function, contact our offices for assistance.
When looking for a videographer in NYC or NJ , we offer services that cover a wide range of events. There are many great uses for video webcasting that have just recently been discovered by business large and small. We provided the full setup for the conference including audio, video, lighting, LED screens and live feed components.
Managing projects end-to-end for film, television, corporate events, and digital marketing.
There is a complete array of Arri lighting, grip equipment, green screen and motorized grid that lowers to 5 feet.
Chris brings to PRG Post his expertise in budgeting and managing workflow for content production in nearly any format. What audiences see are two or three neatly chiseled episodes at 39 to 42 minutes each, excluding commercials. It has been shown that video that is displayed on a company’s website can bring more traffic than without.

As the director of video engineering and operations at Manhattan Center, the most advanced independent multimedia production facility in New York City, he has edited television shows, concert footage and more.
The rooftop overlooking the Hudson River is also available for rent.Integrated Studios also offers creative services in animation, live-action, editing and original music. As the shows that work post-production in a place like Manhattan Center can tell you, a venue that has it all in one place-with state-of-the-art recording and production studios under one roof-is simply ideal. You can't beat that for ease and headache reduction."Centrally located in the heart of New York City, Manhattan Center Productions appears to live up to Williams' praises. The extensive facilities include recording and television production studios in addition to the famed Hammerstein and Grand Ballrooms.
Every day that you don't have a corporate video is a day that your competitors have an edge." Williams goes on to note that the whole process of creating a corporate video can be overwhelming if a company doesn't have anyone in-house to walk it through the process.
Purpose, image, budget, format, content, production, distribution: all these factors need to be considered. Both rooms are equipped with Ikegami HD cameras mounted with Canon and Fujinon HD lenses, and both are fully integrated with the Hammerstein and the Grand as well as audio recording studios, enabling the broadcasting and videotaping of any event to be handled completely in-house.
Country Music Television's Crossroads and Al Gore's 24 Hours of Reality, along with bands like Chris Martin's Coldplay, are just a few of the other big names that have utilized these facilities. A separate facility, the "Log Cabin", combines the ease and efficiency of digital technology with a Pro Tools HD Accel system, to the proven warmth and musicality of a best-of-breed 72-channel analog console, complete with classic outboard gear and the latest plugins.
The Log Cabin is a producer's, artist's and engineer's dream studio.Then there is Studio 7. This facility houses a unique custom-modified Neve VR 96-channel console recording to 5.1 surround on a Pro Tools HD Accel system, or to any of a variety of digital or analog multitrack tape formats. Wired to record or mix sound from the Hammerstein or the Grand, Studio 7 has seen the birth of countless one-of-a-kind performances, classical recordings, film scores, broadcasts and telethons.Finally, Manhattan Center offers more than 20 edit rooms of varying sizes able to accommodate the most demanding online or self-supervised offline editing clientele. These post-production suites have fiber and copper connectivity to over 48 terabytes of shared network storage on an EditShare.Innovations like these have propelled Manhattan Center to the cutting edge of 21st century entertainment production in New York City.

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