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It might be worth looking into the legalities of using the software you plan to use for a small business. You may have heard that a LinkedIn Company Page is not the most effective way to generate leads or business on LinkedIn.
I myself have wrote about this very fact comparing the effectiveness of a LinkedIn personal profile vs a Company Page . Even though you may not generate a lot of business when you create a Company Page on LinkedIn, it doesn’t mean that your business shouldn’t have one. The ability to run Sponsored Updates to share your best content with laser-focused targeting to potential prospects. Link all your employees to your Company Page who have listed your company as their current employment.
Now that you know why you need to create a LinkedIn Company Page, I will show you how to set one up and make the most out of it.
To create a Company Page on LinkedIn, hover over Interests in the top black navigation bar and then click on Companies. On the Companies page, part way down the page on the right hand side under Create a Company Page, click on the Create button. A Company Page already exists for your business (search for your company using the search box). You don’t meet the requirements to add a Company Page (which I will explain in more detail below).
The email address you entered on the Add a Company page is not the one associated with your company domain. You must have a personal LinkedIn profile set up with your true first and last name and that is at least 7 days old.
You’re a current company employee and your position is listed in the Experience section on your profile. Your description must be between 250-2000 characters and I would advise you to use as many characters as possible.
First, begin with a paragraph or two that highlights your company and anything that positions its credibility in your industry.
Click the blue Edit button located at the top of the page on the right side, to open up the page where you can modify your information.
Keep in mind that company names can only be changed by an administrator up to one time every 30 days. As your employees can be your best brand advocates, encourage them to add their current position at your company to their profile.

If you (or your employees) wish to add your company page to your experience, start by going to your profile and scroll down to the Experience section. To add a new position, hover your mouse over this section and a blue Add position button will appear in the top right corner.  Click the button. If you wish to connect your existing position to your LinkedIn Company Page, hover over the experience you wish to add your company page to. After you create a Company Page on LinkedIn, you will want to feature different aspects of your company and its offerings with Showcase Pages.
Showcase Pages look slightly different and have a large hero image as well as a two-column newsfeed. You will also need to add a Showcase Page Description that explains the page’s purpose and what people can expect.
If you wish to edit your Showcase page at anytime, go to that page and click the blue Edit button at the top of the page. You should note that the name of the deactivated page will not be available for future use as a showcase page. Once your LinkedIn Company Page is complete, you will want to add some valuable, high quality content to it. Posting an update on your company or showcase page is similar to posting a status update on your personal profile.
Once the update box has pulled the information from the link page, you can delete the link. To check out your Company Analytics Page, go to your company page and click the Analytics link in the top company page navigation. When you create a Company Page on LinkedIn, be sure to set reasonable goals or expectations about what it will help your business to achieve.
Affectionately coined MMi, we're a community over 900,000 strong who love modifying our iPhones. Whether you are a large company or a one-man show, if a potential prospect, partner or connection wants to learn more about your company and they can’t find it when they search, this will not instill trust or establish your leadership in your industry.
While LinkedIn advertising can be more expensive than on other platforms, you are able to target the precise group of people you want to see your content, to help you establish your expertise in your industry. This provides you with great organic exposure, especially if you have a large company with many employees.
Ensure you are selecting keywords that your ideal clients are likely to search for when looking for your products or services and strategically place them throughout your description. On the next page you will be able to add details such as your description, company logo, banner image and address.

Simply go to your company page by hovering over your image in the right corner of the page and clicking on Company Page. Both your company name and the logo link directly to your company page, should anyone click on it. Add the name of the Showcase page (100 maximum characters) as well as any additional administrators for this showcase page besides yourself and click Create Page when you are done. If you or your company would like to reestablish the page later, you can contact LinkedIn to reactivate it. This will help you to build trust and establish your expertise with your potential or existing followers. It an excellent tool to not only help you understand who is following, visiting your page and what content is being engaged with most, but it also compares your paid and non paid posts if you are doing paid advertising. You can see how many followers you have gained organically and how many through sponsored updates. There are graphs that provide you with an overview of Visitor Page views and Unique Visitors. While having a LinkedIn Company Page is no longer a “nice to have” for most businesses, both time and money may be required to help it achieve your goals or expectations. I could be wrong but it is worth checking out before you get into this thing and then find you are breaking some laws you may not have been aware of! If you are using an email from a different company domain or non branded email address, this will not work (i.e.
You can also provide information that highlights the benefits clients receive in working with your company. You can target very specific followers with each page, as people can choose to follow one of your specific pages that interests them rather than getting all of your general updates from your company page. Ultimately, your company page is one more place for potential customers to learn more about your company and how you can help them overcome their specific problems or challenges.
Also, if you'd really like to show that you care, create a sleek, modern logo to go with your name idea.

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