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The morning is about the basics of downloading, storage, cropping, resizing and basic editing using Google’s superb free download Picasa.
The afternoon uses Adobe Lightroom for more creative effects – improving workflow, use of graduated filters, creative use of saturation, selective black and white, tilt shift effect, use of curves and HDR effects. We will get out and take some pictures to use as subjects, although you can bring your own if you prefer.
Audio Editing is not as simple as just uploading a recording, sticking is on a video and exporting it out. Photography Business , Learn Digital Photography and Practicing Photographer, Get Our Photography And Photo Editing Course ` – With the introduction of digital photography, the photography business in Nigeria has become one of the most lucrative big businesses today because digitized pictures are now the order of the day and the business is relatively easy to start.
Accurate exposure is the basis for all photography and this module draws on methods popularized by the great photographers, modernized to give you an edge in a competitive world. A short step back in time provides the basis for effectively working and photographing in a digital world. After understanding photographic equipment and exposure, light and color is explored as defining factors in professional photography. This Module explains, extensively on experience module, the commercial realities surrounding photography and methods to help produce the best images you can.
Since the dark room, post production and printing has been a defining part of all photography. As a professional or advanced amateur creating a style to call your own can help set you apart from the masses. Mbonu Watson C Is A Trusted Application Developer, Internet Marketer, Web Consultant, Author, Certified Online Instructor From Nigeria West Africa, A Top Corporate and Recognized Authority In The ICT Technology as one of the today's preeminent marketing experts. Having an good script, Professional Camera and audio work can help you to create a perfect and an attractive video. Creating a video along with good audio quality is becoming a necessary component to your agencys content marketing strategy. In fact, It can often be one of the most time-consuming parts of the post-production process.
This module is an extensive look at the equipment you will use, covering cameras, how they function and when to take advantage of the broad range of lenses available to you. Introduces powerful pre-visualization techniques and provides an in-depth understanding of the settings available through your camera to achieve what you want, when you want. As a professional or advanced amateur you will be able to capture any subject consistently and with growing confidence.

In understanding what comes before, we are able to take full advantage of the tools we have at our disposal today for ever improving photographs.
Refine your ability to pre-visualize, see and think like a camera, then delve into post production techniques for monochromatic images. This module takes an in depth look at natural and artificial lighting and how you can use these to your advantage. Learn from photographers you admire, analyse images to improve technique and recognize what they can be used for. Develop a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages that different equipment provides, for now and in the future. This module addresses how to get the best out of your images when it comes time to edit and print your work. Whether this is full time or only a passing requirement of your photographic practices, it is important that you are familiar with a studio space and the equipment it contains.
Be an individual, work smart as well as hard and photography will be a lifelong passion as well as a rewarding career if you so choose. A well-experienced tutor will teach you all the essential techniques you need to raise the quality of videos and transform raw footage into a professional final product. The whole idea of a photo editing course is that you get the level of skills to achieve what you want to do, rather than what we know! Just like with video, there are a lot of steps that go into preparing, finessing and finalizing audio before it is ready to be seen and heard by the public and thoroughly , it can have disastrous effect on your final product, making it hard to understand or, whats worse, Just plain bad.
To solve this issue , as an example just paste the tgz file in C drive and extract (just inside the C drive not with in any other folder). Explored in the context of portraiture, this knowledge is applied to all genres of photography and it is a crucial part of any good photographer’s education. This Module explains the process and how to put your best foot forward in all circumstances.
Even if you’ve already dabbled in some video editing before, take your skills up a notch and learn the ins and outs of editing like a pro using popular software such as Premier and After Effects with this course. Be it communication or lifestyle, technology keeps pushing its boundaries because of which it has become indispensable in our lives.
People can simply pull a smartphone from their pocket and start shooting the videos instantly and after shooting they upload their videos online.
But there is a huge difference between a video which is shoot and upload live on the internet on the spot and a high quality well produced video.

Video and audio editing is one of the most important components of the entire film industry. Introducing my Video and Audio Editing Course for YouTubers and Instructors, the course is all about professionally editing videos and audios.
The younger generation may not be aware of the technological innovations but the older folks will surely agree that they are living in a world that they never thought could exist.Technology design is a well-established profession and people are spending handsome amounts to get enrolled in animation college and gaming institute. This is because it is the pass outs from these institutes that develop new technologies and help make the world a smarter and easier place to live in.When we look at a product, we are actually looking at the final result that may have developed from a simple drawing made by a designer. The various things that we need to use in our daily lives are all products of the creative mind of a designer.
If yes then my course include all the methods and all the unique ways to edit videos and audios professionally. From the simple mousetrap of the old times to the new age mp3 players or cell phones, each and every invention has been of immense help to us. If you want to start your own photography or videography company then it is really important for you to learn audio and video editing.
This makes composting course and editing courses so much useful.These designers with a video editing course degree in hand incorporate art, engineering and business in order to design new products thus contributing to technology.
The course include all the best and the unique ways to edit your videos using Audacity, Adobe Audition and Camtasia Studio.
If you have no idea about audio and video editing or if you are a professional and want to improve your skills then my course will help you a lot. They have the responsibility of designing while keeping a lot of things in mind like cost, style, quality and safety.
All you need to do is to watch my course from the beginning and practice each and every thing I told in the course before going to edit any video or audio and in the end I assure you that you will be able to learn a lot from my course.
Similarly, no matter how stylish a product is, it won’t be a success unless it has quality and safety.Hence, we see that the job of a technological designer is anything but easy. Steve Jobs not only bestowed the company with the glamour quotient but also the fine details.
LED boosts LCD performance which improves the image quality and enriches your viewing experience.3D filmsIt involves technology which maintains or recreates moving images with an illusion of depth in it.

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