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Kate’s expert eye went over every detail connected to The Answer is Cake, and her advice and suggestions were priceless. We have the privilege of having Kate work with us at projectCREATE as our Senior Writer and Blogger.
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Now more than ever, there is a massive demand for editors who can do justice to the caliber of film and television being produced by talented writers and directors — and there’s a LOT more of it.

They also tend to focus on lofty editing theory, without teaching the actionable techniques used to implement the theory during the cutting process. Take at look at some of the prices for just a SINGLE CLASS at a brick and mortar film school.
Video editing is an important skill that deserves to be thoroughly taught — and for far less than $131,000. I must be extremely lucky and blessed to have gone to an affordable liberal arts college that taught basic and advanced editing for audio and video.
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Now, you can view video content on your computer, your phone, an airplane, at the mall, on electronic billboards, while pumping gas —did I miss anything? Now more than ever, there are big opportunities available for talented editors with professional skills. Many countries are experiences huge growth in box office sales, requiring more highly-trained, professional editors than ever before.
China alone is already a multi-billion dollar film industry, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Instead they are choosing to spend their time training students in software, which is an extremely poor use of time and money in an academic setting. For example, I don’t want to just learn the general theory of pacing — I want to see how to how apply it when cutting a fight scene, a car chase, a joke, a suspenseful moment — you get the point.

I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog. We also have a free downloadable eBook with 50 illustrated tips that dive into more of the hands-on material. An absolute professional in her field we'd recommend her to anyone wishing to add value to their business in any industry.
The degree programs are great for teaching the filmmaking process, group collaboration skills and high-end equipment usage, which is no-doubt valuable. My alma mater is growing, and currently holds up-to-date tools, thanks to professors who want the best for their students.
However, the editing training itself is often very much neglected — sometimes to such an extent that all the hard work put into the pre-production and production phase of a student film can be ruined when the final piece is cut together in a sub-par, amateur way.
The only downside is that they didn’t jump at the chance to recommend students for companies like a technical school would while I was there. Perhaps it was the switch from film to digital editing, which tightened deadlines and demanded quicker turn-arounds.
The good news is that Lee University is now able to join the higher ranks now that a connection is made with Skywalker Sound.
Maybe this has left experienced editors less time to discuss the craft with those looking to learn? My only recommendation is that once someone grasps the tools and concepts of editing, they should study film theory.

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