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When it comes to video editing laptops, you need one with the fastest processor and maximum cores. Try to get a video editing computer with powerful graphics capabilities and higher frame rate performance. Although most of the laptops offer 4-6 USB ports, but, not many laptops offer USB 3.0 ports. Video editing is a challenging job and selecting a good video editing laptop with high-performance features is really an art. I feel that a powerful and speedy laptop is needed to handle the video editing software and processing. I’m accepting your views on the factors for video editing Sasidhar, thanks for coming by! No matter how carefully you shoot your video footage, the raw product you generated always need some work to make as watchable. Apple MacBook pro is packed with plenty of powerful features that include latest Intel core i7 processor which is large enough for carrying any kind of video works. It offers brilliant graphics flexibility with 2 video processors; additionally it comes with NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M processor to handle heavy workloads. If you’re looking for best laptop for video editing, TouchSmart m7 j120dx is the best choice with amazing performance. This machine holds four 3.0 USB ports, a 3-way card reader, a VGA port, an HDMI port, and a Mini DisplayPort. Thoshiba Qosmio X75-A7170 offers best gaming and editing performance with enough configurations to keep the price reasonable.
The presence of NVIDIA PhysX technology with DirectX 11 delivers intense realism and ultra high performances in your video editing process.
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A wide range of laptops available in the market and choosing the best one is a tricky task.
When it comes to video editing laptops, you need a laptop with a fast hard disk drive like SSD.

If you are planning to work in HD or 4K quality, you will need a faster processor like Intel Core i7 4770S or 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 Quad-core processor. The main reason of using a laptop for video editing is that it can be used during travel or power failure.
She is one of the active partners in this blog who would like to publish posts on her fascinating topics. In fact, to turn your raw footage into an entertaining product then it’s very essential to edit your footage properly.
Whenever you’re using this machine for daily activities like surfing the web, playing games, editing photos or videos, effective HD graphic processor ensures everything runs smoothly. This notebook is advertised as portable media center that comes with beautiful 17.3” Full HD Touch screen display, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7 (best processor for video editing), Nvidia Quadro K3100M GPU and many more. It comes with 2.4GHz quad-core Intel core i7 processor, 12 GB RAM, and a 1 TB 7200 RPM hard drive that is large enough for carrying your graphical workloads smoothly. With the help of numerous built-in video ports, you’re able to connect secondary monitor to handle your task. The stereoscopic 3D and a Blu-ray burner from this machine, even makes this look powerful compared to its competitive models.
It offers OpenGL (open Graphics library) of 1GB that enables graphic-intensive applications.
Things would get worse when you need a laptop for the specific purpose like video editing or gaming. Also, the graphics card should consume less power and produce low heat to get the good result.
It helps in connecting external storage media devices without any problem and makes the video editing process a better experience.
Although the price of m7 j120dx is bit expensive, it offers mind blowing experience for video editors. In fact, without connecting to an HDTV you can watch HD movies with terrific image clarity on this laptop. It is an excellent laptop for gamers too, 860 GTX drives all latest high-end games smoothly in this machine and the presence of 2 fan keeps the notebook very cool.

Without sacrificing the picture quality, you can enjoy the contents on your big screen with the help of Intel wireless technology. The superSpeed USB port helps to transfer files quickly up to 10 times fasters compared to its competitive machines. If you’ve any suggestions, please let us know by commenting below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Getting a perfect video editing laptop is a rocket science as you need to consider many things like processor speed, RAM, graphics cards, screen resolution, battery capacity and much more.
Also, you need to check that the chosen graphics card is compatible with your API (Application Programming Interface). Some additional features of this video editing laptop are built in finger print reader for security, backlit keyboard for night workers, HD webcam with dual microphones for video conferencing and lots more. If you’re searching for terrific video editing platform with numerous features then, Asus ROG G750JM-DS71 is the perfect choice.
The graphic card and processor don’t run on the same mill so it drives great performance while carrying your video projects.
SSD do not make any kind of noises like HDDs and you never experience heat generation problem too.
The presence of numerous laptops inherently makes it as difficult task to decide which one is best. By realizing all these features, it is considered as one of the best laptops for editing videos.
Finally, if you’ve a decent bucks and looking for professional video editing laptop, then consider this model.

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