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Digital video editing is often connected with giant PC system filled with the some of the most costly computer parts available.
Huge towers are not the trend in town anymore, but what precisely should an editor look for in a laptop for video editingA tasks?
First off, this system comes with Intel Core i3-3110M 2.4 GHz with 3 MB worth of cache memory. Another good contender for video editing, this ASUS is among the lesser priced alternatives.
Toshiba Qosmio X875-Q7190 is the final entry on our list and it is our pick for the best laptop for video editing. I have been surfing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
For film industry and any video production work, video editing is the utmost essential step. For the persons using some high tech professional software for video editing, Toshiba’s Qosmio series may suit them best. For their competitive and affordable price, Dell is always the best options for the common people because of its easily accessible customer services.
Working on the new MacBook Pro with fixed hard disk space, pretty much forces me to handle bigger projects with external drives.
These dash mats can probably be found at your local hardware or office store, but the cheapest is .99 cents via eBay (click here). There's ton of them on ebay and that one has been working great and is big enough to hold the average portable hard drive.
Sorry I just read your article again and realise that you used the adapter for THunderbolt speed. I like the idea, and it's almost exactly what I do, but I use Velcro on all my drives and have a 50? piece size dot on the back of the laptop to hold the drives. With the presence of sites such as YouTube, more and more people are into making videos and editing them. Musty, dark, rooms full of countless amounts of dollarsa€™ worth of gear are just normal in the world of editing. The display, RAM, processor and storage, all play a significant role in choosing the best laptop for video editing.
The display is enough at 17.3-inch which is driven by Intel HD graphics 4000 with up to 1696MB total graphics memory.

This system comes with 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7-4700MQ that is more than enough for video editing task.
Okay, we are being biased here, We own a many Toshiba laptops and what do we like about these Japan-made computers is that, they are reliable, efficient and very sturdy.
Its keyboard features a built-in alphanumeric keypad and, despite its somewhat shallow keys, it provides a comfortable writing experience. Considering the price factor, dell laptops are surely proves as  the best competitors in the market related to laptop for video editing.
However, the choice for such laptops varies from person to person in accordance to their needs and priorities. I often work with a slim external USB 3.0 SATA Drive, and for larger files where I need more performance I can work with Solid State drives, and for the fastest speeds I switch to a portable SSD Thunderbolt adapter. I was searching for a simple (non-permanent) way to mount a drive to the back of my laptop screen, and came up with a new use for these cheap Super Sticky Dash Mats.
Obviously you want to work with a lightweight portable drive like the Seagate Slim (found here), but these mats are sticky enough to carry my Seagate Portable Thunderbolt adapter for true performance editing (found here).
It's a little clunky on the laptop face, but does the job and I keep it on and walk around with it all the time. Makes me think of additional uses like sticking something on a tripod that's dangling off like an extra wireless receiver or recorder or USB-battery thing. But a lot more than anything, you have to choose on a laptop that fits your unique work requirements. The 8 GB RAM is magnificent in handling video editing as multitasking and multi-window operation can be less of a bother. This is supported by the Dual NVIDIA GeForce GT750M Discrete Graphics with 2048 MB dedicated memory which delivers display through a 15.6-inch screen. And adding up on the list of its features is a 3D display, which sets apart Toshiba Qosmio X875-Q7390 from other laptops on the same range. You may need to do some typing or touching the keyboard or screen to actually feel the laptop before buying it.
But you can use your thunderbolt drive for Time Machine, Scratch Disks, etc, so thunderbolt will give you the fastest speeds. Mounting these drives to the laptop will prevent many issues, but yes it looks quite silly. Your existing workflow, your budget, as well as the needs of coworkers or customers all come right into play here.

With enormous display of 17.3 inches driven by Intel HD graphics 4000 with up to 1664MB total graphics memory, you can certainly see the slightest difference on a video.
For a more sophisticated sound, this system comes with Beats AudioTM together with an integrated subwoofer.
With an overwhelming amount of RAM at 16 GB, you can expect it to behave like a true gaming PC.
Moreover if you are a professional, you’ll find a laptop handy for appending, altering, enhancing your video. If you're not careful pulling the drive off, sometimes it feels like I can break the disk yanking it too hard off the laptop.
At such it is a good idea to choose a system which offers right balance of graphics and speed without sacrificing much from your wallet. The 750 GB hard drive may not be the top of the line these days but then it is well capable of storing your precious videos, lots of it.
Decent power, decent display and good sound quality, this is clearly one of the best laptop for video editing. The things we need to keep in mind for buying a laptop solely for video editing is powerful CPU, graphics card, RAM and storage capacity. Ita€™s impossible to recommend just one single laptop to match every editor, to make things a little bit clearer herea€™s a list of laptopsA for any video editing projects you might have. The battery comes with decent power as it can go on for up to 3.45 hours on a single charge. Although it does not boast a bigger screen, the 15.6 inch display is capable of handling the task. Though the screen may just be a 15 incher, the good quality graphics delivers vivid display without difficulty.
The battery life is pegged at 5.5 hours so you can go on for hours before it runs out of juice.

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