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We also look at some of the accessories, software and services available that make sense for keen movie-makers. Video editing is a challenge for any computer system and editing video professionally requires a high-end system. Macs are used to make whole movies, TV shows, commercials and professional online video clips. Digital video places huge demands on processor power, graphics power (for rendering) and - above all - storage space.
All of the video requirements (perhaps with the exception of storage) leads naturally to the iMac with Retina Display. The 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display may not have "Pro" in its name, but one look at its feature set and you quickly see this is no amatuer. It's not amazingly cheap for consumers, but video editing professionals will find the prices attractive. While it sounds a lot it's cheaper than the base Mac Pro model, and has a much better hard drive and that display.
It's been said a lot, but the 5K Retina Display on the iMac is a thing of glorious  beauty. The 5K size is, itself, perfect for video editing because it enables you to edit 4K video at full size and see the controls around it. Video editing places huge demands on a system, especially editing video along with 3D graphics.
It's not cheap for consumers, starting at £2,499, but for video professionals it offers high performance for a reasonable price. Even 1TB is somewhat small for video editing, so most users will have to attach an external hard drive. The lack of internal storage points to a larger problem video editors have with the Mac Pro. If cash really is no object; it is possible to take the Mac Pro up to stratospheric heights. If the Mac Pro and iMac are too expensive you're going to have to start to look at Apple's consumer range. The Retina Display model goes up to 2880 x 1800 which can display every pixel of a high definition video. You get only 128GB of flash storage in the entry level, and 256GB flash storage in the mid model. With this in mind, we actually think the entry level 13-inch 2.6HHz with Retina Display is actually a good choice. If you want to start throwing in a few upgrades consider getting a 3TB Serial Drive (+£120). We wouldn't really suggest going back to an older model, but some people still use them happily.
It depends on whether you are a professional video editor hitting deadlines or an extremely enthusiastic amateur.
The Mac Pro does have the processing ooomph, however, which will cut down rendering times on big jobs considerably. Probably the most important thing to get with your Mac for video editing will be more storage space, a good external hard drive with a fast Thunderbolt connection will help you out. Your Mac comes with iPhoto, which is adequate for organizing and sharing photos and even doing some editing: red eye reduction, cropping and straightening, even color adjustments. Flying Meat developed Acorn as an easier-to-use alternative to some of the more expensive and complex apps out there (like Adobe's Photoshop). For the more sophisticated user, Acorn also sports advanced support for Automator, AppleScript and JavaScript to help support really complicated automated workflows.
The GNU Image Manipulation Program — GIMP for short — has long been lauded by open source advocates as the open source alternative to Photoshop.
GIMP's functionality is similar to what you can do with Photoshop, though its interface may throw you. It used to be that to use GIMP on OS X you had to first install X11, a Unix windowing system. Adobe's Lightroom won't replace a full-blown image editor, but it's an excellent adjunct to having an image editor.
The latest major update to Lightroom, version 5, sports an advanced healing brush to get rid of dust, splotches and other aberrations that make your images look bad.
If you're a photographer who works with photo metadata extensively, that's where Lightroom shines. PhotoLine sports a pretty heavy set of features: 16-bits-per-channel processing, ICC profile color management, IPTC and EXIF data handling, extensive image processing features, filters, correction tools, batch conversion support, and much more.
PhotoLine is positioned as a less expensive alternative to Photoshop, but it's clearly aimed at the same users - people who already have a lot of image editing and manipulation experience.
A demo version is available for download from the PhotoLine web site, so feel free to check it out and judge for yourself. Certainly Photoshop isn't for everyone — it's an incredibly daunting tool that can be very confusing if you don't know what you're doing.
Adobe offers Photoshop CC as a subscription-based application for as little as $9.99 per month. If the idea of subscribing to software fills you with dread, and if your needs are more modest than full-blown Photoshop, you should consider Adobe's consumer-friendly Photoshop Elements application. Photoshop Elements makes it much easier to do things like move objects in photos, enhance color, correct not just red eye shots but also those weird glowing eyes you see in your pet photos, fixing, straightening and creating panoramic images; keeping track of photo data and organizing photos too. Adobe makes both Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Elements Editor, the latter which is available for purchase from the Mac App Store.
Pixelmator supports a large variety of image formats, sports tons of filters, has vector tools and excellent color correction tools. Its most recent update (as of this writing) reworked its image editing engine to be faster. If you'd like to kick Pixelmator's tires before buying it, you can download a free trial from its web site before ponying up at the Mac App Store. If you're curious why I didn't include Apple's Aperture on here, it's because Apple announced in June plans to move away from both Aperture and iPhoto in favor of a new app called Photos. There are a lot of great tools to choose from, so hopefully there's something on this list that meets your needs and your budget. Appearing on CNBC's Mad Money this evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at length about the company's potential in China, overreaction to its recent Q2 earnings report, and much more.
Beme, a social video app from popular YouTuber Casey Neistat, has finally exited beta, bringing along a few notable improvements as well. Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to appear on CNBC's Mad Money tonight to speak with host Jim Cramer about his company's future outlook and more. Video editor Pro for Mac is an all-in-one video and photo editing and DVD burning tool for Mac. Besides, with this best video editing software for Mac, you can export videos to a wide range of popular video formats and portable devices for sharing and enjoyment, and you can also directly upload your videos to YouTube for sharing with family and friends.

Highlight the video you want to edit and click the Trim, Crop, Rotate and Voiceover button  to start editing the video or click the gear under the video and choose the function you like.
If you want to get several video parts, just click the trim button to add another mark and drag the slider to select the part you like. Many free filter and text effects are provided for you to bring your videos to the next level instantly. Filter: Choose from 34 professional filter effects and double click the one you like to apply to you video. Video: You can adjust the video brightness, contrast, saturation, and deinterface to achieve the best video effect. This video editor pro for Mac supports dozens of devices and formats, and you can also share your edited movies to YouTube and burn them to DVD.
Mac is one of the best devices for video editing and many number of software for Mac is available in the market for paid and free. Wondershare is the powerful video editor for Mac than other software available in the market. You can add pictures, subtitles, modify contrast and color, import and export videos, sound effects and much more. Blender is packed with wonderful tools like modifier based modeling, node based material and compositing system, animation tool, embedded scripting, etc.
It also offers many sound effects for users to select the suitable background music for video.
Avidemux is one of the great and free video editors for Mac which is simple and easy to use. We hope this article will be helpful for you in finding your best video editing software for Mac.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Editing photos is really a fun to do, and this fun becomes double when you have a right tool that knows you perfectly. In this article we take a look at what a computer requires to be truly great for video, and the features you pay more for.
Of course all Macs can edit video clips, but there's a difference between editing a quick clip for YouTube and making a whole movie.
The Social Network, John Carter, 300 and No Country for Old Men are all big-name films cut on a Mac using Final Cut Pro. Well, we'll come to that in a bit but first let's see why the top-end iMac is a better choice. In our review we tested the display and found the highest contrast ratio we've ever seen, and it displays 99 per cent of the DCI-P3 colour space. In fact, the alternative to this Mac is monitor such as the Dell Ultra HD 5K, which itself costs £1,000. There's no doubt about it, when  it comes to speed and cost you're best off with an iMac.
For video editing you will need to attach an external hard drive, fortunately thanks to the blazing fast Thunderbolt connection there is little difference between an external storage and internal hard drive.
Its super-small design has many benifits, it's low on power consumption, looks pretty, and is easily accessible. We're going to come right out and rule out the MacBook Air and MacBook These are great computers and you can definitely edit video on them, but they do not have enough storage space, screen size, or processing power to be considered the best Mac for video editing. They're all pretty powerful, and the built in Iris Iris Pro graphics in the 15-in models is a capable video editor.
The 512GB on the top-end model is more generous, but none are going to be enough for serious video editing work, so as with the Mac Pro you will need an external hard drive. Save the money you'd spend on additional internal PCIe-flash based storage and get a good external hard drive. The larger model packs a whopping 27in display, which is plenty of space for displaying the two video panels in Final Cut Pro (along with the Timeline and all the other controls). You used to be able to pick up a Quad-Core or 12-Core model, which made light work of video rendering. We believe it's more forward-thinking to pick up a model with a small amount of flash storage (which is fast for running apps) and to store the video footage on an external hard drive.
The processing speed is unecessary, the amount of internal storage is too small (or too expensive) and it lacks the upgrade options of the old Mac Pro. Time is money, as they say, and the time you save rendering may make up for the initial outlay. But it could be just a bit better if I tweaked it somehow." If that's the case, then you need an image editor in your arsenal. But if you've run the gamut (no pun intended) with what you can do with iPhoto, you're probably in need of something a bit more sophisticated.
It's very quick, sports features like layer support and non-destructive filters, curves and levels.
In short, don't let the price fool you — Acorn is only $30, but it's got a huge amount of power under the hood. It has many of the requisite features you'll need to get your photos looking better, plus a lot of other stuff besides. If advanced image editing functions are a mystery to you, GIMP may be a bit daunting — I might recommend Acorn or Photoshop Elements instead. Lightroom's real strength is in photo cataloging and organization, but Adobe has built in a lot of functionality that make it possible to make your photos look a whole lot better without resorting to other tools. You can organize and search tens of thousands of photos easily with Lightroom not even breaking a sweat, and you can edit some of that data just as easily. That nets you not only the applications but the regular updates that Adobe releases for it, along with Adobe's companion Lightroom application — a supremely useful photo cataloging and non-destructive photo editing tool in its own right. Photoshop Elements includes myriad tools to help your photos look better, with an interface that isn't quite as daunting as Photoshop's.
Photoshop Elements Editor eschews search, organization and sharing functionality included with the "regular" version, which you can download from Adobe directly. The black interface is prescient — Apple's offering a dark interface for Yosemite, but Pixelmator had it long before. It also sports non-destructive Layer Styles, an all-new repair tool, 16-bits-per-channel support and other handy features and capabilities.
We'll find out more about Photos' functionality and capabilities in the months to come, since it's expected out in 2015. It is ideal Mac video editing software to edit and retouch videos with rich video and photo editing functions.
If you need, Mac video editor pro also enables you to burn videos to DVD for better video preservation. You can also click the icon which seems like a small clock to open the duration setting window and set the trimming begin and end time manually. Select the way you want to share your videos or randomly choose one since you can freely switch the tab in the Share window.

Some professional video editing software costs higher than others, but delivers better performance. It is offered with many great features like one step effect, audio editing, movie trailer, visual effects, etc. It is highly compatible with many images, audio and video file formats like MPEG, ASF, JPG, AAC, MOV, etc. You can use this software to capture, export video, organize, edit process, create slide shows and quality movies. Please leave your feedback about this article in the comment section below and share it with your friends. Many of us waste their time in idle things as they don’t know the pleasure of doing with the top class software. Macs are great for video editing, but with a huge range of powerful Macs available it can be tricky to buy the right one.
Apple Mac OS X computers are especially useful for editing video, and many video editors need to invest in the latest Mac hardware.
Although all Apple Macs are great, some Macs are better suited to editing video than others. We then look closely at the range of Mac computers available, and the custom Mac built to order options available. Attaching a nest of external drives to the Mac Pro does rather ruin its pure sleek style though. But it's entirely made from custom parts: you can't just throw in larger hard drives or replace the graphics card. Maybe if you were involved in medical 3D imaging with stereoscpic VR goggles you could possibly, possibly justify it. You can spend an additional £80 and upgrade to an upgraded 1680 x 1050 display, which still isn't high definition. With the iMac you get a perfectly functional video editing machine with an amazing screen for the same money.
It depends on how commercial your video editing endevours are, if it's the principle means by which you make your money, and rendering time costs you cash, then get the Mac Pro.
Acorn even lets you lay in text over your images, along with multiple drawing tools so you can add shapes and objects to your heart's content, including vector-based objects. It also has the virtue of being free, so if you're on a very strict budget and can't afford anything else, that's something to consider.
What's more, Lightroom does most of them non-destructively, so you can easily revert back to the original file without any hassle. Don't expect to dive into this app and know what you're doing without having a good handle on the fundamentals of image editing tools, however. Photoshop has been the gold standard for raster image editing for decades thanks to Adobe's relentless marketing, its architecture which supports third-party filter plug-ins and its constant reinvention with steady development to aid in new feature design and deployment. But without knowing what Apple's upgrade path will be from iPhoto or Aperture to Photos, it's kind of tough to recommend two products that are clearly coming to the end of their runs. It enables you to trim, crop, rotate, add stylish titles, apply filter effects, insert transition and motion effects, etc.
You can make use of this software to add various effects, subtitles, background music and more to improve the overall quality of a video. Before purchasing video editing software you have to consider many things like editing tools, export and production, capture and playback, ease of use, etc. You can improve your video production process by using the various features and creative tools offered by this software.
It has text features that allows you to display section titles or credits with fully editable font size, alignment and more.
The updated version includes more new options; stability enhancements, improved temperature and Tint White balance and more.
You get a 1TB hard drive on the base model, up to 2TB Fusion Drive on the high-end  model. There's no denying that it has serious grunt though, and if you spend more time rendering video (in particular 3D video) then you  might find the Mac Pro offers enough of a speed boost to be valuable. On  top of all that, the Mac Pro hasn't been updated for almost three years, so it's due a refresh.
If you are just looking for a great Mac to render video then we'd go for the 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display.
Including Avid Media Composer 6.5 and Adobe Premiere Pro (which is available as part of Adobe's Creative Cloud plan). I find Acorn a bit easier to use, but I'm always impressed by Pixelmator's power and flexibility.
In this article we have enclosed a list of best video editing software for Mac 2014-2015 by ensuring all the above features. It has greatest graphics acceleration hardware than the previous version of Adobe Premiere Pro. You can use it for texturing, animating, skinning, rendering, smoke stimulation, non linear editing, compositing, rigging, UV unwrapping, etc. It allows you to import videos from external source and shuffle them to create a new video to share with others. It is compatible with most of the popular formats so that you need not to worry about the type of file. Aside from the Intel Iris graphics card it's a great video editing machine, and even with its slow graphics it'll still edit videos with ease. It offers the best combination of speed, storage and comes with a lovely large display to work on. Do not underestimate either package due to Apple brand loyalty, Avid Media Composer is still the industry's go-to program for video editing, and Premiere Pro has many advantages over Final Cut Pro for rendering formats. This software is used by professionals, students, artists, animators and game artists around the world. To improve the production of video you can add pictures and text or other effects using this software.
It's a good value choice for lightweight video editors looking for a capable and cheap machine.
The MacBook Pro with Retina display is a good video editing machine, and the one to get if you need to edit video on the move. Adobe has also recently introduced Premiere Pro Clip enabling people to edit video on the move. With the use of 3D graphics application you can create video games, animated films and other visual effects. After making all changes with the video you can directly upload it to sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

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