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The top institutes that probably this survey had a focus on (IITs and IIMs) are only accessible to the ultra-meritorious students or the ones with big dollars, what about a normal student? The astonishing thing to note is that India does not have a single institution make it into the top 200. And since you mentioned China, well China has 3 institutions in the top 100 (5 in total if you include those from Hong Kong). This is because of the fact that we dont have the culture of universities here in India, we have institutes for specific genre of education.
I am pretty sure if instead of universities list if u look for a list of top Engg colleges or Business schools u will surely found IITs and IIMs. All you said is fine if not for the fact the survey in question wasn't conducted exclusively on international students.
In a different list (the QS rankings), IIT Bombay (India's highest ranking tech institute) comes in at 187, IIT Delhi just dropped outside the top200 coming in at 202.
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan attends a news conference after their bimonthly monetary policy review in Mumbai, India, April 5, 2016.
Also Read: Where does Rakesh Jhunjhunwala investing in April-2016 and what does his stock portfoio say? Private Banks: Almost all banks except for KVB, Yes Bank, Axis Bank have reduced FD interest rates. As I always indicated in my previous articles, investors should park money for the long term. If you are willing to park your money in foreign banks (in India), you can look for Deutsche Bank where they are offering 7.75% to 9% interest rates for 2 to 5 year period. If you are willing to park your money in Private sector banks, you can look for Ratnakar Bank, DCB, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Karnataka Bank and Bandhan Bank, etc., for long terms of 5+ years as they provide highest FD rates in India. If you are willing to park your money in Public sector banks, you can look for Canara Bank, Central Bank of India, Repco Bank, SBH and Syndicate bank which provides highest interest rates for fixed deposits of 5+ years.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Even the countries like Germany, Spain take GMAT as a standard for entry into management program.
Government will have to make war scale efforts if we want to milk our much talked about demographic advantage and continue on this growth spree.
Enjoy this exclusive slideshows treat!WASHINGTON: The Indo-US defence ties, growing at a "terrific" rate, has a "maritime dimension", a top American naval admiral has said amid reports that the two strategic partners are in talks to help each other track submarines in the Indian Ocean. In this month, analysts expect that RBI would cut 25 to 100 basis points in their quarterly review. Green indicates that the rates have been increased compared to our previous article and RED indicates that the rates are reduced compared to our previous article (article published in Dec-15).
Enjoy this exclusive slideshows treat!WASHINGTON: When the Federal Reserve left its key interest rate steady Wednesday, it offered no clues to when it might act again yet made clear that it's edging toward raising rates again eventually. All we need to do is empower our poor to have equal educational opportunities to that of rich.
You do know we are talking about destinations for business education right?Not how many students take Management courses in each country? Is there a Chinese standard exam that international students take to get into your universities?
Banks like Ratnakar Bank, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank, Karnataka Bank have reduced to medium term of 3 to 5 years.
The best way is to invest in bank FD schemes of public sector banks and large private banks.
I love doing analysis on various investment options like mutual funds, Stocks, IPO's, Bonds, Insurance products.

You could really sense there are a lot of emerging partnerships in the region as things continue to change there. We would be involved with our partners to the degree that it meets both of our interests," he said. Japan's economy contracted in the last quarter of 2015, buffeted by the slowdown in China and other emerging economies. The United States Navy takes very seriously its role and its commitment to protecting freedom of the seas so that commerce can flow safely, effectively, and efficiently around the world, and that's a very serious responsibility of our naval forces, and they're very capable of doing that," Kirby said. And they do that job masterfully and very competently and the particulars of how they accomplish that mission is really for them to speak to," he said. Haruhiko Kuroda, it's been buying roughly 80 trillion yen ($700 billion) of government bonds and other assets annually. The injections of cash into the economy are meant to drive up prices, prompting businesses and consumers to spend more. But demand has remained tepid, having fallen 1.2 per cent in the October-December quarter from a year earlier. Members of the Monetary Policy Committee expressed concern in minutes released from their April 13 meeting. That would reduce reserve levels for the country's major state-owned banks to 17 per cent of deposits a€” still by far the world's highest level.

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