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Many people understand this and try to improve their pictures with a Picture editing sites.
Photoshop CS has long been regarded as the world’s best photo editing software, and the yardstick for all other photo editors.
And as more and more of us shoot RAW files, the quality of the RAW conversion process and the tools you can bring to bear become ever more important. Even though Photoshop might still be the best photo editing software, an image editor in itself may not be enough for the things we want to do with our photos today. So we’ve rounded up eight different image editing tools to cover all these different jobs, from regular photo editors to image cataloguing specialists like Lightroom and all-out RAW converters like DxO Optics Pro.
What’s becoming increasingly obvious, though, is that one program alone may not be enough, and you may find you need to use two, or maybe even three, to get all the features you need. For example, Photoshop is brilliant at image editing, but offers no tools at all for organising, searching and collating your photos. You can use Adobe Bridge, but that’s really just a file browsing tool, and relies on users creating a rigid folder-based filing system.
The larger your image collections become, and the more you want to find, use and share your photos in different ways, the more difficult it becomes to use folders alone. Lightroom tackles the complex image management jobs that Photoshop is not designed for and makes light work of day to day enhancements and RAW files, while Photoshop takes care of the advanced image editing tasks that Lightroom can’t do.
It’s no accident that Adobe is bundling both together in its current subscription-based Creative Cloud Photography plan. Photoshop Elements is a more complete package, coming with its own Organizer app to look after your photo collection. It does have limitations for more advanced work, and while once it cost a fraction of the price you paid for Photoshop, the gap is now effectively very narrow indeed. Cyberlink PhotoDirector 6 offers many of the same tools but with a more amateur-orientated twist, while Capture One Pro 8 is bearing down on Lightroom from the professional end of the market, with its own image cataloguing tools and a highly competitive set of RAW image adjustments.
It’s actually very interesting to compare the results from these different RAW conversion tools.

Adobe Camera Raw, as used by Photoshop and Lightroom, is by far the best-known and most widely-used RAW converter. DxO Optics Pro takes RAW conversion quality to the extreme, using lab-developed camera and lens profiles and constantly-developing raw conversion technology to deliver results you may not have realised your camera is capable of. Digital imaging is going through some exciting times, with higher-resolution sensors, sophisticated software lens corrections and advances in RAW data conversion and noise reduction.
Both have proved highly popular with PC owners looking for lower-cost photo editing solutions, but times are changing. And let’s not leave Photoshop Elements out of this either, because it’s another very traditional application in its approach.
So, which photo editing software is ahead of the curve, and which is just trading on past glories? I agree with you Hugh, have just upgraded to PP suite 9 – still have so much to learn and practice in it and loving it so far.
This is a review of competing software, of course they aren’t going to include older versions. Photoshop has long been the benchmark against which other image editing programs are judged. Photographers don’t just need image-manipulation tools any more, they also need programs that can organise, search and share an ever-growing library of photos.
But it is designed for amateurs and enthusiasts in a way that’s very obvious and sometimes a little irritating. Been using it after PS, LR and DxO, not mentioning some lesser, non dedicated solutions like ZPS and I am very impressed.
It has all the features you tested (image management, edits, RAW module…) and it would be interesting too see the comparison to other programs as well. When we go to nature or travel to other countries, we are doing a lot of pictures of interesting and unusual places. The 30-employee company’s accolades include the Directors Guild Award, National Primetime and Daytime Emmys, the Gabriel Award, the Parent’s Choice Award, and a host of others.

So, here we put Photoshop CC and seven popular alternatives head-to-head to find out which is the best photo editing software, offering photographers the most complete package of features and ease of use along with value for money. Best RAW software I ever used, with great output, retaining high level of detail, very fast on my computer and developing beautifully detailed, clean and colourful photos with a few keystrokes.
Yet through all this success, Powderhouse Productions has chosen to stay in the same location since its founding it 1994: Somerville’s Davis Square. If it only had direct filesystem approach instead of catalogue, I would praise it with heavenly blessings.
I used to buy CS, but when I did the math and knowing that you either fall behind several generations of upgrade every couple years, I think you actually come out ahead by going with CC. It is most probably the best solution on the market and even if rather pricey, it was the money well spent. I understand the aversion to the idea of “renting” a software on demand, but I have old licenses I never use, so what use are they? And we love being able to eat a different cuisine every day of the month in the local eateries.” Somerville’s benefits also extend beyond its borders. Tug values its proximity to so many universities—within just a few miles are  Tufts, Harvard, MIT, Boston University and Emerson—because he gets to hire and train some of the country’s best employees. But my files will open long after my software is paid for and when Adobe raise the rent , and they will at some point, I will not be affected.
Tug is happy with the support his company has received from the Mayor’s office over the years. From what little I know about Adobe, Let’s say that they go out of business tomorrow or they sell the company to another provider.

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