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The AJ-HPD2500 can convert up or down between HD and SD or cross-convert between 720p and 1080i during playback. The playlist function lets you instantly cut edit* up to 100 events or a timeline of up to 24 hours. Insert and Overwrite editing mode: Inserting an event on the current timeline and overwriting the current timeline with an event are available. The AJ-HPD2500 has waveform and vectorscope display functions for the playback or input video signal on the LCD monitor. The AJ-HPD2500 features RS-422A remote that is common in broadcast VTRs (allowing it to be controlled as a player for editing*). The AJ-HPD2500 has the same height and 4U size as our DVCPRO VTRs and mounts easily into a 19 type rack. Versatile input and output terminals of the AJ-HPD2500 meet a wide range of broadcast station and CATV needs, from line and studio recording to editing, transmitting and archiving.
AVC-Intra 50’s lower bit rate doubles the recording time and cuts the transferring time in half. It can also up-convert SD input for recording in HD, and it features an aspect conversion function.
During up-conversion recording, the closed caption signal in the SD signal is recorded as a 608-format HD (VANC) signal (59.94 Hz only).
This allows the connection of digital audio equipment with a 48 kHz sampling rate or digital VTR. Endless recording can be achieved if changing the occupied card to the blank card continuously. When used with cameras for time-sensitive information gathering like weather news, the loop recording function holds the latest video data for a predetermined time period. The simplified editing function lets you copy a segment between memos and create a new clip.

You can shuttle search at up to 100x normal speed in forward or reverse and jog search within a range of -1x to +1x speed.
The one-clip playback function plays resequenced clips one at a time, and the new GUI Hold lets you check the thumbnail image of the next clip by displaying the thumbnail screen onto both the LCD and a monitor during playback.
It lets you set IN and OUT points on the player-side preview screen by controlling an external VTR connected via an RS-422A interface, and register or capture (digitization and clip creation) video footage directly onto the editing timeline. You can select from three different options: Previous playback position, thumbnail time code position, or the beginning of the clip.
You can upload files from a P2 card or external hard disk to an FTP server, or download files from the server to a P2 card or external hard disk. It is also possible to enter authentication information (ID and password) for network access.
Since the AJ-HPD2500 supports SDI embedded audio, it can record and play back up to eight channels with 16 bit audio or four channels with 24 bit audio. This function is useful for using an AVCCAM camera recorder or consumer AVCHD camera recorder.
It supports VDCP (Video Disk Control Protocol) command in addition to an external VTR control and allows a server-like operation to supply clip-list or be played back by specified clip ID. This P2 deck is also equipped with the RS-422A, RS-232C and 25-pin parallel remote control interfaces that are used by conventional VTR systems. Especially in recent times, when GTA V has been the only Rockstar game everyone has been hearing about, it would be easy to forget about the likes of The Midnight Club, Max Payne or L. It uses an intra-frame compression system to bring important advantages to professional editing. The closed caption signal in the SD signal is not output during up-conversion, down-conversion or cross-conversion playback. During Playback, if a new P2 card is inserted, it will be automatically recognized and played back without a break.

It can also be remote controlled through a parallel, RS-232C or RS-422A interface, for easy operation while checking the thumbnail images on a control desk monitor. It also features RS-232C remote for use with PCs and other IT systems, parallel remote, and encoder remote for flexible system configurations. The AJ-HPD2500 can record in AVC-Intra 100 for maximum picture quality or in AVC-Intra 50, which adopts a lower bit rate, for versatile operation. It also supports SD, and multi-codec recording (DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO, DV) is possible in both NTSC (480i) and PAL (576i). It enables continuous recording for up to 12 hours onto six cards (using the AVC-Intra 50 codec), for extended HD recording and transmission. It can also use the clips on the external HDD connected via eSATA or USB as the editing source. Among these franchises is Manhunt, which incidentally takes place within the same universe as GTA.The violent stealth game kicked up as much of a controversy upon release as successful it ended up being. Unfortunately, the series only ever got to the second installment, which was released back in 2007. The video is extremely well cut with a sufficiently eerie intro with the long- drawn out alley shot with the intermittent TV static.The editing work on the video is great. While on first glance the techniques used are horror 101, they are in fact especially elegant executions (no pun intended) of tried and true formulae. Manhunt was never the high-octane, action-packed, high-speed murder-romp that the GTA games resemble.

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