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Photo Editor es otro editor de imagenes gratuito para Android que nos permitira aplicar numerosos efectos a las fotografias capturadas con nuestro smartphone. Permite realizar ajuste el color, anadir efectos, rotar, recortar, dibujar o anadir marcos. En resumen, Photo Editor es un editor de fotografias con interfaz tactil, completamente gratuito, que posee las funciones basicas para transformar nuestras imagenes. Y tendras acceso a los enlaces de descarga directa oficiales de todas las versiones PicsArt para los diferentes sistemas operativos de telefonos moviles y tablets.

This Application mainly designed to be the alternate option for the Window’s photoshop or Gimp in Android mobiles. Ademas podemos compartir nuestro trabajo final en distintas redes sociales o enviarlo a nuestros amigos por el correo electronico. By using this apps you can shoot video and upload the video into Magisto after that this is gonna be the great edited movie. You could do Layer manipulations like resize the image, crop the image, brush drawing, erase the image, draw shapes, select, cut , copy, paste, delete, align, move, flip, rotate and more option also include with it.

And also you can adjust brightness, contrast, Hue, saturation including filter options and you can apply effects like sharpen, blur or bump.

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