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Although Compare with Other Resource is easier to use, it’s slightly hidden and requires a once-off setup of a keyboard shortcut to work. Tip: Alternatively, you could press Ctrl+3 (for Quick Access) and search for Compare with Other Resource.
Once the shortcut is assigned, you need to select the source file from the Package Explorer, Project Explorer or Navigator. Now you can select the second file in the Package Explorer and drag and drop it onto the dialog.
Tip: See the post on using shortcuts for common SVN commands for tips on how to navigate the comparison editor with the keyboard. Using the Compare with Other Resource dialog, you can compare a workspace file with an external file or even compare two external files with each other. To compare two external files, you have to start the dialog again from a selected workspace file (choose an arbitrary file). To use Compare with Each Other, open the Package Explorer (or similar view) and select the source file. It takes time and effort to produce high quality content, so please support Eclipse On E on Patreon or Flattr. General Get the most suitable game based on your hobby Developers Corner General Fight for survival & power - play top movie & TV mobile games Developers Corner Launch Artbreak - are you ready for a relaxing yet challenging puzzle game? LATEST VIDEOS 100 best mobile games ever iPhone, Multiformat See all the characters unlocked! Intelligent Audio File (IAF) is an advanced digital dictation file format, specifically designed by Quikscribe, to provide advanced RICH audio dictation and transcription capabilities. The easiest way to do this from an open editor is to assign a shortcut to instantly show the file in the Package Explorer or, if it’s not open, to open it quickly using the keyboard.

Make sure a file is selected and make sure you haven’t selected the class in the Package Explorer rather than the actual Java file. Once open, select External File in the Left pane and Browse to your file then do the same for the Right pane.
Unlike the previous feature, Compare with Each Other doesn’t use a dialog but relies on selecting the two files in the Package Explorer.
If you have external files then you need to import (or drag and drop) them into Eclipse’s workspace.
You can also follow me on Twitter or Google Plus and share tips you enjoyed with friends and colleagues. Your new password will then be emailed to you.You can change this pass at any time on the "edit profile" page when logged in.
Developers Corner General How the new Hitman: Agent 47 Game will change the Console market? This post will focus on another Eclipse feature called Compare with Other Resource that makes things go a bit smoother and handles external files but it will also cover using Compare with Each Other. Dream Heights is pictured on the right.)Were it not for Tiny Tower's distinctive pixel-art aesthetic, you'd barely notice a difference between the two games. The perspective, layout, and on-screen content are basically the same.As any gamer will tell you, though, it's not the looks, but the gameplay that's important. So, Tiny Tower has you building a tower block floor-by-floor by constructing businesses and accommodation for your residents. And so does Dream Heights.Tiny Tower allows you to assign each resident a job in one of your tower's businesses, manage stock, and expand ever upwards as you collect money from rent and store profits. You control the tower's elevator to deliver visitors to their desired floor.These are not similar ideas.

They are the same ideas, implemented in the same way.The devil's in the detailEven some of the most incidental elements of Tiny Tower's design appear to have a direct analogue in Zynga's title. For instance, both titles allow the player to scroll downwards from the ground floor lobby to get a look at the earth beneath their residents' feet.There's no need for players to be able to do this, and both games have their own little joke buried in the mud.
Tiny Tower offers those curious among you a glimpse of long-deceased pet skeletons, while the wholesome chaps at Zynga show buried treasure.However, it's worth pointing out that Dream Heights does offer some features which don't have an equivalent in Tiny Tower.
An online storey called the Skybridge injects some light social elements into the game, and the slick Zynga interface differs from Tiny Tower's in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.And as much as it would probably pain NimbleBit's co-founder to admit, Zynga does include some charming touches in Dream Heights.
As your tower grows higher and higher, for example, real-world monuments are displayed on-screen as visual targets to overtake. There's a sense of achievement when you shoot past the Taj Mahal, for instance, or outgrow the Statue of Liberty.Making a fast buxThere's just no hiding the fact, however, that Dream Heights is incredibly similar to Tiny Tower.
Even in terms of business model.Both titles are free-to-play experiences, with in-game currency providing the revenue stream for the two developers. Arguably, the consumer wins, then, even if the makers of Grand Theft Auto, Halo, and Uncharted don't.But, this is different. It's simply more charming, more generous, and more compulsive than Zynga's offering, with wonderful graphics and tunes that'll keep you humming for days.

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