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This week I want to acknowledge the stellar work being done on magazines for schools and universities. I completely agree with you about University mags producing great work, especially for their immediate community. AboutA Photo Editor (APE) is edited by Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men's Journal and Outside Magazine. This issue explores how the distinctive spirit of the school manifests itself in many ways. The photos are very nice in the way they are trying to reference iconic images from the past although some are too similar (man turning wrench). Wherever Damon Winter goes and whatever he shoots he brings home the bacon, thick sliced, sugar cured.
Must be a dream come true to create (in line with the pictorial history of this sort of shot) images like this; and on such an important project too! Romke: As a kid growing up abroad I had become attached to various online communities, one of which was photography. Grace: I find that seeing images online is generally more of a passive act, the images come to you through whatever host you happen to be using (tumblr, Flickr, etc) and can easily get buried or overpowered by the multitude of images moving past your eyes. Romke:  Once we had our huge folder of photos, we printed them all out, labeled them, and tried to organize them by loose categories like commerce, industry, rural, urban, and so on.
Grace: The theme was photographs taken in the United States over a ten year period, as seen by a chorus of different photographers.
As Creative and Design Director of Shape, one of the nation’s biggest magazines with more than 2.6 million circulation, Heroun has transformed it into a photographer’s publication, an unusual attribute for its category.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Joseph for almost 20 years now, he had a tremendous influence on me as an art director and photo editor. Our covers have improved most significantly since assigning the amazing Arthur Belebeau as our primary shooter.
That carries over inside, where Belebeau shoots cover celebs as fashion or beauty features, often with a bit of camp, and a free-spirited, playfully sexy vibe. Food is another core topic that has come into its own with a unique look, featuring images photographed predominantly by Sang An and Ted Cavanaugh. What is your policy on retouching, (always a point of interest for in women’s fitness publications).
Since my time at Men’s Health and other celebrity titles it’s been important to me to uphold a policy of integrity on this.
Our typography is intentionally understated to place emphasis on the images, which is what resonates with readers.
I for one have certainly noticed the change, in a great way, since you’ve taken over. We’re a school made up of dreamers, activists, artists, future entrepreneurs and so many other types of leaders in the making.
This exploration includes the profile of a student writing a senior thesis on Disney, UC Berkeley’s place in pop culture and the most entertaining UC Berkeley-related Twitters for you to follow.

Let Cal Day be the starting point for you as you discover the thriving medley of people, buildings and experiences that exist within this campus.
Damon Winters really knows how to capture the emotion of a scene and make us feel like we were there.
I loved photography, had wanted to be a photographer but I saw early on how hard of a career path it would be, regardless of talent. At first just to help packing and shipping copies of the first issue, which had just been released. We used those loose categories as groupings that we could move through and we tried to find ways to connect the different themes in a visual way. The challenge and mission are to rock a mix of topics equally well: Fitness, style, beauty, health, and food. The brand was acquired by Meredith Corporation a year ago, culminating with an editorial and design refresh last summer that has evolved nicely. We’ve worked together previously on fashion and beauty features, and progressed to covers and celebrity features only since the March 2016 issue. In our previous incarnation at American Media, we were required to include cover celebs doing workouts, which was dreadful, effectively diminishing their star power.
Again, with strong, directional, light and crisp, open shadows that express the upbeat emotion associated with clear daylight. We cut way back on the mechanics of exercising, which can be more effectively delivered online, in favor of an elegant, aspirational experience that celebrates the female figure and which doubles as fitness style. To skeptical readers that will sound hopelessly high-minded, but I firmly believe it’s in a brand’s best interest to be as honest and restrained as possible with depictions of people, celebrity or otherwise. As for Shape, it’s at the top of its game in one of the hottest categories that will only get hotter. As a group, we never run out of ways to make a name for ourselves, and as individuals, we know a thing or two about forging our own paths. If you want to make your mark at UC Berkeley, know that there is nothing here to stop you from doing so.
I quickly became very interested in the project, being somewhat new to New York and the contemporary photography scene—I was raised by two documentary photographers—and found it to be an incredible crash course in everything from daily scouring the internet for content to book design and binding to handling distribution of our print issues.
By choosing to leaf through a collection of images you are taking a much more active role in viewing, it’s deliberate.
We built upon ideas and directions from the previous year, with evolutionary changes; and concentrated our efforts on sharpening everything. Despite not being considered a cover shooter, in the brief time that Arthur has done them the response has been overwhelming. For those features we rotate in various shooters including Martin Rusch, Dustin Snipes, Warwick Saint, and Sarah Kehoe.
In terms of delivering service content, over-ambitious design hijinx that neither elevates nor instructs is misplaced. Once I realised that it would also be very hard for me to even get my foot in any door in publishing if I were to go down this other path, it struck me that I might as well try to develop my own.

I think it’ll take a bit of a change of perspective on the value of content access across the whole internet before this conundrum is really solved. There are so many amazing images online, print just gives them a place to live so they can be revisited again and again.
Our new reality included a significant budget cut that mandated better strategies and smarter decisions. His cool, hard-edged light is exceptional, modern and dimensional in a way that stands apart from our competitive set.
It works against the grounded, well-crafted elegance and precision we want the brand to be identified with. You see it everywhere with fashion mags and others placing a premium on production, with better stock and larger formats. So I started a blog and soon interviewed a photographer every two days, preparing for a day where I might print a book of someone else’s photos. And who knows, some day soon our access to the internet may no longer need backlit screens, maybe then the internet will look more like it’s on paper, which could make physical books totally redundant!
We created a few rules for ourselves and we broke them frequently in this mad goal of finding some kind of pure sequence. It provides Shape with a distinctive look that evokes the sensation of warm sunlight and an active, outdoor lifestyle.
Recently, we’ve consolidated feature recipes to the last spread, allowing for unobstructed full-page hero shots, which look spectacular. It’s a complete reversal of what was happening just a short time ago during the panic years.
They also shoot our front-of-book sections, so there’s a nice consistency that comes through and carries over into our beauty and style product photography, handled by the criminally talented Claire Benoist. Everyone seems to have come to the conclusion that magazines deliver an unrivaled visual experience and that it’s time to leverage that unique strength.
Some photos lend well to a calculated sequence, controllable in print, others suit the chaos online.
Though budgets are more restrained, the demand for photographic excellence is only getting louder. And our belief that it’s a big tent, with many interpretations of what is fit and what is beautiful. Books are limited in number, resources and by tangibility. An image online is at once at risk of being seen by no-one and by the whole world.

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