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Not everyone has the money to spend on a professional diagram editor like Visio, but there are some free solutions available as well. This is one of the more powerful free diagram editors out there, and the fact that it is cross-platform doesn’t hurt either.
KVADPhoto+ is a completely free photo editor app for Windows 8 that has simple controls but it offers you powerful set of image processing tools. In the interface you are presented with all the effects and editing options in the button part of the app window while the home and save buttons are located on top of the app window while the image is shown in the middle as seen above. When you click on a particular option from the button option menu you will be presented with a small dialog box as shown below in the screenshot along with the preview of the image; in this manner you can edit and enhance an image with complete simplicity. When you are creating cover for DVD box, you can specify the size of the box so that your cover fits DVD box perfectly. AVS Cover Editor is multi-lingual, and is available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Many of the free options are available online as web-based editors, but if you need a desktop app something like the Dia Diagram Editor may be what you want. So if this sounds like something you’ve been looking for go ahead and jump over to the homepage.
Clicking the link will automatically re-direct you to the Windows Store from where you can download and install this free photo editor app for Windows 8.
This kind of interface and layout makes it extremely simple and easy to edit your favorite images with complete ease.
This is not the full version of the app hence some of the things are locked but nonetheless the amount of options provided in the free version are really good and allow you to get really good results with this free photo editor app for Windows 8.
It isn’t as full features as Visio, but it does have a lot of object libraries available meaning you should be able to accurately represent everything in your diagram.
The quality of the graphics may be disputable, but keep in mind that you’re not paying a dime for the app.

The interface of the app is extremely simple to operate while the app has some powerful tools hence this app is useful both for the professional as well as the amateur user. After installation from the Windows Store just run the KVADPhoto+ from the start screen and you will have the interface in front of you as shown below in the screenshot.
So select anyone of these ways to import photo into the app and then you will have the interface in front of you as shown below. In the above screenshot I have edited the image by adding a filter and a frame similarly you can produce really nice images with complete ease. AVS Cover Editor comes with an easy to use grid structure, that lets you easily place your images on the grid so that you can properly create your DVD cover.

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