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New Tape Scan feature for quick and easy preview with scene selections from digital (DV) or High Definition videos (HDV) import of video, saving both time and hard drive space.
Nero 9 provides highly-enhanced yet easy-to-use video editing tools that let you personalize your home videos and slide shows. TV card SD & HDTV (up to 4 tuner support with PiP) plug-in for Windows Media Center - Watch, record, pause, and customize your live TV experience. Easy Auto Backup Functions - Nero 9 includes new easy and convenient tools to protect your valuable memories and confidential data, plus safeguard against system crashes, natural disasters, and human error. Nero 9 is fully compatible with Windows Vista and also comes with one-click fast and easy disc copy and disc image burning Gadget for the Windows Vista Sidebar.

Improved functionality to Recover lost data due to scratched discs or bad recording quality. Trial feature to watch videos, listen to music and view photos with the PS3 and XBOX 360 on your TV. While the new software suite is feature packed and takes care of all your multimedia needs from creating, importing, editing and sharing, most of the users never use all these functions and this functionality overload add to the already bloated Nero suite, if you are looking for a simple, free and fast Nero alternative try this. You can Download Nero 9 and receive the Free Trial License key from the official webpage here.
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The new Movie Wizard allows for greater creativity with an easy-to-use library of templates including themes for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and weddings, plus soundtracks and special effects.
The new Auto Backup feature in Nero 9 makes it easy for you to back up digital files from your PC including files, folders, drives, and even the entire system via a simple wizard interface for offline or online backup.
With Nero RescueAgent technology, you can safely and securely recover data from damaged or scratched discs, hard drives, USB and flash sticks, and other memory devices.

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