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LETTER TO THE EDITOR by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson While a clinical student and professional nurse, I witnessed the suffering that breast cancer causes in the lives of so many people, particularly women.
LETTER TO THE EDITOR by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Each day approximately 1.5 million Americans engage in a battle with their own bodies due to Lupus. This week, Congressman Marc Veasey issued a statement in support of millions of same-sex couples across the country as the Supreme Court enters a two-day session of oral arguments on two historic cases.  In Hollingsworth v.
First, there's the spire, rising 208 feet above the surrounding countryside like Jack's beanstalk (except vastly more graceful!).
We've 'tagged' this attraction information to help you find related historic attractions and learn more about major time periods mentioned. The face of this charming 45-room country hotel is an interesting composition of Tudor Rectory, Elizabethan Coaching Inn and Georgian House, creating a veritable maze of lounges for guests to enjoy. Britain Express is a labour of love by David Ross, an avid historian, photographer, and 'Britain-ophile'.
As Boston residents awoke to another huge property tax increase in their mail box recently, residents are also expressing their frustration with their voices not being heard.
Those on fixed income and families with children in private schools are financially struggling to continue to live in South Boston, and help is not on the way, as demonstrated by the recent increase in the property taxes. Some of the same people and “liaisons” supporting the current luxury condo proposal were involved with the Gate of Heaven Rectory and Gym boondoggles.
As the developer and political operatives continue to seek support from the mayor and members of the Boston city council behind closed doors, the community is fighting back.  The Gate of Heaven neighborhood is working hard to welcome other options, some of whom submitted bids to the archdiocese.
As the meeting concluded at the site of the old Gate of Heaven School, one longtime resident stated, “Where is the justice? Where is the fairness? Are you in favor of the City of Boston and the Boston Redevelopment Authority providing free rent to the General Electric (GE) Corporation in South Boston’s Fort Point Channel? Southwell began as a Saxon manor, but in the 10th century it was granted to Oskatel, Archbishop of York. Oskatel founded a college of secular canons at Southwell, and these canons acted almost a local government for the area. The distinctive west towers that flank the broad entrance doorway were originally topped with spires but these were replaced with the current pyramidal roofs in 1880.
One of the most interesting historical treasures inside the Minster is the 'Southwell Tympanum', a carved lintel stone variously dated from the 9th-11th century by experts. The heavy, stolid Norman nave gives way abruptly to 13th century exuberance when you reach the pulpitum screen separating the nave and chancel. The Southwell chapter house was begun around 1290, and sadly we know nothing about the craftsman responsible for this work of genius.

Very unusually, the chapter that administered the Minster survived the Reformation and was not dissolved until 1840.
The chief reason to visit Southwell is its remarkable carving, notably on the pulpitum, but especially in the 13th century chapter house. Southwell itself is a wonderfully picturesque town, full of historic interest, and well worth taking the time to explore. A superb 18th Century manor house set in over 3 acres of professionally landscaped gardens. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Tamil Cinema(Kollywood), Telugu Cinema(Tollywood), Hindi Cinema(Bollywood), Malayalam Cinema(Mollywood) and Kannada Cinema(Sandalwood).
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Each year, according to the World Health Organization, nearly 500,000 women lose their lives to the condition.
Too often Victorian Revival 'restorers' created their own rather antiseptic version of Gothic craftsmanship and style, with none of the substance. You can see it for miles around, and when the sun catches it, it can take your breath away.The church, in Early English style throughout, was begun in 1858 to replace an old medieval church located nearby. Will this mayor let this happen again against overwhelming neighborhood opposition, so that a few people can get rich?
This massive stone is set in a 12th century wall, so it was obviously brought here from elsewhere. The screen is one of the glories of 13th century sculpture in England; a complex symphony of delicately carved foliage, strange faces decorating the capitals, and every surface seemingly more intricately carved than the last.
Every capital, cornice, and column seems to spring to life, with botanically correct carvings of foliage and flowers, with human figures dotted amid the flora.
The roof is a superb stone vault, the vaulting ridges leading inexorably down to create 36 separate stalls.
Many of the elegant historic houses that surround the Minster were once residences for members of the chapter. Decorative foliage festoons the 36 stalls and the capitals of the chapter house and the corridor and vestibule leading to it. Just outside the town - in the direction of Newark - is The Workhouse, the best-preserved example of a Victorian workhouse in England and a model for a generation of similar foundations around the country.
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But St Mary's church in the little village of South Dalton is an exception; a glorious, wonderful, inspired exception.

It stands high above a row of lovely Victorian almshouses, and the scene of the church and almshouses together makes an unforgettable, idyllic picture. The present church was begun in 1108, and it remains one of the best examples of the Romanesque style in England. One unusual feature of this Romanesque building was that the chancel was squared off at the end.
The beautifully intricate carving shows the Archangel Michael wielding a sword, in combat with a serpent, or dragon. The botanical precision of the carvings is extraordinary: grace and beauty evoked from cold stone. The chancel was rebuilt in the 13th century, but apart from that the main body of Southwell Minster is essentially Norman, with thick, rounded Romanesque piers and rounded arches.
To one side is a damaged figure, presumably King David, pulling at the gaping jaws of a lion. The fact that so much of the Norman architecture has remained unaltered makes the nave of Southwell one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in England.
Interestingly, the underside of the stone is carved in a Celtic interlace pattern, which stylistically seems much earlier than the main carvings. Unlike later highly stylised medieval carving, the Southwell foliage is detailed and correct, right down to the angle at which leaves grow from their stalks. It seems likely, then, the the stone was originally a grave marker, and was reused with a new carving added to send a Christian message in the symbols of David and Michael in combat with evil. The chapel contains wall monuments to Hotham family members, but the real interest here is an utterly superb monument to Sir John Hotham, Baronet (d. The monument shows Hotham reclining atop a table supported by four female figures representing the cardinal virtues, while under the table is a vividly carved skeleton.
I don't think I've ever seen a more perfectly proportioned Victorian church than South Dalton; it really is one of the best examples of parish church architecture of any time period.
This truly is a beautiful building, and is one of the highlights of churches in the East Riding for me.

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