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Some iPhone recorders use the iPhone to its full power giving you more sophisticated features and options that could only be found on a desktop computer. Some of the following iPhone applications are free, while others cost up to $9.99 from the App Store.
In all the following iPhone Audio editors, I will show you how to trim an audio that you recorded. You can't trim or cut the original sound, but you can select a portion of the sound and drag it to the bin at the bottom to create a list of snippets. You can add as many snippets as you want by simply selecting the portion you want by moving the red markers to the beginning and the end of the sound, and then drag the section to the bottom bin.
Once you tap the cesser button, you can select the beginning and the end of the sound wave to select your snippet. If you find something really exciting, that you want to record, simply tap a couple of buttons like the sleep button or the volume button to start recording.
For example, by simply pressing some buttons on your iPhone while it is in your pocket, you can start recording without any one's attention, you won't even need to slide to unlock your iPhone.
I still don't like Audio Memo because it doesn't have the ability to edit audio using Sound Waveform. Simply select the gesture method you want, and then select the action or iPhone application you want to start when the gesture or button is applied. This little iPhone tip or trick allows you to double press the sleep button to start Audio Memo. But since Audio Memo can automatically start recording when it starts, this trick lets you start recording by simply double pressing the sleep button.

One iPhone problem is that you need to slide to unlock the iPhone first before starting Audio Memo. So, after installing VUnlock, you will be able to press any volume button to unlock your iPhone while the iPhone is still in your pocket.
Imagine being able to record an audio using your iPhone with a press of a button or a tap on the screen.
For example, you can use one iPhone audio application to record the sound, and then use another iPhone voice application to edit and apply more filters and editing. To make this operation easy, you will find that this is best accomplished using sound waveform so you can easily see where to cut and trim.
They allow you to record your voice, edit it, and then send it by email or share it to one of the social network sites like Facebook, or Twitter. It can display the recorded audio in sound waveform, and it uses the standard iPhone pinching to zoom in and out. It lacks the iPhone simple iOS interface and it doesn't allow recording automatically when the app starts. Simply select the portion of the sound you want to cut, trim or edit by tapping on the sound waveform and adjusting the beginning and end of the sound using the markers. First, you have to create a document by tapping the plus (+) button, and then you can tap the record button to start a recording.
You can zoom in and out by pinching in and out, and then select where you want to start and end by moving the markers.
See AudioMemo below to learn how you can auto record, and then use Twisted Wave to edit the audio.

It costs $0.99 and designed to capture a sound with your iPhone and then create a list of snippets.
You will need Audio Memo from the App Store, and will need a couple of other hacks from Cydia.
In other words, you must slide the unlock button first and then double press the sleep button in order for Audio Memo to start. Finally, double press the sleep button to start Audio Memo as you have assigned it with Activator. The top portion of the sound wave gives you the full envelope while the bottom one gives you a magnified portion of the sound. You can call those snippets different names, and you can play them separately or all together. Those two great features are really cool as you can quickly start recording by just starting the iPhone application. You can use AudioMemo for detective recording without anyone knowing that you are recording.

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