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Due to be released on June 17th, the single will be available as a digital download and on seven inch vinyl. A return to the brooding, melancholic brand of post-punk which made their debut such an enormous commercial success, 'The Sting' is an epic, widescreen piece of songwriting. De beelden zijn opgenomen in Nashville tijdens de opname van het album, het toont een intiem beeld van de band.
Op 8 juli staat Editors in een uitverkochte Gashouder in Amsterdam en eind augustus staat de band op een wederom uitverkocht Lowlands festival. Two years on from the release of the polarising The Weight Of Your Love, English rockers Editors have officially announced their follow-up, In Dream, due to drop on the 2nd of October this year. Recorded in England’s isolated Western Highlands and mixed by Alan Moulder (The Killers, Foo Fighters) the new album promises to be a departure from the ambitious rock sound of The Weight Of Your Love and a return to the more familiar dusky synth roots of the band. If the quality of the rest of In Dream is as outstanding as the first two snippets have been then we are in for a delight.
Splendour In The Grass 2016 Sideshows Are Here!Live and Die Through The Music: A Conversation With Danny BrownMusic Piracy Isn't Okay And Neither Is Photo Piracy.
Na het laatste album ‘In This Light and On This Evening’ uit 2009 is het een tijdje stil geweest rond Editors.
Vorig jaar hebben Editors op Rock Werchter al een aantal van hun nieuwe nummers gespeeld, net zoals tijdens hun twee uitverkochte Birmingham shows. I had the pleasure of chatting with Ed Lay and default 'new kid' Justin Lockey just hours before their show at Exeter's Great Hall, one of many stops on their UK & Ireland Tour which will come to an end at the end of the month. ED - Yeah, we played 30 of our shows in Europe but then probably the same amount of festivals before that. You're probably sick of answering this question but… It's 18 months since Chris left the band. When we were a 4 piece, we sort of lost that communication and we weren't talking to each other enough. Realistically, aside from it being an incredibly difficult time, things may have turned out for the better then in the long run? ED - In the long run, for The Editors, certainly because we're a band and I don't think we would still be a band if we'd carried on.
ED - It did, but that was in the UK and we've had a far better response across Europe than we've ever had on any other record.

ED - It was like Munich which was written in 40 minutes but it was just so easy to piece together. Last question from me whilst we're on the subject of Christmas - if you had to cover a Christmas song, what would it be? Alongside the lead track, the single will contain the album's lead track 'The Weight' and soon-to-be-live-favourite 'The Sting'. Sure, comparisons to Echo & The Bunnymen can be made, but listen to those piano seizures, the cooing backing vocals - this is prime Editors, make no mistake.
De band maakte een mooie, 30 minuten durende documentaire over de totstandkoming van het album !
Saillant detail is dat je zelfs kunt volgen hoe de band het vertrek van ex-gitarist Chris Urbanowicz bespreekt en de nieuwe bandleden Justin Lockey en Elliot Williams overweegt. This was followed up just a few weeks ago with the bold and thunderous Marching Orders, a track that is already up there for song of the year in more than a few books.
The album also marks the first time Editors have featured duets, with Slowdive‘s Rachel Goswell featuring on three tracks. Na het vertrek van gitarist Chris Urbanowitz hebben ze inmiddels een nieuwe line-up en heeft de vijfkoppige band de afgelopen tijd in Nashville gewerkt aan het vierde album, welke in de zomer van 2013 uitgebracht zal worden. Deze zomer, in de indrukwekkende Gashouder in Amsterdam zal de band dan echt de nieuwe songs ten gehore brengen, uiteraard naast de bekende hits als Munich, Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors en Papillon van o.a.
For any band, losing such an incredible talent as Chris Urbanowicz is a potentially fatal blow, but for Tom, Russell and Ed, through losing their lead guitarist they also lost an incredibly close friend. I wanted to find out how the band was coping with the change from 4 piece to 5 piece and what's next for the Birmingham boys. We still had some shows to play so we got Justin and Elliott in and we were so lucky, they just slotted in so easily. We wrote, and we recorded, and we mixed, and we got the record out and we were on the road again - quicker than most people manage it.
It wasn't an easy decision to get rid of a founding member of the band, someone we've spent 10 years plus with, he was one of our best friends.
If something was going wrong we'd just f*** off home but now we all think, right, we're in Birmingham and most of us are away from our homes so what's the point in coming to work if we're not gonna get something done.
It peaked at 6th in the charts over here but you've had number 1s in the past - were you disappointed?

Tom [Smith] will come in and be like 'I've got this demo' and everybody knows exactly what to do with it. I think with a track like Honesty, you know, when we played it at festivals in the summer the response was awesome and we know that when we go back it'll just be a massive tune by then.
When Tom did the Christmas album with Andy Burrows there was a lot of talk about different Christmas songs. We went out to Nashville in January, recorded the record, came back, mixed it, went and did some festivals, released the record and then came on tour.
They came in with a work ethic that was just outstanding and their creativity and input was top so we just started working again as a band and that was what we'd been missing for the last 18 months. We were asked to do a Christmas cover and we were like 'yeah, let's do driving home for Christmas' it'll be so easy.
Just trudging through trying to get songs together with him in the band and nothing was sort of, coming together. As soon as they came in, we played these shows, we had a great time and we asked them if they'd like to contribute to the writing process for the next record, luckily they said yes, and within a year we were back touring again.
Rehearsals are very strange periods, some days nothing works at all and you need one person to just communicate and say let's move on to something else or let's work on this that I've been working on. You know it's a case of 'is everybody enjoying this - no - let's stop, talk about it and have a cup of tea'.
We've definitely got a lot of people that like us over there but there's new places we haven't been. And that emotional feeling of 'what's going on' or 'who's causing this - is it us?' we all had all of those questions but the fact is, no one knows what happens when a creative relationship breaks down. The sadness of losing a mate on one hand and an incredible guitarist who's sound is all over the first 3 records, but joy because we're still working and we've made a record that's right up there with all the best work we've ever done and we're back on tour and having a good time. You don't need record companies to tell you what you need to put out as your first single when you've got a song like that.

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