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Abstract fire effects, red and yellow motion blur, light rays with a small sparks over a dark background. Many bacteria and blue green algae are killed due to acidification, disrupting the whole ecological balance.2.
Cation like Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+ are leached away and replaced by acid cations such as M+, Al3+ ions.2. Acidification of soil adversely affects soil fauna and lead to reduced forest productivity.4. Continuous chronic exposure to low levels of acidic water causes diffuse chlorosis in the leaves of the plants.2. Acid rain causes extensive damage to buildings and structural material of marble, limestone,salte etc.

Acid rain corrodes houses, monuments, statues, bridges, fences and railing that require huge cost for maintenance every year.3. Sitemap -->Interstellar movie is helping scientists model REAL black holes Oops!
In a paper published in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity, the special effects crew describe at length the innovative computer code they used to generate stunning imagery, but also make new scientific discoveries. The people in charge there, per director Christopher Nolan’s request, wanted to work as realistically as possible, so they enlisted world renowned theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, a former professor at Caltech, to guide them towards the  most accurate simulation ever of what a black hole would look like.
So,  Thorne started generating equations that would guide their effects software the way physics governs the real world. Hundreds of pages and memos were sent back and forth, and in the end all the effort paid off.

You would see two duplicate images of the same star on opposite sides of the black hole, because light rays passing the black hole on either side get bent toward you. In the end the movie brushed up against 800 terabytes of dataEinstein’s theory of general relativity predicts that every object bends light rays through its gravity. Instead of tracing individual light ray paths, they simulated bundles of light which proved to be great for mimicking gravitational lensing. In fact, their code is so accurate that astrophysicists are thinking of using it to model their cosmic oddities.

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