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Smooth out and rev up your workflow with these Nik Software tools Improving your workflow helps you succeed as a photographer.
For the past 30 years, clinicians throughout the world have relied on the unsurpassed quality of ContextVision’s advanced image enhancement software within ultrasound, x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, interventional radiology and computed tomography. Always keeping a step ahead of the market, we are now proud to present the latest highlights and new, improved features of our extensive product family: US PLUSView and GOPView Mammo2.
Find out how you can benefit from our medical imaging solutions and expertise at ECR, Expo E, booth #505, March 7-10 2014 – and join us in celebrating 30 successful years of image enhancement. VeBest Icon Groups is a free software, intended for just creative and occupied people who extremely value every spare minute and who don't want to search for the icon to launch the desired software or open the needed document. Best Icon Groups is an impressive, icon enhancement tool, which lets you make many funny things for your windows desktop icons. Creating one or some icon schemes just once and forgetting about wasting your time and eyesight on finding the icon you want forever!

You can even rest ascertain that the icon you want is always in its place disregarding if your kids play with the computer, even if another operating system crash occurs. These powerful and highly successful digital imaging products have been written about extensively in trade magazines and publication's, however, to date no one has taken on the task of compiling techniques into a book on how best to utilize these highly popular products.
Nik Software has created these award-winning plugins, designed for seamless interaction with Adobe(R) Photoshop(R), to manage specific, time-consuming aspects of image processing. Its cutting-edge technology helps doctors accurately interpret medical images, a crucial foundation for better diagnosis and treatment. It provides you with a possibility to animate organize your desktop icons and lets you reach your favorite application within seconds.
Possible categorizing of the created groups will provide you with time-saving and pleasant experience while working on the computer.
Illustrated with vibrant full-color images, this book is the only official guide to getting the maximum benefit from each tool.

His concern for endangered species and his fascination with photography led to his career as assistant to famed nature photographer Moose Peterson. As an industry pioneer for more than 30 years, ContextVision has decided to take a lead position within deep learning, the latest artificial intelligence technology. You will get used to working with the software in no time and soon you won't be able to live without it! The idea is to make sure the readers can apply techniques discussed in the book such as retouching, understanding the importance of light, and exposure, while learning all of the features and functionality of this family of products.

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