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Foothills Medical Supply distributes specialty medical equipment and supplies needed in hospitals, and surgery centers. Call 980-721-5455 to see if we can offer the equipment you need and provide you with a quote and detailed information. Invest in new office equipment and increase your productivity as well as improve on your quality. New office equipment comes out every year and each time the message is nearly the same no matter what brand; Easy. To a new farmer, one growing season can be the difference between nurturing farm dreams and launching a business.
The Seed Farm\'s 8th annual Farm Ride & Run presented by Samuel Adams will be held on Saturday, July 16.
We will be onsite to assist with the installation of your new equipment to be sure it is set up and functioning before we leave.

We offer a wide array of medical equipment and surgical instrument products of major medical manufacturers. Spend most of your time on the phone with customers and potential business instead of the IT department.
Most of the time, investing in new office equipment is cheaper in the long run than continuing to service an old one. Whether it’s image quality, page per copy, or a simple ink and toner issue, a new machine is the solution to your printing issue. Old copiers and printers could be difficult to use, to pinpoint problems, and could be impossible to open at times.
We will gladly remove your old equipment and assure the training needed is provided for your new equipment. A brand new machine can give you, your employees, and your business the extra boost it needs.

Also, choose an energy efficient model and save on your electric ill and make your carbon footprint that much smaller.
New office equipment eliminates that problem with concise troubleshooting and informative displays.
Become the high energy, high-quality office that you know you can be with a machine that can keep up with your work pace.

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