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Among the new features in build 9888 are new animations, better organized context menus and a new default applications for settings.
The most recent official build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, made available via the Windows Insider program, is build 9879, which was released last month. From sending one document to backing up an entire business, data storage is the key to everything nowadays.
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Sources say that Lin expects to be “thoroughly involved in the creative development of the project,” and plans on producing the film with his firm, Perfect Storm Entertainment. Their sources indicate that Hulu is developing a platform that will allow subscribers to live stream cable channels and other broadcasts for about $40 a month. It has been rumored that employees from anime sites such Crunchy Roll and Funimation may have been behind the Nyaa DDoS attack.
Upon closer investigation though, it appears this is simply hearsay on the part of the HorribleSubs Twitter account, meant to annoy the named sites rather than point to a real culprit.

Others have speculated that Nyaa’s extended downtime may have resulted from some action on the part of the Japanese government, with one Twitter user even producing alleged DDoS attack mappings to “prove” the attacks were originated by the Japanese government.

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