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I’m not talking about traditional advertising… I’m talking about targeting Local Customers looking for your products and services and are ready to to open their wallets and buy? Well, I hope you won’t kick yourself, but I do hope you’ll take a few moments right now to learn just five of the benefits you can reap from Video Marketing. And what if I told you it was so easy, you’d end up kicking yourself for not doing it sooner?
Discover 5 powerful ways video marketing can grow your local business and get you more customers. Video Marketing is so simple, your children may know more about it than you do.  Oh, they won’t know about the marketing end, that’s true — but you can bet they know the difference between a good video and a bad one when they see it.
They also know the difference between what entertains… and what’s so dry they’re out of there in two seconds flat. These “layers” shouldn’t intimidate you.  The “complex” part about Video Marketing comes not in the doing, but simply in knowing exactly what to do, why you should do it — and when and the exact steps to take, to create a powerful video that healthily grows your business. You also need to know your marketing goal for each video you make — before you ever pick up a camera.  Do you want to simply saturate the market to the point where everyone knows you?  Do you need to promote a particular event or sale?
Do you want to drum up extra business during your “slow” seasons, or make the most of opportunities provided by holidays like Christmas or Easter? Would you like to show customers how to use your product?  Why it’s an easier product to use than your competition’s?  How it will change their lives for the better?
Do you want them to get a sense of your personality, so you can reassure them your services are a good fit for their own businesses or lives?
All of these things — and more — you can easily achieve with Video Marketing — in less than one, two or three minutes per finished video.
Finally, they don’t have time to waste.  Your customers are intelligent, savvy, smart — and most of all, they know how to make quick decisions on the spot. Video makes the perfect medium, in context of today’s buying and service-finding habits, to deliver your message with impact — in a world over-saturated with messages coming in from all sides. We get passionate about our business — about what we’re producing; not how we’re letting people know.
Unless your business can keep pace, you’re going to be nothing more than a blur as they race by.  You need to tap into the collective mindset, to understand how you can best use Video Marketing for your business — and why it’s the medium of the moment. And that is how easily and instantly Video Marketing ties your physical location to promotion — thanks to today’s search engines and social network searching. Q: Why do they buy, instead of visiting the seven-to-twelve times that traditional marketing dictates is the norm before a single purchase is finally made? And guess what the number-one survey response has been for the last two years, when people are asked what they would like more of? And it makes you more money than you could create using traditional methods — even if those have always worked for you in the past. Use them to brand your products — more powerfully than any of your non-video-savvy competitors can imagine!
If you’re starting to feel excited at the Video Marketing possibilities you’ve been overlooking, relax! I’ve created a Special Report, to give you a clear, easy to understand overview of all these points — and more.
Download “Video Marketing for Your Local Business” right now, and help yourself to these secrets right this minute… the report and the knowledge you’ve acquired — even if you request the return of your investment. But there’s a lot more to the information this Special Report offers you.  It’s not heavy reading at all — but it’s packed with every fact you do need to know. When I talked about how Video Marketing ties into physical location, I forgot to mention powerful new tools such as Google Maps, as well as similar features in social networks.  I took it for granted you’d know what I meant. So, to make it even clearer, it’s not just the powerful, viral, personal recommendations — it’s also the fact that your ads and your business will show up in searches much more quickly because they are tied to your physical location when people search locally. Five other businesses may show up in local searches too — so who will your customers trust — the one with just an address… or being sent to an overlong sales page… or instantly seeing (a) your face (b) your storefront (c) the top benefits you offer — all in a video that can take as little as seconds for them to view? Another area this Special Report is clear about:  When — and how — to seek expert help (and get the best value for your dollar in the easiest way). Well, you may not necessarily want to outsource all of it — perhaps just some aspects.  For example, editing your video may take valuable time away from interacting with customers, or drumming up business.

Think of it like you’re putting on an important family dinner.  You might want to prepare the Cherries Jubilee yourself… or if it’s an important enough event, such as a wedding, hire a caterer or chef instead. Similarly, whether or not you’re making the Cherries Jubilee yourself, you instinctively know it’s a better idea to entrust filling the water glasses to your aunt, rather than insisting you have to take care of every last detail yourself!
What “Video Marketing for Your Local Business” will do is show you how best to achieve this in your outsourcing (should you choose to outsource at all)… and help you decide on the right people at the best price for your budget.
Send me my copy right now — so I can decide for myself if this is the best current strategy for me.  I know I’ll have 30 full days to evaluate the material at my leisure — and get a cheerful, easy refund, if I should decide for any reason Video Marketing is just not for me.
After all, resounding success is all about making the right decisions.  And making the right decisions is always based not just on knowing your subject, but on knowing all the information most of your competitors decide to ignore. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Now, I have seen some elaborate video productions that cost a lot of money, and in my experience, they are usually not worth it.
Consider shooting a video of the seller talking about the memories they have of their home. The simple answer is YES, but at World Telecom & Surveillance we can help you make the transition in a cost effective way that extends the life of existing equipment. IP Video is becoming more and more pertinent for businesses to invest in due to many factors. IP video surveillance systems come in all shapes and sizes and they serve a purpose in the smallest of retail stores, to high security facililties such as airports and government buildings. World Telecom & Surveillance is a Northern California Security and Surveillance systems provider.
My husband does video editing, so we’re well-versed in the impact of video marketing!! We’ve been experimenting with video, set up our channel, and are looking forward to using it more! Make sure you stop by next Thursday at 1PM EST- We will be giving you tips on how to rock videos even with those small obstacles you mentioned. Videos appeal to more people, especially in the modern age when mobile phones enable more customers to watch them on the go. I feel like video is a great way to market, I get a little self-conscious being on camera though. The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies – Ever!Normally we try to keep the recipes fairly healthy around here – but these are just too good!!! Colorists Mother’s Day Giveaway + ChallengeAre you a mom or have a mom that is a coloring fanatic? Faux Stained Glass Lamp Using Polymer ClayWe have a wonderful tutorial for you today from our co-host artist this week, Beth Petricoin.
How to Silk Screen Polymer ClayThis week we are exploring the world of polymer clay (PC) and today, I’d like to share with you a short tutorial about silk screening it. One way of doing this is by including a direct web URL to your website or squeeze page at the end of the video, but along with this you also need to highlight the benefits of visiting your website. If your aim is to make the video go viral, a good tip is to add a “Tell a Friend” link to the video. You can do this by adding comic values, entertain the viewer, shock the viewer or offer a different perspective that differs from the majority of videos in the same market. Before you distribute your video, make sure the quality and size is optimised and viewable on all different operating systems. When using online video marketing, keywords are also important in helping viewers find your video through the on-site searches and also via search engines. TOP TIP – If you’re making multiple videos, never use the exact same tags for all your videos.
The top takeaway – The Call to Actions got to be places at the right places for the right trigger! A little about Business BanterBusiness Banter empowers Startups, SME's & Entrepreneurs with the inspiration and motivation to make the right business choices.

Built by business experts, for the business community, shared with the people in order to help the community make better business choices. As with any new project, start small and gradually improve the quality and content of your work. Try the product for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied just send me an email and I’ll send you a refund right away.
If people want to buy something, they don't look at the classifieds anymore, they scour the web.
But also, video about the neighborhood; and even, video about the agent who they might meet when they preview the home. At a brain-storming meeting, spend time assessing your business surveillance needs and explore your options. So to eliminate part of your frustration I invite you to join us for a super great event happening today, here are all the details.
I’m a marketing analyst, so I do this kind of stuff for my job, and I agree totally that videos are where it’s at!
This week, we have a co-host artist joining me, the amazing Beth Petricoin from Create My World Designs. Online video marketing allows for call to actions to be placed in strategic ways which will make all the difference to your efforts. You’ve got to be careful with this as you don’t want to leave your viewers entertained, but find it hard to trust you.
You also want to optimise the actual video features, including keywords and tags so that when your video is distributed it’s able to grab ranking in search engines based on your chosen keywords. Sadly, funny videos can also work against your brand if the content doesn’t deliver the obvious. They knew that people watch video voraciously, and they wanted a video, but wasn’t sure they they could make something that they loved. You could host the video (keep the file) on your website, upload it to a video sharing service (such as YouTube) and then embed the video onto your website, or even embed it into your emails (either directly or place a link to the video in the email). S.  And this letter barely even touched on the power of YouTube searches in today’s market — something you’ll quickly learn about, if you try out this Special Report. Quite frankly, as real estate and mortgage professionals, we need to aggressively get ahead of this paradigm shift. The ultimate end goal should be to get more business or increased sales via online video marketing. Your video really needs to stand out in the video community and motivate viewers to share it with their friends so they can share it with everyone they know, and this, can be achieved best by researching how your online video marketing will affect them.
Remember to work directly towards building a positive brand image when using online video marketing.
You can often enhance your online video marketing by using annotations, as well as useful descriptions. People want to do business with real people in real situations, so a simple video that is imperfect works just fine. Video is easy to market via Facebook, YouTube, attached to single property websites, burned onto DVDs, and so on. For most business sites, this migration will take place gradually; and, during the process, analog and IP solutions most likely will coexist.
With the video, you want to invoke a positive response, but you also want them to take action after watching your video. Without a YouTube presence, you’re missing on out on countless potential customers and opportunities.

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