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Microsoft-owned Mojang has just announced that beginning today they will remove the beta tag from their Scrolls strategy collectible card game. However, the team decided that releasing Scrolls last month won’t be such a good idea possibly due to some changes that needed to be implemented.
According to developers, an Android version for tablets will be available for purchase in Google Play Store as well, but players will have to pay $5 (€4) in order to get it. Things start to get more complex when you start building your deck with the four types of scrolls included in the game: creature, structures, spells and enchantments. Scrolls is about finding the right combinations and synergies between your cards, which will help you win over other human players.

Since the game is in development for a few years, Mojang released quite a few updates that added lots of new features and improvements. New scrolls will probably be added and new mechanics, which further enhance the gameplay experience. Those who aren’t sure about Scrolls can try out the demo, which is available on both PC and Mac.
If you’ve already heard about Scrolls and would like a more in-depth look on what it has to offer, then stick around as we will be back with a review next week. In the works for a few years now, Scrolls was in open beta since last year and has been confirmed to launch in late November.

The good news is that later today, fans of CCG genre will be able to play Mojang’s Scrolls game on both PC and Mac. For now, however, it’s important for Mojang to establish a solid foundation on which to continue to build in the coming years.

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