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He shared that Valve wants to encourage the culture of people building games as a hobby and it commits through launching SDKs and game development tools which are accessible for free by the community. Chet further revealed that while people come to Valve with a game portfolio, Valve also reaches out to people who’re building cool things.
Kevin McDowell, from Creative Assembly, the label behind the Total War series, lays great emphasis on the artist’s portfolio to land a job as a game artist. For example, a mobile game artist should have a few more skills apart from art and illustrations as mobile game development teams are small. Furthermore, he also shared that the safest route for a fresher artist in the game industry is as an environment designer, as concept art is done by more experienced artists. James Swallow from Edios interactive believes that to be a good game writer, one must play a lot of games so as to understand the story across games. He says that for larger game projects, a writer is brought on board on a much later stage after initial concept development. An interesting thing to notice was that no one actually suggested any kind of academic degree to get into the games industry as the tools to pick up game development are easily accessible and the resources to learn to use them are openly available.
The video game industry is seeing a lot of excitement thanks to the recent releases of the XBOX One and the PS4.
For many who fall into this age group, they’ve been playing video games since they were kids. Takeaway: A lot of debate is going on today about how video games are influencing the youth of today, but the simple fact is that youth are the smallest demographic when it comes to consistent gaming.
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After blogging about the Top 50 game developers, I got more interested in the revenue of the game industry. Garaph is a website tool for generating sales data graphs for software and hardware sales of the game industry, however I could not find what source they use for their data. The Video Game Sales Wiki is nice project, which can be edited and improved by everyone, at least for the recent years, it provides a lot of hard numbers behind video game sales.
Even if you could establish a correlation, it does not imply causation (meaning your event with similar numerical progression is likely unrelated to the first event, the sales in this case).
Not sure if you will see this but I’m working on a gaming related project and was hoping to find out where you got the raw data for the chart above.
Hey, I know this is an old article, but I just ran across it searching for things related to my sites.
This graph lists the year-by-year revenue created by video game-related retail from 1997 to 2011.
2010 has been one of the best year for gaming industry, as it generated a revenue of a whooping $25 billion. According to market research firm Newzoo, in 2010 consumer spending on video games touches $25 billion mark leaving its competitors the movie industry and music industry way behind. The pie-chart clearly shows that PC retail gaming sector has seen a drop of 19 percent in comparision to last year whereas spending on console is down by 29 percent. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: Zombies Returning As A Separate Co-Op Mode With Unique Mechanics?

Mobile gaming is growing so fast that it’s expanding the traditional video game industry far beyond its old borders. Tim Merel, the managing director of game investment bank Digi-Capital, issued a report today that predicts mobile games could drive the whole game software industry’s revenues to $100 billion by 2017, making it one of the most lucrative sectors for entertainment and software.
Mobile accounted for 67 percent of the M&A transaction value and 36 percent of the volume. He noted that Asia is becoming the biggest driver of economic value in mobile and online games, with the best companies’ revenue growth and profit margins becoming the envy of foreign competitors.
Asian over-the-top messaging apps (like Kakao in South Korea) are disrupting the landscape, taking significant share of the top 100 app store rankings in various markets. Meanwhile, the launch of the new game consoles is beginning to address the console decline of recent years, but Merel said questions remain about how many new machines the vendors will sell. More: MobileBeat 2016 is focused on the paradigm shift from apps to AI, messaging, and chatbots. The writers come up with the concept and storyline of a game, the artists give these concepts shapes and size through imagery and the developer codes the concept and the art into reality (figuratively speaking).
It could either be a mod to a popular game or a full fledged game itself; but it is all essential to build something to get noticed in the industry.
He further emphasises that it is not important to know the right people in the industry to get this job.
Smaller game studios bring a writer on board very early on and he also suggested that these smaller game studios are a good entry point for game writing aspirants. PC games, in fact, were a major part of many in this age group, from text-based adventure games to sports games that are the forerunners of today’s major title sellers.
The average age of someone who regularly purchases video games for their own personal use is 39. The Over 50 age demographic of the population even plays more video games per person than the Under 18 age demographic.
The average gamer spends 8 hours per week playing video games and this certainly must have some sort of influence, but the majority of gamers are aged 19-49.
Parents are present 93% of the time when a minor is either purchasing or renting a video game to play later at home. The most popular age ranking for a video game is “E for Everyone.” Mature video games make up just 17% of the market in comparison. Parents put restrictions on video game use more often than restrictions on watching movies, using the internet, or even watching TV.
For parents, having video games that are fun to play, yet are family friendly, is incredibly important. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies.
I have been searching for good game industry sales data for a while, since the NPD group figures are not easy to come by and studies related to revenue usually cost quite a bit (e.g.
The list from this page does not contain all rampages and is incomplete therefore the comparison is not accurate, however, it clearly shows that around 1995, there was a significant increase in rampages and the trend has continued through 2012.
He said the mobile and online game sectors could grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23.6 percent to $60 billion by 2017.

However, this is an elite marathon not a sprint, so long-term engagement performance is just as important as short-term success,” Merel said in a statement. Merel predicted that Asia and Europe combined could take more than 80 percent of the global revenue share for mobile and online games. A lot of this fits in with our theme of Total World Domination at our upcoming GamesBeat 2014 conference in San Francisco on Sept.
Games accounted for 32 percent of mobile app use in 2013, and they were 67 percent of tablet use.
I wasn’t surprised to see that there are more users gaming on smart phones then there was on dedicated handheld devices such at the Sony Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS, with the rise of Facebook games, the ability of smart phones and hardware advances, It has allowed smart phone based games to become more immersive and as always infinitely more addictive. An interesting insight that he shared was that the portfolio should also reflect what kind of games you’re interested in doing art for. As far as getting a job goes, James elucidated the process of onboarding a writer in games. In addition, there are mass multi-player online games that are making strides, PC platform games that remain popular, and the micro-purchasing industry is explosive for modern social gaming. Add in the 8-bit Nintendo goodness that started in 1985 and video games will continue to be popular. This is likely one of many reasons why the E for Everyone rating is by far the most popular. My favorites are Capcom’s Resident Evil series sales (did not know the second part sold that well), insights about the Super Mario Bros. This means if you do not have an explanation to why two things could causally be connected, you are better off pursuing a different argument.
Nine of the top 10 game M&A deals of 2013 had Asian buyers, compared to eight out of 10 in 2012. They accounted for 72 percent of mobile app revenue and 40 percent of mobile app downloads in 2013. As for the future, things look very bright, especially for Nintendo, when it comes to gaming.
Everyone knows about about favorite industry sources like VG Chartz, Metacritic, and GameStats. Thirteen out of 15 game initial public offerings from 2011 to 2013 were by Chinese, Japanese, or South Korean companies. Expect more micro-purchasing opportunities, innovative games, and interactivity on each console to encourage even more growth.
The latter two are more concerned with rating data while the first is definitely interesting for people interested in sales figures. We are not just speed-crazed geeks, we love gaming, we love computing and everything it entails.

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