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Game Industry News is running the best blog posts from people writing about the game industry. This week for Anime Sunday I’m covering a really hilarious series, it’s Hataraku Maou-Sama, or The Devil is a Part-Timer! Plot Synopsis: The Maou (Demon King in Japanese) and one of his generals, Alciel, escape Ente Isla through a portal to modern Tokyo, Japan after being confronted by the Yuusha (Brave Hero in Japanese) Emilia Justina and her companions. Characters: Maou has been demoted to working at MgRonald, and like I said above the rest of the cast suffers the same fate. What Happens To AMD’s Valuation If Embedded & Semicustom Revenue Declines To $2 Billion In 2016? In order to reduce its dependence on PCs, AMD has launched a semi-custom chip business which targets aA wide range of markets including gaming. Instead of licensing its technology, AMD now sells its chips to game console manufacturers. It now powers all major next generation consoles including Sonya€™s PlayStation 4, Nintendoa€™s Wii U and Microsofta€™s Xbox One. Though game consoles offer lower gross margins, aA majority of the gross margin dollars from the division falls to the operating margin. AMD devised a unified gaming strategy in March this year that addresses its plan to drive theA gaming market across consoles, cloud platforms, tablets and PCs. The company anticipates 22% sequential growth in revenues this quarter and expects the upcomingA semicustom SoC products for Sony and Microsoft to be the primary drivers. AMD believes that gaming isA one of the key pillars of itsA embedded custom APUs and expects embedded processors to constitute a much higher percentage of its overall revenue in the future. Despite stiff competition from other forms of gaming, game consoles account for 42% of the $65 billion global video game market. Recently, China officially announced that it will lift its 13-year-old ban on foreign video games consoles provided companies develop their products in the free trade zone designated by the government. Shield is an Android-based portable gaming console that also offers PC game streaming features. While the game console segment offered good margins for hardware manufacturers historically, it has become a low margin business now. However, AMD claims that game consoles have comparatively lower operating expenses and thusA majority of the gross margin dollars from the division falls to the operating margin. The embedded processors segment accounts for approximately 16% of AMD’s valuation, as per our estimate. I know you wasted your entire life savings on this crappy stock, but please do not try to drag everyone else down with you.
Unsupported browserThis site was designed for modern browsers and tested with Internet Explorer version 10 and later. Would you believe me if I told you that after you finish reading and participating in the activities established in this article, you will have a game designed and ready to be developed?
I want to share with you one of the habits that helps me strengthen my game design muscle all the time: turning real life experiences into games. When I started developing video games, I acquired the habit of trying to take everyday experiences and imagine them in terms of a video game; this makes you very aware of the things that are happening around you and the fun or frustrating factors in them. For example, let's say that you took a flight and when you arrived at the airport your luggage got lost.
What about a game where the player has to manage the conveyor belts at an airport and he loses points when passengers reach a certain level of frustration from waiting for their luggage? Well, another creative exercise that is very useful to constantly work your game design muscle is to put in good practice the three basic elements of creativity: copy, transform and combine.
Get practice and experience by copying existing games, but also apply small modifications to make the game easier or more difficult. Plasma Pong, which is a Pong variant with fluid dynamics and a new game mechanic that lets the ball stick to your paddle. Portal: The Flash Version, which takes the basic mechanics of Portal but constrains them to a two-dimensional space. A recent game that tackles this type of exercise is Riot, in which the player experiences both sides of a protest, as rioters and as police officers.
A kid that has to reach an airplane while avoiding security guards, cameras and checkpoints.
A more personal experience I had with this exercise was a small game I made for a jam where participants had to develop games based on TV news. A recent example of combination is Bombermine, which takes the classic Bomberman game and mixes it with multiplayer elements.
Now we've gone from a raw idea to something that is starting to take shape, and slowly but steadily we are covering the basics. Now that you have selected the six cards, go through each one and write down the icons that appear the most for each category. For example, in the "species" category of your six cards you might have three human icons, two robot icons and one creature icon; based on this, your character will be human.
Now take a look at the bottom of the cards and mark the Hero Attributes section with an "X" for each attribute that appears.
So Strength and Health are the main attributes of my character, and it is neither wise nor charming!
Once you've done this, add your personal touch to the character in the Character Development section. Now that we have a basic foundation of our game and a main character, it's time to play with the elements that will form the game. Aesthetics: This is how the game looks, sounds and feels, and it's also what has the most direct relationship to the player. David Cage always pushes the envelope in terms of storytelling, with games like Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain. Technology: This is the medium in which the aesthetics, mechanics and story will take place. Our game is growing and finally taking shape, and now it's time to polish the rough corners. For example, at the moment I feel that my game is not engaging the player as much as I want, so I look for a card with the thought bubble symbol.
So, if you feel that at this point your game is lacking in any of these areas, you can start asking yourself the questions found in the cards.

Once you finished creating and putting your idea to the lens stress test, it's time to sell it and share it!
Get to the good stuff as fast as possible: Try to be as brief as you can and maintain a solid interest curve throughout your presentation. Use universal examples to quickly convey what your game is all about: Instead of trying to come up with a complex explanation about what your game is or isn't, try to use examples with known games or movies. Be passionate and humble: But, if you have previous games that have some kind of achievement such as "Top iOS game for a week" or a game with a million visits, it's okay to mention this. Make sure that there is time left for Q&A: The sponsor or publisher will generally have questions that they want to ask you that you might not have answered in your pitch. As you can see over the course of this article we went from zero, to a raw idea, then character development, then analyzing and testing the idea and finally the pitch. I recommend you observe carefully your daily experiences and think "Can I make a game based on this?" Once you have an idea that sounds fun, write it down in your Tiny Game Design Tool and start working on it as soon as possible. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Anita Sarkeesian was forced to leave her home and stay with friends after she recieved an outpouring of violent threats over Twitter. Sarkeesian is a a media critic and the creator of Feminist Frequency, a video web series that explores how women are portrayed in pop culture.
Whenever someone (particularly a woman) criticizes the way women are portrayed or treated in the gaming industry, that person is almost certainly guaranteed to be subjected to threats of violence.
She also shared an anonymous message from someone who emailed her via her website, calling her obscene names. All because she's pointing out that the video game industry is poorly representing half the population (a half who likes to buy video games). As The Journal reported, this stuff was so bad, famed Hollywood writer, director and producer Joss Whedon came to her defense on Twitter for both the documentary series and the scary tweets.
I watched a bunch of women get sliced up in video games and now I'm watching it on my twitter feed. Female game programmers also took to Twitter last year to share stories of harassmentA in a string called #1reasonwhy.
And another person was subjected to similar threats by speaking out against harassment as a woman who organizes conferences events where people wear costumes (known as Cosplay).
Playing as a Hunter: For those unfamiliar with Destiny a Hunter is a class that starts out with the Gunslinger sub-class, a class focused on improving your guns through various talents you unlock as you level up. Guns: Everyone starts out with the same gun, an Auto Rifle (think assault rifle from CoD meets the AR from Halo).
My goal for the day: I guess I should talk about what my goal was for the first day of Destiny, and that was to get to level 15 to play as a Bladedancer hunter. Art: I loved all the different worlds, even the Moon which I had explored a tiny bit of in the Beta, had distinctive feels.
For those who like: Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Mysteries, Thriller, Mind Games, Kick ass female lead, Kick ass male lead. However, due to the lack of magic in the modern contemporary world, both the Demon Lord and Alciel change into forms representing what they would look like if they were human.
AdditionallyA Amazon is rumored to be working on a new game console which will hit the market by this year end. We believe that a diverse revenue stream is a good long-term business strategy, especially in light of declining PC shipments. However, the next generation Microsoft and Sony game consoles will utilize AMD’s system-on-chip Jaguar core andA Radeon HD graphics chips.
China is the world’s most populous nation and the move can significantly increase sales of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft game consoles in the future. While the reason is not clear, we speculate that declining margins was an important factor behind the company’s decision.
For the next few quarters, AMD expectsA low double-digitA operating margin for this business which it believes will more than offset the impact of lower gross margin. We currently expect revenues from the division to rise from $228 million in 2012 to over $1.4 billion by 2020.
Yes, I know it sounds inconceivable, but trust me - this series of unconventional exercises will explain the workflow of designing a brand new game from zero to pitch. This is a very frustrating scenario, but now take that experience and try to imagine how the luggage got lost and who the people involved in that particular situation are. This idea is like clay: you can mold it, split it into two, make a shape with it, and so on. I took this elements from the third episode of Kirby Ferguson's documentary Everything is a Remix and they will help us exercise our mind so that it can always be wide open to creativity. This process of repetition and modification is called iteration and is very common in software and video game development. Now you look at the action from the point of view of Pac-Man and it changes the game experience completely. This idea came to fruition when Leonard Menchiari wanted to capture the feeling of his own experience of protests.
My game was called "Escape from el Dorado", and was based on a TV report about a kid that infiltrated the "El Dorado" airport in Bogota and got into a plane that ended up in Chile. This game is generally played in groups, but for this particular exercise we will play a single player variant focused on character development. I recommend you start with the elemental tetrad shown above, because it's going to make things very straightforward for you when defining both your game and the experience you want to give to your players. Use the game mechanic you chose in the previous activity and expand on it, asking yourself what the main goal of your game is and how players are going to achieve it.
Is it going to be a micro-narrative as in NES games, or is it going to be a complex and branching story?
To do this we are going to use the questions from the Deck of Lenses and focus them in areas of our game that we think need improvement. For example: "This game is like Django Unchained meets Bioshock", or "This game is like Grand Theft Auto in space". When you listen to constructive feedback from different people they can give you answers based on their perspectives.

Also, don't limit your game design talents to the digital world; you don't need to be in front of a computer to come up with great game ideas. My name is David Arcila and I’m an independent game developer, audiovisual producer and avid gamer.
She just posted a video that showed how many video games treat woman as sexual playthings and "the perpetual victims of male violence," as the video is described. In 2013, GameSpota€™s Carolyn Petit wrote a mostly glowing review of "Grand Theft Auto V," but threw in one critique that the game glorified "male sexuality while demeaning women." The comments exploded attacking Petit. I really enjoyed playing as a Hunter and liked the focus on speed and precision as that fits my personality perfectly, although I’ll probably alt a Warlock for variety, again for those new to online games an alt stands for an alternate character who is played less but still played.
I don’t hate full auto weapons, in fact I use the Heavy Machine gun for my heavy weapon in PvE enviroments, PvE is Player vs Enemy (AI not players) for those MMO challenged players.
I was psyched when I realized I could freely use a sword prior to getting the Bladedancer sub-class. There are some parts so far near the beginning from what I can tell, where you can see other players not in your group. I really wanted to play as one ever since I saw the skill tree in the Beta and the videos released featuring it. The previous season didn’t do this at all pretty much and the Anime suffered greatly from it, especially in the second half. In order to survive, the Demon Lord takes a part-time job in a fast food restaurant named MgRonald while Alciel serves as his houseman, while they try to figure out a way back home. The rest of the cast from Ente Isla is also demoted in funny ways, and Chiho the girl from Tokyo who works under Maou is pretty cute in her attempts to get him to like her. However, wanting to leverage the growth in the gaming market, Nvidia launched its own handheld gaming device a€“ Shield – earlier this year and started shipping the same last month. Nvidia believes that open platforms such as PCs and Android are outgrowing the traditional console market.
It will be leveraging Android games and applicationsA available on its platform and have its own dedicated controller powered by Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM). With a higher mix of game console revenues, the company expects margins to further decline to 36% in the current quarter. As a matter of fact, there's this little booklet called the Tiny Game Design Tool that can make this process a little bit easier, by helping you jot the idea down as soon as possible. This story made me think immediately about how I could implement stealth mechanics in an airport setting. I found that as a Hunter I’m much more vulnerable to damage than a Titan, the heavily armored class of Destiny, and while not as vulnerable as a Warlock, the spell casting class equivalent of Destiny, I still recovered my health slower than a Warlock. That being said for a primary weapon I prefer something with a bit more range and either a single shot or burst fire capabilities, so I chose the scout rifle after the first mission. That said after that short introduction you and your two companions are on your own against hordes of enemies, in both Strikes that I played yesterday there were portions where you had to hold an area while your ghost unlocked a door.
As someone whose main in World of Warcraft was a Rogue for 4 years, I always preferred melee combat even when offered the option of ranged combat. Jon Peddie Research valued the PC gaming hardware market at $23.6 billion in 2012 and forecasts the market to cross $30 billion by 2015. Rumored to be priced around $99, the Amazon game console will give stiff competition to Microsoft and Sony. On the flip side, if revenues only reach $1 billion, there will be a less than 10% downside in our estimate.
This is definitely one of the most difficult obstacles that you must tackle as a game designer, as your job is to craft enjoyable experiences in a constrained environment.
Take a newspaper and watch the front page news; you will notice that these stories are generally based on events that have something interesting to tell. Show your game to a spectrum of people, from a hardcore gamer to your mom - that way you can understand what each of them sees in your game.
This led to me utilizing the strong points of the Hunter class, which is Agility which grants you more move speed, quite often as I had to constantly run around the battlefields I was in to avoid being killed. I really love the scout rifle because it meets my needs for range with it’s single fire capabilites. I wish some of my friends were online when I started playing and I would’ve played with them. That said once I did finally hit 15 and turned on the Bladedancer sub-class I was dissapointed, I realized I had to re-level it all up again without the experience boosts provided by Story missions. I don’t mind doing this as it led me to being able to get to places ahead of enemies who were right behind me and gave me just enough room to regenerate my health. That said it’s not amazing in PvP, Player vs Player (standard deathmatches or the like in online Multiplayer is PvP).
That said the second Strike I took part in, the one on the Moon was severly overtuned in terms of difficulty.
That being said my goal for the second day of Destiny is to level it up so I can at least use the melee ability, Blink Strike, and the super ability, Arc Blade.
Having not taken part in PvP as of yet I didn’t really care as I enjoyed doing the story missions.
The last boss took me and my group of very competent companions out four times before we finally beat him. I’m going to see if Strikes still provide an experience bonus even if they have been completed before.
Sinon on the other hand feels much more human compared to them, and she kicks major ass in her debut episode, the second episode. That portion of the strike had way too many enemies spawning, even with each of the classes we had trouble more against the adds (additional enemies that spawn during a boss encounter) than we had against the boss. The boss was plenty hard enough with instant kill melee swings and a rapid fire machine gun that would kill me in 3 hits, thank god I can run fast! Only a bit less range on it, that I can make up with my own ability to use the iron sights to snipe with.

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