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You can join an internship anywhere in the country, popular options include applying for internships in Auckland, Queenstown and Wellington - the more heavily populated areas of the country are where most internships are located, you will be able to see where you like and where you would like to live.
Christchurch is a smaller city than Auckland and Wellington, but it has a charm and local feel which might appeal to people who are not interested in big city life. Some companies offer internship packages which include placements, group flights, accommodation and in-country support. We have internships programs available in New Zealand for Americans, UK, Australian and other worldwide nationalities, usually you need to be a student or graduate but some are mre flexible with requirements. New Zealand is a dream destination but remember geographically it is quite issolated and far away - so if you get homesick this might be a problem. If a homestay is not your thing, or just for more independence, you can choose to stay in residential housing. If you have ever been to intern in New Zealand and would like to add a review, write about your experience or share any recommendations please contact us.

If you provide intern opportunities in New Zealand and would like to be featured here please contact us. New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations in the world for people seeking work experience overseas, this is a very safe destination with low levels of crime and when becoming an intern you can choose from the big cities and also experience the quiet pace of life in more rural areas.
There are lots of ways to gain work experience in New Zealand, available internships can include IT, media, journalism, business, radio, PR, travel and tourism and hospitality. If you are thinking about interning in New Zealand this city should definitely be high on the list of places you want to base yourself. There is the option of half-board (breakfast and an evening meal) or full-board (three meals a day). We need good science and enforcement to ensure the conservation gains we make are sustainable for future generations,” said Ronnie Luster, Chairman of the TPWD Committee at CCA Texas. We strive to bring these to you with the absolute hightest level of accuracy and latest technology in order to bring value to our clients, listeners, and readers.

There are paid internships which are available all year round and also more flexible options including summer internships. Some companies offer structured packaged which include accommodation and meals which can be tailored to your interests whilst you can also apply independently to local businesses. Our internships are open to students, graduates and anyone seeking to gain career experience. Bed and breakfast or self-catering accommodation - the homes are in locations that are within easy reach of transport links to your internship placement.

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