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This is the version 2 of Scary Maze Game, made by Japanese programmer, using the same rules with more levels, keep away from the wall and go to the next level with proud.
Summary: Online MBA, a website to collect and organize information around the internet, just gave some interesting statistics on online videogames, including Xbox Live, Playstation network, and MMO.
The last picture, about pirate games, Modern Warfare 2 was honored the crown of most pirated game on PC and Xbox, what about PS3?
Overwatch Widowmaker and Tracer on the Show!  41Tome of the Sun - NetEase's New Action RPG Available Today!

Optimised for the iPAD, So you can publish to ALL screen sizes with ease using the stretch option.
Tags: bird, easy new, first, flappy, Full Game, gamesalad, man, Template, tim berman, timber, Timberman.
Gamecentre and GameCircle ready so you can have leaderboards on iOS, Amazon and even Google Play with this easy code! Take a look at those statistics, though some of them may have changed, you can still learn a lot.

I am a freelance Gamesalad developer and can add any feature or extra to this  already packed template. When you reach the end of the level, unload your precious cargo at the conveyor belt, then park in the yellow space.

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