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Fra’ Mani Founder and Curemaster Paul Bertolli had a wildly successful and influential cooking career, notably as a chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, and as a chef and co-owner of Oliveto Restaurant in Oakland, California. Before one could stick meat in the fridge or freezer, spicing, and curing was the best way to preserve the whole hog. Paul has received just as much or more acclaim for his salami than he did for his restaurants. Using the Syndicate Player ID and Password provided by your teacher, log into the 2013 Sharemarket Game by following this link. I have found that the game was developed by 2 Australian guys Phillip Tanner and Brett Clements who had a TV production company. They sold almost 2 million of these games by 1993, which is a phenomenal performance for a board game. They are very hot sellers on Ebay, as the game has a very loyal fan base and fans are constantly looking for new VHS tapes for their systems.
A lot people are also selling the games with DVD’s created from the original VHS tapes, so that people can play them in more modern devices. I have even seen that a few years ago someone digitised the video and placed it on youtube, so that if people have broken their tapes they can still play along.

3 expansion sets were developed for the game, and they were also hot sellers, some going for over $50 each.
Most collectable: Nightmare Expansion 3 (Baron Samedi) and 4 (Vampire) consistently fetch prices over $50 on ebay and are rarer than the original sets. What to look for: All items are in the box, the board is in good condition, the video is in excellent condition. This entry was posted by admin on October 15, 2012 at 4:26 am, and is filed under Board Games, Collectables. I came across this great Merlin hand held electronic toy the other day at Waverly Wholesale antiques, and just had to get it. One hot item for board game collectors at the moment is the Jumanji board game, which was published in 1995 by Milton Bradley.
We currently have a bulk set of Motorcycle magazines from the late 70's and 80's about to list in the online store.
We are happy to brag that we carry these five Fra’ Mani salami varieties — the key ingredient in your next football sub! It took off, garnering lots of press and igniting a nationwide fascination with cured meats.

It makes a fabulous way to start a meal, spread out with some crusty bread and good cheese.
He loved the process so much that he left his restaurant to devote himself to making extraordinary Italian-style charcuterie. Fra’ Mani uses meat from Berkshire pork, an obscenely tasty heritage breed, raised humanely on small family farms. The game was also marketed as Atmosfear around the same time, I believe in overseas markets such as Europe as there were already games called Nightmare in those markets.
Paul’s team then cuts the meat, lays it out on racks for chilling and drying, mixes it with fragrant seasonings, stuffs it into natural pork casing, hand-ties the sausages with twine, and hangs the salami for fermentation, drying, and aging in the carefully calibrated Fra’ Mani cellars.

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