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Google Adresses s'appelle desormais Google My Business et se gere sur le meme tableau de bord que Google+ Local. Et a cette occasion, Google fait savoir actuellement dans un email adresse aux proprietaires de pages Google Adresses que celles-ci s'appellent desormais Google My Business.
By using Google My Business, you are ensuring that potential customers receive your correct business information in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+, on whatever device they are using, starting your relationship out on the right foot. Whether customers are looking up driving directions in Maps on a tablet, hours of operation in Search on a desktop computer, or a number to call you on a smartphone, Google My Business provides them with all the information they need about your business so they can easily act on their search. Google My Business does more than efficiently provide information to searchers, though; it enables you to increase your business’s SEO ranking and take control of your online reputation.
Get started optimizing your business’s pages and watch your sales grow as you dominate local search. When current or potential customers turn to the web or mobile device to search for a local business, Google My Business will ensure you come up and provide them with the correct information on Search, Maps, and Google+, eliminating confusion and starting your relationship out on the right foot. Build lasting relationships with your fans on your Google My Business integrated Google+ page. The Google My Business dashboard allows you to manage all of your business information in one central location. You no longer have to log into multiple Google pages to make updates, respond to reviews, or receive insights because all activities can now be done from your dashboard. Google My Business is one way that businesses up their rankings in Google’s proprietary search algorithm.
To know whether your local search strategy is effective, you must understand what keywords drive your business. Google makes it very difficult to track organic search rankings, in part to encourage you to buy advertising. The second step is investing in an aggressive local search engine optimization strategy so your business generates new customers and sees a significant return on investment.
The following case studies demonstrate how two local companies used Google My Business to dominate local search and increase sales.
101st Airborne Cab turned to LocalVox for help after Google marked its page as spam and took it down.
After vigilantly working with both Google and 101st Airborne Cab’s marketing team, LocalVox was able to get the page live and optimized. As Google’s library of business products grew, the company realized that each was operating as a separate individual entity, not sharing data with its other products.
To simplify their use, the company created Google My Business, a one-stop-shop with an easy-to-use dashboard. When you enter your business information into the dashboard, Google My Business automatically pushes it out to Search, Maps, and Google + pages, ensuring your business shows up on any of the services a customer is searching on. Insights: Track views, clicks, and driving directions over time to understand more about your customers. Analytics: For businesses that have Google Analytics installed on their websites, the dashboard will provide information on new visits, unique visitors, and page view numbers for the last 30 days. Allows You to Include Icon Images and Virtual Tours with Business View: Complete your Google+ page with icon photos and take your customers on a virtual tour inside your business. 79% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so your reputation is important. Though a minor change from a technical perspective, this could be a very big deal for businesses where owners are often too busy running their operations to be sitting behind a PC to see what customers are saying online.
Regularly posting content is an easy way to continually interact with your customers as well as increase your ranking. About, Posts, Photos, YouTube, and Reviews tabs will still appear at the top of your Google + page.
Follow these easy steps and your business will quickly be on its way to becoming a Google My Business pro.
You don’t need to create a new account because Google has automatically upgraded you to Google My Business.
To make sure all of your business information is correct, Google will ask you to verify it. One thing to note: Google chooses the verification method so make sure you provide them with all the correct information in order to avoid delays. After you have verified your Google My Business information, you can now add, delete, or edit your business description, hours of operation, contact information, and photos.
Editing your business information is one of the most important steps in the Google My Business setup.
Keep in mind that Google looks at your entire web presence (such as link backs, mentions, shares, etc.) when deciding how you will bedisplayed in search.
Before you begin setting up your multi-location Google My Business account, make sure review Google’s quality control guidelines for multi-location businesses.
Once you have reviewed the quality control guidelines and agree that your business complies, you can go ahead and setup your business on Google My Business using the steps outlined below. You can use your existing Google account, but Google recommends creating an account with an email address that contains your business domain in order to avoid verification delays. By creating a business account, you are allowing the shared management of a set of business locations by different Google users. Google recommends that you create a new business account and use it to add, verify, and manage your locations. Don’t worry about having the additional fields perfectly complete before importing, since you will be able to fill in any missing information after the initial import.
Once you have been verified, you can upload additional locations using new spreadsheets, or add them individually with the Locations tool. With billions of local searches per month, your business can’t afford to not have a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy. Not everybody has the time to dedicate to becoming a SEO expert…after all you do have a business to manage. Google this week announced the launch of Google My Business, a new program aimed at getting more business owners under the Google umbrella with a one-stop shop for managing their business listings in search, using Google+ and more. This is a little unusual, as Google tends to release new products in the United States first, rolling out changes over a period of weeks or months. If you're a business owner with a Google+ Page, a Places for Business account or just getting started, here are some tips to help you navigate the new platform. Google My Business is a free dashboard business owners and marketers can use to manage their Google-related online presence in one place. Users can access Google My Business on the web or via the Android or iOS app from a mobile device (available on Google Play). If you have more than 10 business locations and used Google Places Bulk Upload to manage listings information in the past, you'll notice on your next login that this has been “automatically upgraded” as well. It's now called Google My Business Locations and here, Google promises more updates in the works, including faster update speeds, social features and visibility of live data.
If you were using Google+ or Places for Business, you will be directed to the new Google My Business on your next login. There, you'll see a blue button, front and center, urging you to “Get on Google.” This takes you to a world map where you can search for your local business. Note: If you're not a local business, click that option in the upper-right corner to be directed to My Business, where you can choose to start a Storefront, Service Area or Brand Page on Google+. If you can't find your business (and you probably won't, if you're just getting started), click “None of these match” to add your business. You will then be asked to confirm that you are authorized to manage the business and agree to the terms of service.
Users are then sent to their new Page at Google+, where you can either jump right in, or take a tour. Google is making it as simple as possible for people who haven't used Google+ before to optimize the page for their business.

You're all set up and verified, it's time to sit back and let the customers roll in, right? If you want to use Google+ to connect with existing and potential customers, you're going to need a social content strategy. Whether you're just getting started or were an existing user of G+ or Places for Business, it's worth stopping by Google My Business to see what's new. Let us know what you think about Google's latest move to bring small and local business marketing all under one roof!
Google recently launched Google My Business, a redesign of its small business platform designed to make it easier for small business owners to manage their presence across Google’s different tools.
Google My Business offers a streamlined solution that consolidates several features into a friendlier interface.  It replaces both the Google Places for Business interface and the equivalent within Google+.
Followers of your business page can show appreciation and give feedback with posts and reviews, and use the +1 button to endorse products and services on Google+, Google Search, Maps or on ads.
The company says that existing Google Places and Google+ Pages users will be “automatically upgraded to Google My Business.” Google has put together FAQs about the new approach and its features. Google My Business is intended mostly for small businesses, however all page owners have been upgraded to the new view.  If you’re new to Google, you’ll have to set up a Google account and follow steps to build a presence for your business. Google has already launched Google My Business for Android and it sounds like the iOS version will also be coming soon.
Have you put Google My Business through its paces yet?  If so, what’s your impression?
Depuis que Google a lance Google+ Local, la confusion a ete importante entre Google Adresses, Google Maps et Google+ Local. Avec Google My Business, Google cherche a inciter le maximum d'entreprises locales a se declarer chez Google avec la promesse d'apparaitre sur Google (le moteur de recherche classique), sur Google Maps et sur Google+. Si vous avez un etablissement local (ou plusieurs), la promesse est donc que vous pourrez facilement etre vu sur Google (SERP) et dans les cartes de Google Maps. Desormais, il n'y aura plus de question a se poser, pour gerer votre entreprise locale sur Google, ca se passera sur Google My Business, qui fait partie de Google+.
Bien que My Business simplifie surtout la vie des entreprises locales, cette interface est en realite celle de toutes les entreprises qui veulent travailler leur visibilite sur Google - en plus de celle de leur site Internet. Les etablissements ayant une adresse physique ou desservant des zones geographiques a proximite beneficient d'avantages supplementaires. Pour completer le site web, Google propose son appli Google My Business. Elle vous permet de gerer votre activite en ligne quand vous le choisissez. Pour gerer votre referencement sur Google My Business, installez l'application mobile dediee, disponible sur iOS (App Store) et Android (Google Play). Quelles sont les principales differences entre Google My Business, Google Adresses et le Tableau de bord des pages Google+ ? Si vous avez deja utilise Google Adresses ou le Tableau de bord des pages Google+ pour gerer les informations concernant votre etablissement, votre compte a ete automatiquement mis a jour. Si vous avez deja gere une page a l'aide du tableau de bord Google+, Google My Business vous semblera sensiblement familier. Avec Google My Business, vous pouvez continuer a publier, partager et gerer des pages Google+ et a leur attribuer des +1. Quelles sont les differences precises entre My Business et le tableau de bord de Google Adresses ? Si vous geriez auparavant les informations relatives a votre etablissement avec la derniere version du tableau de bord Adresses, Google My Business vous semblera sensiblement familier.
Avec Google My Business, vous pourrez toujours mettre facilement et regulierement a jour les donnees de votre etablissement afin que les utilisateurs de Google trouvent les informations les plus recentes sur votre entreprise. Vous pouvez desormais importer davantage de photos et rediger une description plus longue de votre etablissement. Si les informations figurant dans Google Maps sont differentes de celles que vous avez indiquees dans votre tableau de bord, votre nouveau tableau de bord sera desormais mis a jour avec les informations de Google Maps. Google n'accepte plus les categories personnalisees, afin de clarifier les informations disponibles pour votre etablissement comme pour les autres entreprises presentes sur Google Maps.
Si vous souhaitez publier une fiche d'etablissement dont vous aviez demande le retrait de Google Maps, vous devez en redemander la validation. Google a apporte quelques modifications aux parametres des etablissements desservant des zones specifiques. En savoir plus a ce sujet. Lorsque vous accederez pour la premiere fois au nouveau tableau de bord, Google vous invitera eventuellement a verifier les informations actuellement connues pour votre etablissement.
Google My Business complete votre site Web en donnant a votre etablissement une presence et une identite publique sur Google. Cliquez sur le bouton "Rejoindre Google" en haut de la page, et suivez la procedure pour ajouter les informations relatives a votre etablissement sur Google.
Si votre etablissement compte dix adresses ou plus, vous pouvez toutes les ajouter en meme temps grace a l'outil d'importation groupee. Article (Google My Business : presentation complete en francais) publie par WebRankInfo dans la rubrique Google+. Je ne sais si je suis le seul a rencontrer cette problematique, mais comment faire si nous gerons a partir d'un seul compte les adresses de differentes societes ? Sommes-nous obliges d'importer et de refaire valider l'ensemble de nos adresses qui existaient deja sur Google Adresse? Venez chez Ranking Metrics vous former au referencement, a Google AdWords et Analytics ainsi qu'aux reseaux sociaux !
Pour connaitre le plan detaille de chaque module, le prix, les dates et les lieux, consultez le site de Ranking Metrics (organisme de formation). Google recently did a major overhaul of their Google+, Google Places, and Google Maps services – combining them all into one platform called Google My Business. This time they are forcing the conversion, as logging into your Google Places or Google Maps account brings you directly to your Google My Business dashboard. At first glance, it’s seems like an awful lot of changes went on to create Google My Business but in reality the only aspect that seriously changed in the design.
You can now view all of Google for Business’s most important features in one place – your Google+ page, insights into the page, reviews that you’ve received from customers, and analytics. The new design just looks like an updated version of Google+, so you if always accessed your Google+ Local page via Google+, then you will get the hang of Google My Business pretty quickly. With the combination of all these services into one place, now more than ever it is important to have all of your Google services stem from the same email address. One of the best features of this change is that everything is now in the same place, but this only works if you have everything in the same email address.
If you are a marketer, or a business owner that likes to check out the keywords people use to find your business or pays attention to the Google Analytics this takes an extra step. Out of all the recent changes that Google has made related to it’s local services, this one seems to be the most useful change that we’ve seen. This section functions as the “old” Google+ page ad is where you want to be when you want to make an update on your social page. From here you can see a quick snapshot of what Google deems to be the most important statistics from your business’s Google My Business page.
All the reviews that are on your Google My Business can be accessed and managed through this section. Google announced a new service today to help business owners list their information, display photos, see customer reviews and participate in social sharing with Google+, all from one convenient location. Business owners need to have a Google account to use the tools, but all of the services are free. Creating a Google account and filling in the required information is all that business owners have to do to get their company’s information added to Google Maps, Google+ and Google Search. The Google My Business services can be accessed from a computer or using an app, allowing business owners to be connected from anywhere with their tablets and smartphones. Not only can small and medium business owners use Google My Business to become more visible to potential and current customers, but they can also get information on how they are being found.

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With 72% of consumers reporting that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from real people, your business can’t afford to not have a strong online presence. However, to effectively use this powerful tool, you should be tracking how you rank on both Google Searches and Google Maps.
However, there are powerful tools available that can help you track your local search engine optimization progress. Not only did this burden businesses by requiring them to manage multiple products, it also did not provide analytics and insights across products.
Google My Business saves you time, makes it easy to update pages, and helps you ensure all information is accurate.
There are three different methods that Google uses to verify: postcard, or phone, or instant (if using Google Webmaster Tools). Make sure your information is as complete and as accurate as possible in order to ensure your pages are being fully optimized. To grow your business’s web presence, consistency is key; you should be regularly blogging, engaging your fans on social media, interacting with other businesses, and be listed on other local sites. These guidelines will help you ensure that your business is eligible and your information appears correctly on Google Maps. By creating a new account, you have the ability to share management with other Google users now or down the road. We can take your business’ challenges and create a search optimization strategy that allows you to meet your goals.
Google My Business is an offering for businesses just getting started on the web, but will also become the default dashboard for current users of Places for Business and the Google+ social network.
The incorporation of Google+ and Places for Business into Google My Business happened as the announcement was made.
A progress bar shows the completeness of the profile as you add hours and other store information, add a profile photo and follow the prompts to input information.
Try to aim for a mix of your own original content and curated content – this will offer your followers variety and ease the content creation burden on your business. Insights help you understand how people find your business and interact with your content by showing data on different types of views (search, photos, profile, etc.) and clicks including driving direction requests and website visits. From this dashboard, you can do some pretty cool things, like host Hangouts to chat live with your customers, or create photo albums around your products, services, customers and employees. Take this opportunity to verify that your map info, store hours, phone number and other information are correct and that your profile offers all of the information a consumer on the go needs to find you. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. En lancant Google My Business, Google cherche a reparer ses erreurs et simplifier la vie aux entreprises presentes sur Google+, notamment aux PME et entreprises locales. Google met egalement en avant que vous pourrez facilement communiquer avec vos clients (en animant votre page Google+ locale) et repondre aux avis qu'ils deposeront sur votre fiche, le tout sur ordinateur, tablette ou smartphone. Au passage, notez que cela prouve bien que Google+ est loin d'etre mort, bien au contraire puisque Google y migre un element majeur de son business, a savoir la gestion des entreprises locales (cle de l'avenir sur mobile). A partir de votre telephone ou tablette, vous pouvez consulter vos statistiques, mettre a jour vos horaires d'ouverture et partager des photos avec vos clients. Vous pouvez toujours acceder au tableau de bord Google My Business a partir de Google+ en selectionnant Pages dans le ruban de gauche. Des differences peuvent notamment exister au niveau de l'adresse, du site Web ou des categories. C'est pourquoi Google vous demande de faire votre choix parmi les categories disponibles dans le tableau de bord.
Les donnees qu'ils contiennent ne sont pas transferees vers le nouveau tableau de bord au moment de la mise a niveau.
Une fois qu'elle est validee, Google peut mettre a jour les informations de l'etablissement avec celles que vous nous fournissez. En savoir plus sur le processus de validation. Veuillez apporter toutes les modifications necessaires, puis cliquer sur Modification terminee afin que Google continue d'afficher les dernieres informations relatives a votre etablissement. Les informations que vous publiez sur votre etablissement peuvent s'afficher dans les resultats de recherche Google, sur Google Maps et sur Google+.
Veuillez noter que les modifications que vous apporterez ne s'afficheront sur Google qu'une fois votre etablissement valide. Il edite le site WebRankInfo qu'il a cree en 2002, devenu la + grande communaute francophone sur le referencement (+290.000 membres, 1,5 million de posts). Si vous souhaitez publier un extrait de cet article sur votre site, assurez-vous de respecter les conditions generales d'utilisation de WebRankInfo. Ce compte n'est pas rattache a une adresse Google + car il n'est pas pertinent et je suis completement perdu.
J'ai cree une page pour un constructeur de piscine et la categorie est "Entrepreneur specialise dans les piscines". La source est un fichier de societe qui a ete achete en 2008, que google a re-baptise plusieurs fois pour tenter de contrer les annuaires d'entreprises, en imposant dans les resultats un gros bloc de cet annuaire.
It combines the information from Google searches, Google+ and Google Maps, becoming the new default for businesses that were previously using tools like Google Places for Business. However, our users tell us that finding these loyal customers can be complex and time-consuming.
Business owners can use AdWords Express to learn what searches people are using to find their business, see what customers are clicking on and monitor other search-related data. The search engine also created Helpouts for Small Business and a Google Small Business Community in May. One affordable tool is LocalCast, a local online marketing software platform that costs just $99 per month. We have software and services that will help your business dominate search and bring new customers in the door, providing you with an immediate return on investment.
Google offers to send the verification code to the mailing address for the business now, or you can choose to come back and do the verification later.
I have searched all day for where i can put it!I went to Google maps and searched the business post code , and now Google wants to create another page for my business. 2) I have a client who has more than one Google plus account and wants to merge or transfer the reviews and map over - do you know if that is possible? Avec Google My Business, vous pouvez plus facilement que jamais mettre a jour les informations concernant votre etablissement dans la recherche Google, sur Google Maps et sur Google+.
Il a egalement cree la societe Ranking Metrics, leader des formations emarketing en France (SEO, AdWords, Analytics, reseaux sociaux).
Lorsqu'on recherche construction piscine + ville la page n'apparait pas dans la carte et les adresses(les concurrents anciennement references sont bien presents). A few years back they merged Google+ and Google Places into Google+ Local, but never forced businesses to completely stop using Google Places.
Clicking on the blue “View Insights” tab will send you to a more detailed page with more statistics.
Without verification, you won't be able to make any edits to your listing, so it's best to get it done as soon as you can. J'ai ecrit au centre d'aide, on m'a repondu qu'on ne pouvait pas creer de nouvelles categories qu'il faut faire avec ce qui existe on m'a propose "Entreprise de construction".
Du coup j'ai mis plusieurs categories se rapprochant, en esperant multiplier les termes de recherche.

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