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Graphics adapters or video cards – call them what you will, they’re one of the most popular computer upgrades. If you’re not happy with the video quality, resolution or display speed of your computer, replacing the graphics adapter can be a good idea. DirectX and OpenGL are application programming interfaces (APIs) used by different classes of programs to render advanced graphics. If you're considering a high-end graphics adapter, check to see how much power it requires. Once you buy a graphics adapter that fits your needs and budget, installing it in your computer is pretty easy.
Don't understand this from the article: If you plan to connect a camcorder or TV cable to your video card, look for one that has those input ports.
Although you don't deal with Linux or the various distributions (my interest is Ubuntu), doesn't windows deal with connecting two monitors to the same video card?

Something I have run into recently, is the need to replace FAILED graphics adapter that is integrated on a motherboard.
Wanting to know about my computers video card, and why the game i was downloading wasn't detected. There are many graphics adapters on the market, ranging in price from under $50 to over $500. If your PC was made in the past five years or so, it will probably have one or more PCI Express slots; that is the latest and preferred card slot format.
As with CPUs, there are two major competitors in graphics chipsets: Nvidia and AMD Radeon. Graphics memory is not the same as a computer’s RAM; formats of graphics memory range from GDDR2 to GDDR5. On a Windows computer, open Device Manager and right-click on the graphics adapter to open its Properties.

When Windows boots up, it will recognize that there is new hardware and request the CD containing the graphics adapter’s driver. This is complicated further by the fact that it is a small form factor PC, and the available PCIe slot is so close to the case that a replacement card WILL NOT FIT. If your computer is older and lacks PCI Express slots, you will be limited to older and less capable graphics adapters, such as PCI or AGP. You can experience 1080P video playback through HDMI interface and Super Speed USB 3.0 for both work and entertainment. A better quality video card will include a gigabyte (1 GB) or more of graphics memory, but many 512MB cards provide good performance.

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