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With VideoBB’s free to use one-click hosting, all users can upload big video files in one step and make them available to friends and family via the video page. Video content has been growing in popularity and influence online for the past few years as more and more people worldwide gain access to broadband internet access. But most companies and content creators don’t realize the volume of sites out there that are available for hosting your videos. There are a ton of free and freemium video hosting platforms available, though many have content restrictions. Vimeo is one of the more popular video hosting platforms, especially for non-commercial video.
Metacafe focuses on entertainment more than many other free video host, and specifically entertainment aimed at a particular demographic. Vitomy is a hosted video player that lets you completely customize the video player to meet your branding needs.
Many of the free platforms above don’t allow you the full control you need over your content, especially for enterprise users. SproutVideo is a business video hosting solution that offers a number of features important to businesses. Viddler is a video hosting platform for businesses, including educational institutions and non-profits. Content Restrictions: No hateful, threatening, pornographic, obscene, abusive, unlawful, harrassing, racially or ethnically offensive, libelous or defamatory, or any content that encourages illegal activity. Google Video for Business is part of the Google Apps suite, and is optimized for internal corporate and enterprise video communication. 23 Video is a premium video hosting platform that’s aimed at high-traffic enterprise videos.
Brightcove offers an enterprise-level video hosting platform that includes live streaming capabilities, YouTube sync, and other distribution and syndication options.
Content Restrictions: No content that contains pornography, promotes illegal activity, is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, hateful, or racially, sexually, ethnically or otherwise objectionable. Oculu offers unlimited video uploads for your commercial videos, with restrictions on storage and plays based on the plan you select.
Ooyala makes it easy to manage your video content across a variety of CMS platforms, including WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, and others.
Kaltura is an enterprise video hosting app with some of the most versatile options out there. Content Restrictions: No content that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harrassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encourages illegal activity. Limelight Networks offers the Limelight Video Platform, which gives you flexible tools to publish, manage, analyze, and monetize your video content.
GravityLab Multimedia offers a number of premium video hosting plans that makes it easy to deliver your content from your website to computer screens, TV screens, and handheld devices. I am an online business owner and internet marketer and I love teaching others though my blog and emails. All videos are secured against unauthorized access as only the person who uploaded the file will be able to edit, modify, copy or delete it. Don't be rude (permban), use only English, don't go offtopic and read FAQ before asking a question. YouTube is just one site, but there are dozens of others out there, too, of varying quality.

Some don’t allow commercial use, some only take certain kinds of videos (like episodic web series), and some limit how much you can upload.
There are millions of videos on YouTube, covering virtually every topic and style imaginable (with the exception of pornography). There have been reports of difficulties with the Vimeo player for some users, though other users definitely prefer the Vimeo player to many others.
They have more exclusive, original, and curated premium content than any other entertainment site, and are among the top 3 video sites in the U.S. You can build your own unique and creative templates for your video player more easily than many platforms. They automate uploading of your videos to various channels, including YouTube, and allow for revenue generation. These include security and privacy options, SSL embeds, domain whitelists, HD video, mobile playback, easily customizable video players, and embeddable videos. It’s private, secure video hosting that makes it easy to share things like training videos with your coworkers without making them public on the web or having to deal with an on-site solution. It’s ad-free, includes a DRM streaming option, allows you to choose whether videos are embeddable or not (or choose which domains can embed them), and allows for unlimited video length. It offers an API to make uploading easy (as well as a desktop uploader), an easily customizable video player, customizable channels, automated audience building tools, and mobile compatibility. It includes a video player with customizalbe colors, borders, brand overlays, brand text & links, subtitles, end screen text, and more. They offer monetization and advertising opportunities for your online media, as well as powerful analytics and integration options.
Their controls are incredibly easy to use, with a dashboard for customizing each individual video. They automatically transcode your videos into a variety of formats and sizes to support major devices and screen sizes. You can manage your entire online video workflow with Limelight or just the parts you need. Their videos are fast streaming with little buffering required, work with Windows Media, Quicktime and MP4, and Flash streaming with pause, fast forward, and rewind. What makes VideoBB different is that you get paid for your video views – up to $30 for 10 000 views. In addition to the free service, users can purchase Premium accounts for additional convenience, more flexibility and watching videos at even higher speeds.
Below, we’ve covered twenty of the best (including YouTube), with information on content restrictions, cost, and whether they permit commercial content, as well as key features of each. Many of these platforms have paid plans that let you overcome some or all of the restrictions, and some have partner programs that let you earn money from your videos. YouTube has a lot of advantages as a video host, but also has some pretty distinct disadvantages for some users, namely the inclusion of ads on and around your videos, which may be undesirable for many businesses (the last thing you want is for a competitor’s ad to pop up next to your video). They have two plans for non-commercial users, though they do allow commercial use for small, independent production companies with some restrictions.
They’re dedicated to showcasing short-form videos from the world of movies, video games, TV, music and sports, primarily aimed at young men. They offer insights and analytics into your traffic, a massive distribution network, and a number of powerful social tools.
The biggest downside to premium video services like these is their cost, often in the hundreds of dollars per month.

Their analytics will show you how many plays your videos get, where those plays are coming from, which videos are popular, and where your videos are being viewed on the web. They also offer analytics, and they auto-detect the device the video is being accessed on so the appropriate file is automatically delivered. You can gather videos from an unlimited number of users and sources, and then securely store or serve them via Framesocket’s content delivery network. There are fifteen video player templates you can choose from, all of which are customizalbe. You get 50GB of upload space and unlimited on-site plays, and up to 250k embed plays (additional space and plays can be purchased), with no bandwidth caps or time limits. They offer multiple embed options (including standard embed, overlay, and lightbox videos), and tools to manage, measure, and optimize your video campaigns. You can customize your player however you want, with completely customizable player templates that can be used with Silverlight, Flash, and HTML5. They let you transcode your videos to a variety of formats and sizes, using teh transcoder of your choice, and they have powerful management and publishing tools for your video content.
It includes sophisticated metadata management, integration with your existing CMS, analytics, in-video search, and support for free, suscription, and ad-supported videos. Vimeo also offers Perks to their Plus members, along with advanced statistics and unlimited groups, channels, and albums. If your video content is likely to be appealing to that demographic, then Metacafe might be a good choice to host your videos. They also have completely customizable video players that can display a single episode, your entire series, or specific playlists. But what you get is superior service and generally more control over your content, as well as more advanced toold. They have their own ad network to help you generate revenue with your videos, and they also offer a plan to sell access to your video using subscriptions, both available on their Business plan. You have full freedom over the design of the open source video player, and you get your own fully-customizable videosite with your design and your domain. Smart Players let you deliver both Flash and HTML5 video so you don’t have to manage separate players or have extra code on your website. High definition video is available (with full 1080p), and it’s compatible with mobile, tablet, and connected TVs. They offer APIs for integration with third-party CMSs as well as for bulk uploads and importing of content (including YouTube content). Their video player works with Flash or HTML5, and it makes it easy to share content via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and over fifty other social networks and blogs. Kaltura is one of the only commercial video platforms that also offers basic video editing tools, including the ability to trim and clip content, and add subtitles. Vzaar also offers integration tools for Ebay, embeddable video code (including HTTPS embed code), and integration with Google Analytics and Mail Chimp. Full syndication is possible across YouTube, Facebook, and iTunes, as well as through custom feeds. They offer a variety of options for monetizing your content, including adveritising, pay-per-view, and VAST support.

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