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We believe that professional hosts and hostesses are an invaluable part of every fair, exhibit or expo. Characteristic for our hosts and hostesses, also known as lead generators, is their openness, genuine interest in their job and enthusiasm. With professional and high quality service, we make it our mission to ensure your guests and prospects have a positive memory to take home with them! Next to the hospitality of your event, we also take care of dance acts and give a new twist to food entertainment. Last Wednesday, Jason Lemkin moderated NYC's first SaaStr Social with co-founders Dan Chait (CEO) and Jon Stross (Chief of Product). For those in the audience who had never worked with a great VP of Product, Jason kicked off the night by diving into the benefits of such a hire. All three speakers agreed that it is a mistake to see the VP of Product as the product visionary. In terms of prerequisites to the position, all three speakers agreed that domain expertise is overrated. As mentioned above, a product team is constantly juggling the priorities of overhauling lagging features, considering new customer requests, completing features that company deals depend on, and more. Sign up for the Enterprise Weekly - our weekly digest of all things enterprise - and receive invitations and updates from our community.
The Cleveland City Schools Board of Education announced the five finalists for the director of schools position. Developers of the McCallie Commons student housing at McCallie and Central are wanting to expand the project, but it would involve tearing down three old homes on Oak Street. Years ago at a ritzy dinner party in Westchester County, New York, an editor from Reader’s Digest was seated next to the prettiest woman in the room and noticed her overall glow and countenance was such that he had never noticed a tell-tale scar under her nose. Khedar Munruddin engages with DMS’ Information Security Officer Cristofer Atiencia as part of “Take our daughters and sons to work day”, at DMS House, 23 March. Six students from John Gray and Clifton Hunter High Schools recently learnt what it means to work in the financial services sector when they joined managers at DMS Offshore Investment Services, on Thursday, 23 March for a work day experience.
The students, aged 13-17 years,participated in “Take our daughters and sons to work day”, an initiative of the Family Resource Centre, which is aimed at educating students to pursue careers of interest. Each student was paired with a DMS manager for a one-hour session to learn about the job functions in several of the firm’s service lines including independent directorships, compliance finance, technology, legal and human resources.

DMS Offshore Investment Services’ Talent Specialist Janelle Muttoo (left) and Global Benefits Manager Janyccee Parchment (right) with students who participated in “Take our daughters and sons to work day”, at DMS House, March 23. At fairs and expos, hosts and hostesses are often deployed to lead visitors to your stand, to collect business cards and to generate business leads. Their higher education also allows them to be excellent conversationalists with your visitors.
A promotion, brand activation or product launch is successfully organised by our brand ambassadors. The three discussed what to expect from a VP of Product, how to make that hire in the first place, and how the CEO and VP of Product can work together to accelerate operations post initial traction.
Jason advised startups to begin considering potential VPs of Product once the company starts accruing 1.5 million in revenue. Instead, views the VP of Product as someone who can distill the CEO's abstract vision into a tangible plan, mine feedback from customers on the first iteration, and then prod forward improvements in subsequent iterations. If someone can build great consumer software, then it is likely that they can master the programming language you need or build software behind the firewall and in the cloud.
Dan believes that the saving grace of the team is not their ability to precisely gauge priorities, but rather their commitment to shipping features regularly. Make sure to watch the full video below, and sign up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming events! Robert Morgan will read from his works, answer questions, and sign books during this public event.
Rash is the author of nine books and holds the John Parris Chair in Appalachian Studies at Western Carolina University. Morgan has gained wide recognition as a prose writer, in large part due to Oprah Winfrey selecting his novel,Gap Creek, for her book club in 2000. Patricia Chute, dean of the School of Health Professions at New York Institute of Technology, has been named vice president for Academic Affairs at Dalton State College effective July 25. Megan Moe, associate professor of communication at Lee University, was named the American Advertising Federation District 7 Educator of the Year, receiving the Donald G. About a year ago you ventured up Highway 58 to Central High School to represent your late grandfather, Roy McDonald, as he was honored as a Distinguished Alumnus during the annual Senior Day festivities.
After the dishes were cleared away, admit the mindless chatter, he asked if she would mind telling him about it.

All the students were enthusiastic and questioning and based on their feedback, we know the day’s event was helpful in focusing their minds on the value of their education and the possibilities for their future. Our representative hosts and hostesses make sure your visitors receive a warm welcome and when your visitors go home they will take that same warm feeling home with them. Waiting much longer after that entails the risk of bringing in a product manager unfamiliar with the nooks and crannies your product has developed in its journey to reaching 6 or 10 million in revenue. A VP of Product, Jon said, has the skill to "synthesize, clarify, and articulate," all while balancing the priorities of infrastructure maintenance, customer requests, scheduled features, and more. Citing someone who builds games (and never talks to customers) as one of the few times a natural athlete doesn't work, Jason notes, "I don't worry about specific domain expertise, but I worry about hiring people who don't interact with customers." Along those lines, Jason revealed one major interview questions he asks all VP of Product candidates: what do you plan on doing in your first 30 days on the job?
Noting that that even projects at Google fail, being able to ship software well is a differentiating competitive advantage. In fact, it was a mutual learning experience,” said Jacqueline Terry, DMS Vice President, People & Development. Any candidate who does not plan on talking to and visiting the company's best customers for preliminary diagnostics is quickly eliminated.
If you can't ship things every week, then priority becomes important because items only get done if they're at the head of the list," Jon said.
A company that reliably ships features encourages customer patience, since customers are confident that the gears are constantly churning, even if the feature they requested is not amongst this week's output. Both the Southern Book Critics Circle and the Southeastern Booksellers Association named his second novel, Saints at the River, Fiction Book of the Year. also builds transparency into the system by hosting a public backlog list that customers can vote on. Henry award for his story “Speckled Trout” and received the James Still Award from the Fellowship of Southern Writers.

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