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As sad a day like today is, and as uncertain as the future is, we can still hold on to the memories. A dystopia is a fictional society that is the antithesis or complete opposite of a utopia, an ideal world with a perfect social, political and technological infrastructure. Anything less (AKA, around 98% of all movies) serves no purpose other than to shove mindless, forgettable fodder in our face and line Hollywooda€™s pockets (Be afraid Michael Bay, be VERY afraid).
Anime is not just for kids, but that doesna€™t mean ita€™s brimming with sex and violence (although some undoubtedly has plenty of that). I did some research on what the Top 10 Stoner Movies [ever] are and some people just made a list of fun comedies and others included every movie with any sort of drug reference in it. They break all the rules to surprise us, challenge us, and give us one-of-a-kind cinematic experience. Massive dehumanization, totalitarian government, rampant disease, post-apocalyptic terrains, cyber-genetic technologies, societal chaos and widespread urban violence are some of the common themes in dystopian films which bravely examine the ominous shadow cast by future. For the purposes of this list a€” celebrating the tenth anniversary of Donnie Darko a€” wea€™ve put a premium on the intensity and selectiveness of a moviea€™s appeal.
Five friends ponder society, drug use and their own lives as they go about their usual weekend of snorting, smoking, popping, dancing and sex.

Anime is proof that any genre can be animated, from fantasy, to sci-fi, to crucially, everyday drama.
The Movie Sounds Page - Your link to the world's BEST movie audio files and sound clips! There are always some great people who do the great things and let us watch full movies online for free.
If you are bored of watching those Hollywood cliches, this list of 16 strangest foreign movies is what you need for a change. A world where the individual potential and freedom is celebrated and brought to the forefront. As 2011 draws to a close, one eye is inevitably on the treats that are lying ahead for 2012. Put simply it is Japana€™s cartoon industry, and its range demonstrates how little Western animation has scratched the surface. Below 10 websites will let you watch the full online movies (even the latest ones) for free. Without further tears in our eyes, wea€™d like to remember Miramax for their 15 Best Films.

In contrast, the dystopian world is undesirable with poverty and unequal domination by specific individuals over others. With that in mind, we've got our line-up of, as things stands, the 25 films that are brightest on our radar. Is it a movie that you can get more enjoyment out of when youa€™re under the influence of marijuana? Today, the indie world and the film world at large lost a giant in the field, watching Disney close the doors and turn the lights off on Miramax. Dystopian films often construct a fictional universe and set it in a background which features scenarios such as dehumanizing technological advancements, man-made disasters or class-based revolutions. This is an age old question that stoners have been arguing about for yearsa€¦ while high, and nobody can seem to make up their mind. It is easy to watch FREE movies online from China here, since there are many video websites for you to do that, but outside China, there may be not many video websites to watch movies online for free, because of the Copyright thing.

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