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Flash Intro and Banner Maker is a program with a pretty self-explanatory title: it allows you to create banners in Flash for your websites. So, you can set the width, height, frame rate, shape (circle, rectangle or rounded corners rectangle) and radius. But you can also add a border and choose its color and size, play a background sound from file (optionally enable to stop it after specified loop times) and add a sound controller (pick a color and position, display bars, a slider or text, enable to auto start sound).

Also, you can select the JPEG quality, generate a compressed Flash movie, stop it playing after a certain time and add a preloader to it. In addition, you can choose an image or color for the background (solid or gradient color, transparent), add clipart and set its position, as well as apply background effects (e.g. Flash Intro and Banner Maker also lets you enable the options to open a web page when the Flash clip stops or when the users clicks on it.
The program uses a low amount of system resources, includes a well-written help file with snapshots and ran smoothly during our tests.
To conclude, Flash Intro and Banner Maker is a great program that can help you create Flash clips and banners, and we strongly recommend it to all users, especially novices.

Aleo Flash Intro and Banner Maker - программа для всех любителей создания flash анимаций сохраняет файлы в SWF,GIF,AVI форматы. Last but not least, you can copy the HTML code to clipboard and publish your clip as a Flash movie, GIF image or AVI video, and others. Here is the official description for Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker:Edit By BS Editor: Generate Flash intro, Flash banner, Flash slideshow, Flash AD and ecards in just a few clicks!

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