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By shooting your subject in a studio, you can control lighting with great precision and produce shots with a variety of dramatically different looks.
Key lights can add striking high-contrast shadows that bring out the details in the subject’s face, or these dramatic shadows can be made less extreme using a reflector or a fill light. By adding coloured gels to the lights you can change the shot’s mood, and complement the lighting with a variety of textured backdrops. However, studio photo shoots don’t come cheap, and if you return from the shoot and decide that the lighting wasn’t perfect after all, you may find the most convenient (and least expensive) solution is to explore what Photoshop effects you can use to recreate this look. Thanks to Photoshop’s extensive tools and commands, you don’t need access to studio set-ups to create or fix a studio-style portrait.
In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll show you how to use Photoshop’s Lighting filter to mimic the effect of adding a reflector to the other side of our subject’s face to create more balanced lighting.

Photoshop is a powerful image editor that is used by everyone from someone who likes cleaning up their family photos to the professional photographer. Thankfully, you can harness the power of different Photoshop effects to recreate the look of studio lighting to make your portraits more striking. You’ll discover how to use Adjustment Layers to add a wash of mood-changing colour to the model, similar to using a gel in the studio. Plus you’ll recreate lens effects such as vignettes to darken the edges of the image, creating a mysterious-looking and stylish portrait.
You can use Photoshop to clean up and correct color correct photographs, create graphics, or add special effects to images. Aniasco Photoshop light effect tutorials are great to turn to when you work on designs with fiery or glowing effects.

Light effects easily look odd and over done and if you are not careful, adding too much light effect is easy and it will certainly ruin your design. If you follow the tutorials in this post, you should have a good starting point and an idea of how to move on yourself with your own projects. I have collected more than 40 great Photoshop light effect tutorials to get you started right away.

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