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Back in January, Samsung released two apps for photo and video editing, which were intended for the Samsung Galaxy S line.
This Photo editor app is mostly suited for cropping out stuff, adjusting contrast, brightness and saturation, or applying various effects to the photo or selection.
This is a feature which comes free with the phones software yet Apple somehow gets away with charging its idrones 4.99 to use this type of feature. With the advancement in technology, most of the people are buying iPhones to capture eternal moments in their lives.
One can easily add different types of visuals and matching sound effects to video clips, trim the movie length, animate photos, make Hollywood style movie trailers and share them on YouTube, Facebook or CNN Report using iMovie. Movie Looks HD, it is an excellent movie making application recommended for all the iPhone and iPad users that allows creating quick professional movies. One can even create fully professional video clips with this app as the latest version of the app includes 40 great cinematic looks comprising B & W, Blockbuster look and famous film looks.
The app comes with wide variety of useful moving making options which add unique cinematic effects to videos, adjust and improve color using professional color tools, B & W movies, recording your own drama and Blockbuster like movies. Vizzywig, it is the best movie making app for all the iPhone and iPad users, the app comes with wide range of movie creation features and can be used by experts as well as beginners. Also, the app comes with some exciting movie making options like – switching option between front and rear cameras while recording, fully featured video editing features, snap photos recording and more. Storyboards Premium, this is an essential moving making app that comes with wide variety of expertise moving making options which includes hundreds of characters. Animoto Video Maker, it is an excellent free video making app that allows you to create own professional top quality videos from your photos. You just have to select the photos, music, video clips and the app makes stunning professional video clip from your photos.
It is an excellent movie making app that you can get for free from the app store, comes with some best and unique features.
This app is amazingly designed and easy to use video editing app that allows you to create professional looking movies within few minutes. The app comes with wide variety of useful features which includes: automatic video editing tool, trim and edit selected parts of your movie, handy analyzing tools, face detection technology, transitions and filtering options, social sharing option and more.

There's an interesting bit of news that was swallowed up by the Amazon Kindle event last week. BTW, Intel's Ebook App Maker is actually one half of a new app maker that Intel launched last week.
You have a few options for the app maker, including orientation (landscape & portrait), 2 resolutions for the window size, laptop or tablet output (not sure what that means), as well as 8 different stock themes. Please Donate or SubscribeThis blog is largely funded by advertising and affiliate fees, but donations will always be gratefully accepted. We find the Photo editor on the Samsung Galaxy S II as well, with a slightly different interface, and the video editing app has been renamed Video maker, but otherwise it stayed the same. You can do warping, or impose a number of "laughing mirror" effects, like lens blur, or ghosting. It does not matter whether you are making a holiday film or family or anything but iPhone plays a major role. The best movie making apps improves your creativity and you have some specific tools to make great independent film. If you love watching movies and interested in making a new action movie then this free app is really helpful that allows you to add Hollywood FX to videos.
The app comes with unique and useful features, which you can find in few apps but, you must face some issues as the size of the app is big and consumes huge memory. It is the best fun video editing app recommended for all the iPhone users that edit your videos and photos automatically with effects. Transform your special photos into stunning movies with different video effects and gesture, unselect and reorder photos with touch and drag makes it much easier to create stunning movies.??Photo Story Video editor with Music app helps you to arrange the photos in order with the perfect background, music and animation to create a video of your own. Intel held their annual Appup developer's conference and one of the neat new tricks they unveiled was an an ebook app maker.
The other half makes web apps, and you can use that part to create stand-alone, single purpose browsers that pulls content from Youtube, RSS feeds, Twitter etc (more on this in another post). But if you just want to try the output, here are a couple install files for the app I made. The Epub I tried is just a basic one from Feedbooks. The formatting is replaced by whichever of the themes you choose.  So far as I can tell, there's no option for font size, font type, or for editing the Epub after you upload it.

It doesn't have any abilities like notes, dictionary, search, or pretty much anything you'd expect from an ebook. And forget about audio or video; they think that's a great idea and it will be added to  the planned feature list.
As it is, the app maker takes an Epub and makes something less useful, less portable and less functional. We'll do a quick overview of the functions coming with these two simple on-phone multimedia editing apps:Photo editor The picture editor is quite finger-friendly. This video demonstrates its flaws in that transitions are not smooth -- in fact quite jerky and any cuts start with the next shot on a freeze frame for half a second when it should start instantly with the clip moving. Actually, the test apps are available for the 2 platforms; if you decide to publish your ebook app it will be sold through the Intel Appup app store. I would have like to have tried an enhanced Epub but the app maker doesn't support any advanced features (I checked).
But to be fair it is only in a beta release, so it might get better as updates are released. You can't make precise Photoshop-style actions with it, of course, but it has options like selection circle size, copying the selection to this or another image, or inverting it. You can choose a theme for your project from the get-go, with different framing and background music for each of the six available - Conference, Home video, Movie, Party, Stage and Travel. Or, you can just start from a blank canvass.The Video maker app automatically lists all videos on the handset that it can edit, and these are anything 720p and below. There is a time strip at the bottom, where you can drag the video clips you want to edit, and then you can start inserting pictures before or after them, apply various transitions like Fade in-between, effects like Sharpen or Emboss, or split and trim the resulting project to your liking. You can also add background music, and adjust the volume for it separately from the sound in the video. You can't do wonders with them, but for quick on-the-fly editing they are always with you on the phone, so it's great that Samsung decided to integrate them directly in the TouchWiz 4.0 UI, as found on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

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