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Nike isn’t a stranger to corporate sustainability, but a new app will take the company’s eco-friendly efforts to the next level. Sourcing and using sustainable materials has been on Nike’s radar for nearly a decade, yet the Nike Making app makes this initiative much easier for product designers.
The app is viewed as a big step forward in giving more visibility (and access) not just to corporate sustainability initiatives, but the environmental impact and sustainability of the products themselves, which isn’t something that most people are used to thinking about.
As part of its commitment to designing a better, more sustainable future, Nike launches MAKING — a new app that helps designers and product creators make informed decisions about the environmental impacts of the materials they choose. MAKING is a designer-specific, easy-to-use tool that ranks materials used in apparel based on four environmental impact areas: water, chemistry, energy and waste. According to industry data, by the year 2015, the global apparel industry is expected to produce more than 400 billion square meters of fabric annually — enough to cover the entire state of California.
MAKING is powered by data from the Nike Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), a database built on more than seven years of materials research and analysis.
Nike worked with the London College of Fashion (LCF) to collect additional insight and feedback during the development of MAKING.
For the purposes of this article, I’m not going to mention any video players designed to watch standard 2D video content and movies in side-by-side mode. The VR Player application is free and open source for desktop use, although the Android app is a modest $4.99.
Immersive Media, pioneers in the 360° interactive space have their own app but have begun to allow other publishers to have channels and add their own videos. Total Cinema 360’s player allows you to watch their show reel and has a link to more videos on their website (ok, so I lied about there being no cat videos).
The Making View app only offers a handful of just eight 360 videos, but these are so awesome we suggest downloading their app just for these few videos.
If you're looking to experience 360 video in VR, check out our list of VR head mounted displays. If I wanted to create an app to be sold in the GearVR store, say a hot air balloon video in 360, what player can I build into my app? Portland's Google Trusted Photographers have shot more than 1,100 businesses in the Portland area.
Do you have an idea for an app you’ve been mulling over, but wondering if you have the right skill set to develop one?
Even if you’re a complete technophobe you can have a go at the app-making industry, and maybe even bring in a tidy profit. Plenty of famous apps don’t centre around special interests, but they always top the charts.
Don’t despair if you find something similar to your idea while searching through the app store. Try to come up with an idea that won’t have a lot of competition with existing and favorable apps. Are you planning on taking on the work of developing the app yourself, or are you willing and able to hire a team? Do you want your app to result in a full-time business, or do you want it to simply be a side project? Register here to receive MoneyMagpie’s weekly newsletter full of amazing money making and money saving ideas for everyone. If you want to take a more expensive but convenient route, look into hiring an app developer.
Depending on the type of app you wish to develop, the cost can range between ?700 to ?170,000. You will, of course, run into developers who will offer to make you an all-inclusive app for less than ?1,000. If you can provide some of your own content (such as the layout and graphics), you can reduce the hefty fees. It costs approximately ?66.50 ($99) each year to sell your product through Apple, who only list prices in American dollars. Obviously, the money you earn from your app will depend largely on its popularity and how much you decide to charge, so it’s difficult to say. When you sell your app through Apple, they take 30% of the profits and directly deposit your sales into your bank account each month. Newest Make Money TipsShort-term pain for long-term gain – This Morning tips Free Money!

This comprehensive guide will ensure you address all the necessary steps properly from a grassroots idea to completion of an app. Whether you’ve built thousands of applications or don’t have any development experience, this guide will provide you with a step-by-step process to get your app on the ground as efficiently as possible. 15 Essential Files: Files ranging from communication templates for business development to app development documentation. 25 Tasks: Each milestone includes specific tasks to ensure you don’t move on with any bugs or flaws.
It’s time to turn those app ideas into full-featured apps – and this iPhone Hacks Deals offer will help you do it.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. So you of course already have a great idea, but it’s very rare that one person can manage all the above stated activities with ease.
The internet is full of tutorials and videos that show you how apps are made for different portals right from scratch.
Gather as much information as possible, open the app store and read all about the most popular apps and the ones in your genre of app making, see and understand their special features, their updates and use them and note their pros and cons and try to incorporate the pros while removing the cons from your app. Just because you have no experience, does not mean that you should play it safe while making your app. The Nike Making iOS app gives designers a tool to select greener, more sustainable materials, resulting in products that are better for the environment. The app draws from Nike’s in-house sustainability index, an eye-opening amount of data that ranks products based on scientific research and the analysis of product life cycles. After all, mitigating environmental impact is one of the key factors to overall safety and compliance—and if your company makes products that aren’t sustainable and eco-friendly, larger corporate sustainability goals won’t go far. Additionally, dye houses today use up to 200 tons of water for each ton of fabric they process. Kolor Eyes has a huge library of contributed content with 100s of videos that can be streamed or downloaded to your device. It supports both 2D and 3D videos, can play in side-by-side or over-under, and has a variety of projection modes.
They have a vast library of producer contributed content, keyword searchable and filterable by category. You probably already have them downloaded on your phone – Temple Run, Words With Friends, Minecraft.
But if you’re dead set in taking your idea to production despite the competition, take a look at your rivals and try to figure out what you can do to make your app bigger and better. Sites like AppBooker let you enter your preferred platform, country, whether or not your app is freelance or for an agency, and your budget.
This may sound like a lot of money, but bear in mind that the right app will bring in a profit that outweighs the development cost. Some of the more popular additions include GPS locators and the ability to share content over social media.
Unless you’re completely confident with your creation, it’s probably not best to quit your full-time job!
If you want to keep your app completely free, there are still ways for you to bring in a profit.
We’re offering a step-by-step guide to get your ideas into the App Store – and we’re offering it for just $29 for a limited time. Head over to the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub and pick up this comprehensive guide for just $29 while the price is this astonishingly low…which won’t be for long! For making an app to the best optimum level possible one needs to make sure that the app is perfect from each and every angle.
One needs to have a good idea to start with, mould their idea according to the target market, figure out how the app will function, design the icon and the user interface and start with the coding, submit it to the app store and regularly keep updating your app.
Also follow blogs and participate in forums about app making and grasp as much as possible. Also find out about the different software used for different apps understand their limitations and the requirement of your app then according to what seems the easiest option for you start building your app.
If using organic materials is a priority, the app shows you that down is your best choice, followed by silk, cotton and polylactic acid fabric.
And, as more consumers respond to actively sustainable companies, you also risk harming your bottom line.

The app was created by Nike with insights and feedback from students at London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Furthermore, you can download your own video files through the app as well by providing a URL.
Unlike other player applications, VR Player works with voice commands and supports gamepad controllers.
These apps download videos to your phone, downloading is typically a better option for smooth playback although some players offer streaming.
Unfortunately the app has no VR viewing side-by-side mode and only allows for 1 kind of view projection.
Gaming apps do tend to earn more money since users are more willing to pay for them, especially if they’re extremely popular among their friends. There are several apps out there that provide information and maps for all of the hottest tourist spots in London. A study from GigaOM Pro showed that more than half of their 352 surveyed developers made less than ?400 a month.
By including adverts in your app, you can keep your app free of charge but still make some money. Even if you have the most amazing idea for an app, people will not use it much unless it has a good and easy to use user interface. By hiring a professional you will be ensuring that you deliver exactly what you wanted in a specific time frame and also your app will be absolutely bug free.
Use twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to make contacts with other app developers, designer, entrepreneurs etc. Annie-Marie Faiola founder of BumbleBerry too took a major risk; she started an app for soap makers that teach them how to make exotic soaps. We even recommend this one to our mobile users, if you download the app you can be 1 tap away from enoying everything in our 360 Labs Video Library. Unfortunately, 360 Heros app lacks additional projection mode options and does not have a side-by-side option for VR viewing. Most of the content available via the im360 app was expertly shot by Immersive Media themselves, and they have some incredible shots in this library. But is there an app for locations off the beaten path that the average person wouldn’t know about? By clicking through the companies, you can see a list of their clients and the types of apps they specialise in. To receive any sort of price quote, you must fill out a form detailing your idea before they can get back to you.
Not quite enough to live off of, but perfect if you’re just looking for a little extra cash on the side.
All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. If your pocket still allows you and you think your designs are not good enough go ahead and hire a graphic designer.
This data has been made public with the goal of helping to lead industry sustainability efforts and provide designers and product creators with guidance in selecting materials with lower environmental impacts.
If you live in a big city that attracts a lot of attention from tourists, for example, then the options are endless. As we’ll cover later, the cost of making your app depends largely on how intricate you plan to be with the design.
But ensure that you grasp the maximum from these professionals so that next time you can just do it on your own.
Even though apple takes 30% from the sale of every app she was able to cover her entire initial investment within 5 months. The desktop application works with Oculus and other third party peripherals such as Leap Motion.

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