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CSV Action invited you to come along to BBC Leicester's Open Centre and learn the art of card making. The ability to make good decisions is a key to success in life, and in maintaining work-life balance, wouldn’t you agree? Yet many of us, myself included, struggle at times in the decision making process, for fear that we’ll choose the wrong option. This is especially true when it comes to important decisions regarding our family, career, business, etc. Like whether to go back to school, quit your job, start that business you’ve always wanted, start a family, or work from home. Before we get into “how to” make your bed, let’s discuss “why” we do it in the first place.
Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project says, “Making your bed is a step that’s quick and easy, yet makes a big difference. Good day or not, there is safety in knowing that you will be coming home to a neatly made bed.

Start with a fitted sheet; it provides a quick but solid foundation (if you have a bed skirt, make sure you start with that first). Lay a flat sheet across the bed and use your forearms and palms to smooth over any wrinkles. Change your sheets once a week and if you have time, iron them (it makes a world of a difference). We may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs, and otherwise. A lot of men will agree that they just don’t understand why it’s necessary to have a made bed during the day when no one is home, only to undo it at the end of every night.
There is just something about a made bed; no matter how much laundry has piled up or how many unfolded clothes are scattered across your floor, a made bed brings peace no matter what time you walk into your bedroom.
Depending on your preference, you can either tuck the sides (for less movement) or leave them hanging (for more fluid movement). Add accessories – decorative pillows, neck-rolls and a neatly folded throw at the foot of your bed.

Wash your comforter or bedspread every few weeks, and don’t forget to swap out your decorative pillows each season.
But making your bed starts the day off right, especially if you wake up on the ‘wrong’ side.
For most people, outer order contributes to inner calm.” Another reason to make your bed is that it promotes better sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). A made bed also helps in feeling productive and accomplished even before a cup of coffee; making your bed is a good habit to have.

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