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The Only Video Marketing Software that is able to Reverse Engineer YouTube rankings system!
VMB will suggest you long tail keywords and related keywords to your main niche that you can easy exploit. We will find all the weak points of the competitor videos and we will automatically exploit them. VMB is taking analyze over 70 ranking signals and will show you exactly what you need to do in order to get top rankings!
I’m sure all of heared about game of thrones, one of the most popular TV shows in the history.
Everything without any hard work, with the push of two buttons (research and generate button). We knew that our algorithm is very good but didn’t expect to outrank official channels.
The schema from the right shows you the most important ranking factor that YouTube is taking in calculation when they rank a video. We spent months uploading and testing different strategies to be able to find the exact balance between those factors. You can exploit the schema by hand but it will take hours for one videos because for each niche the balance is a bit different, so you have to apply the schema for the top ranking videos in your niche and find the exact balance and after that you can exploit it! We are developing YouTube Software for more than 5 years, in all this time we noticed all the changes and updates to the YouTube ranking algorithm. We’ve spent countless hours and uploaded thousands of videos to back engineer their ranking system. Our rankings got huge boosts, we were able to get top rankings in almost any niche that you can think of… we are using all the signals and keywords that YouTube searches for when their calculating the rank of a video. VMB contains 4 modules that will make sure that all your video marketing needs are being automated! VMB PRO uses it’s own Lexical Semantic engine in order to find long tail keywords and related keywords. With the click on one button VMB PRO will generate you titles, description and tags that will out rank all the competiton.
VMB Pro will analyze and spy on your competition, giving you detailed data about how hard is to rank in a specified niche.
We used VMB for TTS Sketch Maker Launch and during the launch we had the first two spots with our videos. Video Marketing Blaster PRO is not only delivering results… delivers INSTANT results! Position 4… all from the title, description and tags generated with one click with Video Marketing Blaster! Imagine what you could do with a strong channel, we used dummy channels for all this tests… You would get on SPOT #1! Get the partial match keywords and related long tail keywords that are helping your competitors to rank and start out-ranking them!
I will have to take this page down at some point, and judging by the number of people visiting this page every few seconds right now… It won’t be long at all. All  the beta testers and clients told us that we are crazy that we are not asking at least 497$ for such a complex software…  Under other circumstances we would ask well over 500$ for such a tool but for now we want to keep the price as low as possible so everybody can see the quality of the Blaster products.
VMB is hands down one of the best video marketing tools I have come across in a very long time. It does so much that it may seem intimidating initially, but once you go through the PDF tutorial and play around with it you’ll master it in no time. A definite Must Have for video marketers looking for a serious edge over their competition.
I have been a YouTube content creator for over 6 years now.  Video Marketing Blaster Pro is one of the tools I wish I had when I first started.
I love being able to keep track of where my videos are ranking for certain keywords and seeing what I need to do in order to outrank my competition. Being one of the industry’s leading Social Media Providers, I have had the pleasure and displeasure of seeing and working with all YouTube Marketing Software in the industry.
The features have been mind-blowing and the power behind this amazing software speaks for itself. Not only VMB PRO works perfectly with foreign languages but it is 100% safe for YouTube Partners! See why VMB is better than the competitors and this is the only software that is able to back engineer YouTube.
I’m completely confident that Video Marketing Blaster PRO  is exactly what YOU need to finally get your video marketing at the next level.

In fact, I’m so confident it’ll work for you, I’m prepared to let you try it risk free for 30 full days. You see, I don’t have to worry that you’re at all unhappy, because if you decide VMB PRO isn’t the right system for you, you can get a full refund at any time during those 30 days. And if you don’t see any increase of your video campaigns, or just don’t like the system, no problem at all!
All our friends and clients told us that we are crazy that we are not asking at least 497$ for such a complex software… We want to keep the price as low as possible so everybody can see the quality of the Blaster products. How many IM tools you’ve encountered that got more than 130 updates (on a single software) in 3 years? 47 minutes ago yndash; Jennifer Aniston News - JACF Forum - Movie News - Picture Gallery - Information : Welcome to Aniston Center!
Thanks to our partner in the Czech Republic, US Blaster was again present at the Huvel 2007 show. First of all we would like to thank all the customers, distributors, dealers, DJ's, editors and all other people who visited our booth. US Blaster launched during the exhibition 22 NEW products which we offer now worldwide to our partners. Once more we would like to thank everybody who made this show one of the best shows and see you all next year again !
Music Moscow 2006This year our partner attended the exhibition with some new products of US Blaster, and direcly had the attention of many visitors. Next year the booth will be 150m2 and for all music lovers in Russia, we will bring again some amazing new products! Thanks to our partner in the Czech Republic, US Blaster was presented to the public at the Huvel 2006 show. Plasa 2006, London, UKA big thank you for all the people who visited our booth at the show !Coming always with some fresh ideas, US Blaster introduced at this show 3 new model's of CD Players. Musik Messe and Prolight + Sound 2006, Frankfurt, GermanyUS Blaster has attended the Musik Messe and Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany. SIB 2006 Rimini, ItalySIB 2006, now at its 20th edition, hosts entertainment specialists and creativity leaders in an intense 4-day event packed with innovations in the lighting, audio and video design and technology fields. Rally Tournament, Czech RepublicWeather or no weather, the Rally team US Blaster from our partner in the Czech Republic is attending all the rally tournaments in this country. Tuning & Styling Novi Sad, Serbia and MontenegroThanks to our partner in Serbia and Montenegro we are attending many shows in this country. Autoshow Grosuplje 2005 - SloveniaAutoshow in Grosuplje is a show that is always a big surprice.
Tuning, Styling & HiFI Show, Plasy, Czech RepublicThis Tuning Show in Czech Republic was attended by our partner in the Czech Republic.
Autoshow Kocevje 2005 - SloveniaThe Autoshow in Kocevje brought a lot of Car Audio and Tuning lovers together. 402 Street Race, V.Gorica, CroatiaThanks to our partner in Croatia, we also attended the Street Race in Velika Gorica, Croatia.
Tuning Show in Serbia and MontenegroIt was a very good experience to be attending also this exhibition in Serbia and Montenegro.
Custom Motor Show: Elmia in Jonkoping, SwedenElmia 2005 is Sweden's biggest exhibition center. Sinsheim 2005, GermanyThe US Blaster booth on this years CAR + SOUND 2005 in Sinsheim, Germany was a great success. Autoshow Prague 2004, Czech RepublicIn 2004 US Blaster attended for the first time the Autoshow in Prague. BNV Intersound 2004, Budapest,HungaryAs you also can expect from US Blaster, this BNV Intersound in Budapest, we were also presented. Speed & Design 2003, Utrecht, The NetherlandsSpeed & Design is the most important annual automobile show in the Netherlands for the introduction of new sports cars and automotive related performance and restyling trends. Importing email contact lists into SendBlaster Newsletter software from MSN Live webmail is simple, here's our brief tutorial.
Try to take all those factors in calculation and you will see that your video will get better rankings. Your descriptions will not be stuffed with keywords,they will contain pharses that contain the targeted keywords.
If you are a content creator and want to stay ahead of your competitors you need Video Marketing Blaster Pro in your tool belt! Many client videos have reaped the benefits of this amazing software (but shh, it’s been my little secret). We are making sure that all our clients are satisfied with our products and all the feature requests are implemented in our tools!

Connect with 81 million recipients with our easy to use bulk email marketing software.Free bulk email software for targeted email marketing campaigns and email lists building. New on the show were the 20 new light products which can be purchased against incredible prices !! The demo car, a Volkswagen Beetle, was build by Iber-Sound from Barcelona and it was one of the eye-catchers of the exhibition. During the exhibition US Blaster has launched 12 New Car Audio products, which we can offer to customers in Czech Republic.
The reactions from the students were very positive, espacially when they saw all the features which the USB 7307 has.
The revolutionary USB 7329 Hybrid Turntable attracked a lot of attention, and the DJ's were very surprised about the features of this model!
One of the biggest shows for Sound & Light was this year a spectacle for many attendends. Of course, US Blaster was present and the participation was possible thanks to our partner in Italy. Many people visited the US Blaster booth and thanks to our partner in Czech Republic, we had an amazing Demo Car, which draw a lot of attention.The Demo Car was even voted for the best looking car at the exhibition !! Thanks to their support the Demo Cars were displayed to the public and from the reactions we could estimate that the public liked the cars very much.
This small town in Slovenia was under attack during this weekend as many Demo Cars from Slovenia and abroad showed their equipment and the dB level their sound installation can reach. Also for this occasion a demo-car was build with a low budget installation, to show the people that tuning your car with a complete new installation does not always mean that it will cost a fortune.The sound performance of the installation was amazing and we shocked everybody on the show, when they heared what the installation cost !
As you can see from the pictures, US Blaster was presented with big machinery!The runway of Airport Batajnica was full of enthousiastics who together with us share the love for car audio and tuning systems. With it's prestigious Xotic Cars theme Speed & Design 2004 generated and received wide media coverage, both national and international, establishing its role as trendsetter and market leader. It was the biggest surprice at the exhibition and as you can see from the pictures, many people took a look inside the car!
This year the exhibition attracked 101.200 visitors from 120 countries !A lot of business people and end users visited our booth. We offered the visitors the oppertunity to test our equipment and to see what the performance of our products are and which additional value it can give them in their work as DJ. We will keep visiting shows in order to promote the brand more and to show to the people that for a affordable price they can purchase a sound installation that will get everybody astonished !See you again on the next exhibition ! A lot of new dealers visited us and soon US Blaster will be available in all parts of Russia.US Blaster invest a lot of efforts in our products and the opinion of the end user is also very important.
As always our partner in Slovenia is attending all shows and thanks to his dedication we even won an award on the EMMA Finals in Slovenia.
On the pictures you can see the Skoda Felicia and the custom made Skoda Octavia which already has won several awards.
For the first time the US Blaster Demo Car was also presented to the public and directly got a lot of positive remarks regarding the looks and espacially the sound !!
Our Demo Car the Ford Windstar, was specially build for this occasion and by the looks, it draw a lot of attention.
One of the products that stealed the show was our new USB 7329 Professional Hybrid Turntable. Thanks to our partner from Slovenia, US Blaster was presented with a Demo Car which could compete with all the other brands that are attending each year these finals.
Therefore a special DJ show was organized were we had 3 professional DJ's presented showing all features of the USB 7309 Double CD Player to the end users.
It was a very hot day and because of this the organisation had a nice surprice for all participants, a nice Car Wash with girls in bikini !!
This product was a revolution on the exhibition as many DJ's expected for a long time this kind of product and US Blaster gives them now the answer for their needs.
For the first time the new Hybrid Turntable was introduced to the public and from the feedback we received, this product will be a positive answer for the very demanding DJ nowadays.Special thanks to our partner in Spain for organizing the booth !See you all next year again.
The last day a DJ contest was organized and everybody could see the additional value that the USB 7309 can give to the performance of a DJ. For all details about our new USB 7329, please visit our Turntable section !Keep on checking our web-site for many new revolutionary products and ask your local dealer nearby for the catalogue! Packed with ROI boosting features!Send E-Mail to 70 million targeted recipients 100% spam free.

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