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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Taking their corporate responsibility seriously, we helped Kellogg communicate and bring to the forefront in a creative and engaging way the hard hitting facts about food poverty in the UK. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
This system is composed of five modules: Definition, Organization, Process, Campaign as well as Report.
Definition module: this module includes all the items needed defining such as Country, City, Language, Organization Type, Card Type, Gift Type as well as Order Status. Organization module: this module enables users to define organization and to set hierarchal relations among different organizations. Process module: this module not only allows users to create new products, gifts, clients as well as cards, but also enables users to create orders. Campaign module: this module allows users to create the activity, including specifying the type, time and places of the activity. With a wealth of experience in MVC and Telerik third-party components, Nova have completed many related projects for different clients and won their unanimous approval and recognition. Most importantly, agile development, together with relatively low proposal, allows clients to get high quality products with the least input of time and money. We send to the clients daily and weekly report, indicating our progress and time we spend on each task. We develop faster than the client expects and the functionalities developed by us fully match with the client??s requirements. Videos online have become an important marketing tool for millions of businesses all over the world. Unlike the many other types of marketing and advertising methods available, it is free to create an account, create your own video channel, and upload the videos.
When it comes to marketing, you get to take your campaign to a global level which means you take your website to a global level.

Great videos that stir up any type of positive consumer response from viewers are most often shared by viewers with their family, co-workers, and friends, which increase overall youtube views as they will share the video with others. Using the site to showcase your videos will drive your website up the search engine rankings.
As you can see, there are many great benefits to using posting videos on YouTube as a business marketing tool. With the assisted fertility category cluttered by providers all positioned in the ‘empathy’ space, it was clear that we needed break out of this category norm.
The aim of this project is to build a MVC3 mall marketing management platform based on Telerik??s MVC components. Development team send work reports to clients on a daily basis so as to give clients a clear understanding of the progress of the day. Thus, the client knows how the project is going and can manage the project in an easier and more efficient manner. The strategy adopted lead to a result of the campaign being named as the Highest Outreach campaign on Instagram.
YouTube is the 4th most visited internet site with 22.25% of internet users visiting the site. At present, Nova has several teams which are engaged in developing projects based on Telerik third-party components.
At the same time, weekly work reports are also delivered to clients, which enable them to have a better project management.
This means that a video posted on the site has incredible marketing reach and marketing potential. When you post a video, the link to this post will be high up in Google’s search results, or any other search engine’s results which make this marketing strategy a great SEO tactic.  As well, it is easy to upload the video and your website’s traffic will increase almost instantly if it is a quality video. A good video will influence many viewers to visit your website to learn more about the products or services offered. You can also promote your websites, and products and services which allow you to build your customer list.

A position we can support having delivered more IVF babies than any other IVF group, as well as the first IVF baby in Australia.
Originally, the site was used by amateur video makers for entertainment purposes, but now it hosts countless marketing videos by all sorts of businesses.
Therefore, the more hits your site receives will cause your search engine rankings to improve. Marketing using online videos is an ideal way to expand your customer base and grow your profits.
This thinking translated into a ‘leading minds’ strategy where we could leverage the expertise within the group and its success rates as key differentiators. There are tremendous benefits to leveraging youtube views in your own business marketing campaign. Despite 1 in 30 Australian children being conceived through IVF, it’s still viewed as a last resort by many and can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair. So we handled this delicate topic with a sensitivity and positivity to create the ‘Turn hope into happiness’ campaign. The creative idea uses a simple headline and art direction structure, while still allowing us to communicate different messages to various groups.
The results: Due to the medical nature of the product we can’t share numbers, but as QR codes were implemented on each execution we have tracked significant inbound online traffic on the days the ads ran. The campaign concept has also been adopted by sister organisations, Queensland Fertility Group and Melbourne IVF.

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