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Virtually no brand or company is exempt from the influence of video in this day and age, and words alone are simply not enough as we move towards a medium that caters to both our visual and auditory needs to create a powerful impression. Let’s take a look at Evian’s 2013 ad campaign ’Baby & Me’, where adults suddenly learned what it was to be youthful again. Now imagine that same campaign without a video, but only with print advertisements such as the one below. There’s no denying videos have immense influence and power over their audience, and whether you are in marketing or just promoting your product or startup, a strong video is almost always a necessity to get the word out. It’s almost a certainty that any campaign that went viral was almost always built on the foundation of a great video.
Considering videos still take significant time and effort to brainstorm and create, proper analytics helps to justify the cost by letting you evaluate the return on investments. According to Psychologist Susan Weinschenck, there are four reasons we are innately attracted to video.
A quick search on the most popular websites around the world shows Google, Facebook and Youtube consistently dominating the charts.
While Youtube may hold the largest database of videos from around the world, Facebook has recently overtaken YouTube on total number of video views in the world.
Many years ago, advertisers will carefully research and pay a significant sum to air their advertisement during the commercials of a particular television show, based on its demographics. With people spending increasingly more time on their phones, tablets and PCs rather than watching what’s on the telly, there really isn’t any reason not to put your videos online for people to watch and share at all times of the day. In the age of the 56k modem, videos probably would have never taken off and this article redundant.
Companies like Netflix structure their business model entirely around the concept of streaming videos online, and the FCC has also reclassified the definition of broadband to 25mbps, up from just 4mbps. In fact, video streaming is starting to make up such a high proportion of Internet bandwidth that Internet Service Providers recently tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to charge content providers more money for users to stream content without being throttled. But with recent innovations in online video and social media, it looks like the benefits of video marketing might finally outweigh the difficulties by a long way.
Just like YouTube, you can embed videos uploaded to Facebook and Twitter directly on your website.
The recently launched Meerkat and the Twitter-acquired Periscope allow users to live-stream video from mobile devices. This happy marriage of social media and online video has opened up a world of possibilities for brands and marketers. Organic reach on Facebook hit a dead end last year, leaving photos as the saving grace for marketers dependent on the platform. More than half of B2B marketers find events to be extremely significant lead generation opportunities, according to Regalix. It’s easy to get sucked into the ‘viral’ craze with videos today – but this alone achieves nothing. Video marketing plays a big role at the bottom of the funnel – be it product demos, case studies or customer testimonials.
One common way to do this is to embed video case studies on your landing pages, with CTAs encouraging visitors to request a live demo.
As with any new trend in the digital world, content marketers should evaluate how video marketing can be integrated into their campaigns.
Stand out from your competition and increase your search engine rankings with our high quality video marketing solutions for law firms. With over 1 billion viewers a day, YouTube is the second most powerful search engine, just behind Google (which also owns YouTube).
If you’re interested in strengthening your law firm’s Web Presence and growing your practice, contact WebPresence, Esq.
El Video Marketing, ese gran desconocido, empuja con fuerza y no es para menos dadas sus potencialidades.
Hace anos la creacion de videos solo estaba al alcance de companias con grandes recursos economicos. Tablets, smarthphones y otros dispositivos moviles de ultima generacion ayudan a que el gran cofre del tesoro que son los videos en Internet se abra afianzando su posicion como gran vehiculo potenciador de ventas. Si con estos argumentos no te he convenido, ahora te propongo mas razones para que comiences a crear videos online de tu negocio y descubras las enormes ventajas que esta innovadora accion reportara para tu empresa. Rapido, bonito y barato: Las camaras convencionales que encuentras en cualquier comercio proporcionan una optima calidad de imagen.
Hazte visible: Gracias a los videos en Internet, tu publico sabra quien se esconde tras una web con un diseno rompedor. Diversifica tus contenidos: Presentar un nuevo producto o dar consejos y recomendaciones practicas atraeran la atencion de tu publico. Y no olvides que, en cada video que grabes y subas a Internet estaras proporcionando una parte de ti, de tu negocio, que favorecera la experiencia del usuario con tus productos y servicios.
Principales metricos y monitoreo en Social MediaEl monitoreo y analisis de nuestra comunidad y consumidores toma cada dia un rol mas importante dentro de la empresa. That’s when it occurs to you that maybe you can incorporate that cat video that has 20 million views into your marketing campaign. That will get your company in front of millions of people, you’ll get a raise and high fives all around; or maybe it will fall flat on it’s face with only two views (one view is yours) and one thumbs down on Youtube (from your boss).
Maybe you didn’t market it well enough to actually catch on, or maybe it did get a million views, but it didn’t relate to your company enough to have good returns.
Viral video marketing is a great tool for any company or product when done properly and successfully. There’s no reason to list out examples of successful viral video campaigns here because you already know any example I could list and if it wasn’t a successful campaign, then neither of us generally will have seen it or heard of it (unless it failed in an epic ball of internet fire). Instead, let’s talk about what viral video marketing is, why you want to use viral video marketing, and how to do it successfully. Viral video marketing is a marketing technique used to promote brand awareness, products, services, or to achieve other marketing objectives.
The general consensus is that a video that gains a large amount of views over a certain amount of time can be considered to have gone viral.
Some of the most well known examples of viral video marketing have all broken past 10 million views.
One factor that everyone can agree on is that a video can be considered viral if it can remain well known beyond the initial hype and create word of mouth sharing.
Generating brand awareness is of course an obvious reason to produce a promotional video, but that’s only one of many great benefits of viral video marketing. The first really big benefit of viral video marketing is the cost, which is often times much lower than standard advertising. Getting an advertisement play time on television is very expensive, especially if it is during any sort of primetime programming on a major channel. Promotional videos that are going online also tend to cost much less to produce than a commercial production meant for television. Rather than paying to get more plays to reach a large audience with a shotgun effect, viral video marketing relies on targeting a smaller audience to begin with. This audience is then more likely to share the video with other similar minded people who will enjoy the video and share it as well.

Video Marketing as a whole is also a much more engaging promotional tool than print promotion. This can be applied to viral video marketing in the sense that people will be more likely to engage with the company when encountering it through a viral promotional video than if they were to have read a written promotion for the company. There are a million things to consider when creating a video with the goal of creating a viral marketing campaign. When you write the story you will want to make it strike an emotional chord with your viewers.
Although creating an emotional reaction is a key element, you want to avoid depressing or sad content. Don’t mistake emotional for sad though, there are ways that you can have your viewers crying while still giving them something uplifting.
The safest approach is to create something that is funny, something that evokes a real gut laugh not some light chuckling. If you can evoke some laughs from them just reading it (and even a smirk from the super serious neighbor will do) then you are definitely on the right track. Find someone that can really deliver those punch lines to get the best effect possible; or maybe find the person that is so awkward it’s even funnier.
Although it is tempting to push your brand through your video as much as it will fit, you will want to keep the branding to a minimum.
There are good ways to have branding appear subtly throughout the video without coming across as overt promotion, but it is best to save the branding until the end. The video should make an impact on the viewer and provide enough branding for them to connect it to your company without feeling overwhelmed.
As weird as it might sound, it is a must that you have a marketing plan in place for your viral video marketing campaign. In most cases, marketing videos go viral because of existing social networking followers of either the company or another source that shares the company’s video upon release.
The other important marketing effort to make is to create an early hype for the release of the video.
Keeping the video under 3 minutes is generally a good length to retain viewers through the end of the video. With how available affordable video tools are, now everyone thinks they are a videographer.
People are always looking for web content to consume and videos are most often a preferred source.
By creating a video that is shareable, that evokes an emotional response, is relatable for viewers, and has a great marketing plan, you can be well on your way to a great viral video marketing campaign. Stay up to date with marketing trends and best practices, along with real-world agile advice from our agile marketing experts.
MarketerGizmo covers everything you need to become an agile marketing ninja, including content marketing, social media, email, SEO, agile methodologies, productivity, video marketing, and more. When you subscribe you’ll get our free ebook, a detailed overview of the 3 most popular agile marketing styles, so you can choose the one that’s right for your team and go agile today! MarketerGizmo’s goal is to provide marketing tools and information that allow marketers to become more agile, increase their marketing intelligence, and empower them to excel professionally. Most are surprised to discover that very few brands, 24 percent to be exact, use video marketing, and this is even more surprising since 7 out of 10 marketing professionals say it converts a lot better than anything else. Timing is crucial in every aspect of life, but you must pay special attention to it when it comes to crafting your video marketing messages.
If your local business has a YouTube or other video sharing account, it might appear counterintuitive to delete any of the content. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get more leads and more sales for your business.
When Apple releases their next big thing, you get often get a huge conference followed by a beautiful video telling you why you need their product. But in case you aren’t quite convinced as to why you should jump on this bandwagon just yet, here are just a few reasons to change your mind. Videos are easily shared, fun to watch, and are possibly the best stepping stone to get people interested in your product or brand. Current analytics available on some mainstream video sites aren’t quite up to par when it comes to comprehensive analytics, but these sites provide users with basic information such as page views and retention rates so you can use them as rough guides to better understand your audience. For example, Wootag comes with in-depth analytics that allows you to analyze and properly segment your target audience. There is just something about seeing a person on screen that connects us on a more human level and let’s us build trust. She believes we are hardwired to want to pay attention to people’s faces, draw more information from hearing someone’s voice over just reading words, become more easily influenced due to the volatile state of emotions , and pay more attention to it because of the movement in video. Looking past the need for a search engine to be the default homepage for most, you can see just how dominant videos are on the Internet.
And in 2017, it is estimated 70% of the world’s bandwidth will be the result of streaming videos.
While still done today, with events like the Super Bowl and World Cup commanding huge audiences, the internet has allowed for greater segmentation for more niche audiences and has opened the floodgates to more targeted advertising.
Advertisers no longer have to cross their fingers and hope their target audience doesn’t run away from the TV during the commercial break. In light of all these changes, it’s no surprise that faster internet speeds have led to higher video consumption rates and has been the driving force behind people sharing videos to others, with a large proportion of videos coming from mobile platforms like mobile phones and tablets.
Whether it’s a higher conversion rate for new product or newsletter sign ups, or increased sales after watching a video, there is simply no denying this is a trend that is only going to get bigger in the coming years. While sleek productions with good visuals stick with the audience, they come with a drain on your business’ time and resources.
Videos drive user engagement, and almost every online video platform has in-built social media sharing and interaction features.
What’s more, comment plugins allow you to sync conversations between your Facebook wall post and your website – breaking the invisible wall between the social network and the rest of the online world. Users can broadcast events from anywhere to their followers, who can interact with the video live.
Announce your live broadcast early, rehearse beforehand and prepare your shots – just like in any production. Many visitors don’t expect more than a ‘Thank You’ on such pages, so putting such a video in front of them there can do a lot to keep contact and conversations going.
One of the most compelling ways to convince a website visitor to contact your firm is with video. Crear videos atractivos sobre tu empresa y subirlos a Internet es la mejor decision que puedes tomar. Hoy, en la generacion del Do It Yourself, la tecnologia sera tu gran aliada para hacer y publicar videos online. Si a ello anadimos que los videos online generan mas del 40 por ciento del trafico global, ya no tienes excusas para dar con una buena idea, coger la camara y transformarla en un video util y que atraiga a tu publico. Ademas, el esfuerzo por crear contenidos leidos, vistos y oidos sera recompensado gratamente convirtiendo tu web en una referencia. Si lo que te interesa es situar tu marca en el epicentro de todas las miradas, haz videos, crea videos, desarrolla videos.

Parece el titulo de una pelicula de Steven Seagal, pero lo cierto es que en el video marketing esta la estrategia mas idonea para atraer mas visitas a tu web y, sobre todo, para vender mas en Internet, justo lo que tu persigues. Probablemente en el primer video que realices te resultara dificil hablar a la camara con soltura, pero veras que todo es cuestion de practica. Right, because you are focused on coming up with the next great marketing campaign to promote your company! Even if a video goes viral, it is important to consider what outcome you would like to see.
Rather than paying to have the video played (like a regular advertisement), it is promoted to an existing audience that are most likely to be active in social media and will share the video. The number of views necessary to be considered viral varies from definition to definition; in fact there is not a hard set definition for how many views make a video viral.
A specific rule of thumb is that a video needs to gain over 5 million views in a 2-3 week period.
Having a viral marketing video generates fantastic brand awareness with huge reach across many audiences. By having a promotional video that lives on the internet, it is free to host using a service such as YouTube. Of course some viral marketing videos cost just as much, if not more, to produce than a standard commercial.
If you are want to have Chuck Norris riding a dancing elephant on the roof of the Empire State building, it’s obvious that will cost more than your average viral video marketing campaign video.
Generally the initial round of views can come from an existing social media following that actively share on their social media platform of choice. Customers have a higher likelihood of making a purchase from a company that has video content on their site. People are much more likely to share a video that makes them have a serious case of “the feels”.
Sad content is much less likely to be shared than something that makes someone laugh or even makes them angry. This video takes the viewer through an emotional roller-coaster only to bring tears to their eyes by the end.
Write your script and run it through some coworkers, friends, and that really serious neighbor that you think might be a robot. No matter why they best fit the role, just make sure that they are the best choice for your video. There are a small few that go insanely viral with no expectation to do so, or effort to do so, on the company’s end. Most times it is very helpful to enlist somebody that has a larger following on the web to help with the initial push of the video. Shaky video, bad audio, pixelated graphics, bad acting, etc, will deter viewers and will not generate the number of shares and views necessary to launch your company’s video to stardom.
For a video to go viral, it needs to be interesting, especially if it is promoting for something that is generally a somewhat dry subject. Whatever your goal is, you will want to make sure to include a call to action that will make use of all of those views coming in on the video. Even if you have a great script, bland visuals can ruin the concept of the video leaving viewers bored. Creating a video with a good marketing plan can lead to viral success for the video and your company. Whenever you hear of a successful Kickstarter project, there almost always is a video accompanying the crowd-funding project.
Imagine a company selling something as basic as water just got you to think about them, even if it’s for just a minute, and have people share it too. While the cost of creating a video can exceed that of creating a poster campaign, the potential gains are significant enough to make people want to try. Learn everything you need to know about how your videos are viewed, where they are viewed, which aspects of your videos they get excited about with in-built technology like heat-mapping and more.
When we feel we are connected to these people, any message the video tries to convey suddenly becomes more real with the help of ‘eye contact’ as we are driven on a more emotional level than a logical one, making it almost the perfect way to convince your audience about your product. There just isn’t any other way to say it, videos are and will be an integral part of the Internet for years to come. And with videos now online and permanently accessible, it opens the gateway to two-way communication for better branding and good public relations.
But with the average Internet speed constantly on the rise and fast connection speeds ubiquitous in any developed society, streaming content has become the norm. Just ask Volvo how they enjoyed their 31% increase in truck sales with their epic Jean-Claude Van Damme Split.
Embed them on your websites and enable the comment plugin to bring together your followers in one place. An effective tool for turning a lead into a client, video allows your firm to showcase its expertise by identifying legal issues and providing a potential solution (you).
Rapido, sencillo, economico y mucho mas eficaz que miles de acciones que has puesto en marcha, el video pone ante ti un sinfin de oportunidades para que tu negocio online crezca y fidelice. Pero esto no es todo ya que Google te premiara con mas visibilidad y tus oportunidades de negocio se multiplicaran. Las oportunidades del video marketing no deberian verse mermadas por los miedos y, si quieres aprovechar esta herramienta, lo suyo es que te enfrentes al desafio con todas tus armas. It really is amazing the effect that a single viral video can make for a brand, and the emotional connection with customers truly is a key factor.
Unless you have one presently, get one started, and use these suggestions to make your strategy superb. If one of your videos has a lot of down votes, negative comments, or just runs too long, consider axing it to better your channel’s reach. Where there are no borders – no limits – and where the possibilities go beyond your imagination.
A continuacion, edita el video con programas de edicion como Movie Maker (Windows) e Imovie (Mac) y luego, subelo a tu web, a YouTube y a otras plataformas. If you are making a video for an email marketing message, though, you can go longer depending on what you are trying to say. Whether this is a call to visit your website or read a white paper, do not waste this chance for follow-up. There is no hard-and-fast recipe for creating a viral video – you can only tell a good, visual story and let the community take it away. It is really important to know the customers and then connect with them emotionally so that it really strikes them.

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