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Mobilize your website and social media pages – Ensuring that your website and any significant social media pages, such as your Facebook business page, are optimized for mobile is a must. Be sure to claim and optimize local listings – It’s not enough to merely have a listing on entities like Google local, Yelp or other local directories, you must make those listings work for you! Offer irresistible deals – Everyone loves a deal, and mobile shoppers are some of the most voracious. Clarence Fisher has spent more than a decade in the Internet marketing trenches honing his online marketing skills.
About us and this blogWe are a full service agency that deliver compelling digital marketing solution. We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase organic search drastically and compete for 1st page rankings of highly competitive keywords. With phones and tablets at easy access, percentage of online search being done on the go is increasing dramatically and 57% of users won’t recommend companies with poor mobile sites. Making products and services easily accessible on mobile devices will increase the likelihood of quick purchases via a smartphone or tablet. While it’s less than you would assume, the number of people using social media on tablets and phones are growing. Don’t miss our Mobile Marketing 101 Online Training to learn the best tips and strategies to optimize your brand for mobile success. Tweet Mobile marketing is great technique for drawing in new customers, but did you know it’s also an excellent tool for retaining your current customers? Casino affiliate who can successfully mix mobile marketing strategies are with best practice push notification techniques, can get a lot more mileage out of their core player base.
He says that nearly 68% of end-users who download a company’s mobile app will also opt-in to receive more information from you in the form of push notifications.
One the best fringe benefits of this new connection is that web publishers have increased opportunities to keep their products in front of their customers.
In the retail world, this translates in geolocation technology to push special offers directly to customers in brick and mortar stores.
For affiliates, that could mean tying special offers in e-mail newsletters to mobile app and web use. Keep up with the latest digital marketing developments, views and how-tos through State of Digital’s digest newsletters. Are you aware that 271 million adults own a mobile device of some sort, of which 91% of adult Americans have their phone within arms reach? Restaurants beef up mobile investments to help with customer loyalty, speed of service and guest interactions. Smartphones, mobile phones and tablets have become so prominent that one of the largest brands in the world McDonalds is now testing mobile payment apps. These broadcasters, content publishers and influencers can be incredibly valuable to your brand. I am sure you use your mobile phone for more than just talking, do you text, use a browser, email, social media, search or how about for getting directions?
I help companies understand the power that a brand can yield by helping brands build and optimize their digital presence through content creation and engagement. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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Mobile Marketing Project CharterPurposeUse the Mobile Marketing Project Charter to establish a clear project scope, decision rights,and executive sponsorship for the project.Be sure to customize this template accordingly. 4 – Risk IdentificationWhat are some of the risks that may be encountered during the project? Risk Category Probability Risk Mitigation StrategyLack of Adoption Medium Response time is critical ? Ensure staff is equipped with to achieving objectives, adequate monitoring tools particularly in customer and know how to use them. Mobithinking, a reputable mobile analyst firm has stated recently that the mobile ad market will be worth a huge $11.4 billion this year, and by 2016, double that, so there’s no denying that the mobile ad world is just as huge as the very successful advertising markets found online on a computer.

It would take thousands of words to cover everything you would need to know about mobile advertising and the results you can get from it, however as a newcomer to mobile ads, there are most probably some questions that pop up a lot more often than others, and below you will find the answers. This is a question that you are never going to get a solid answer to, and although as the mobile market evolves, you may have a better understanding of what rates you could earn from your application, you are still never going to be certain about what kind of money could be gained from your application. The mobile market as it is now is fragmented, and it’s extremely difficult to set out a ‘best’ mobile advertising platform, however, there are a few categories to pick between, and some app platforms stand out in their own categories slightly.
The decision to pay for ad space on another application is a difficult one, and as a small business or startup, it may be unviable. There are a lot more details to dip into when considering mobile advertising, but these few pointers should help you get on your feet. Get subscribed to our RSS feed to be informed first to learn about new blog posts published. Keep in mind that mobile versions of your content need to be Spartan in size, images smaller, and textual content more brief and concise, so as not to lose the busy mobile browser. Moreover, they’re out and about NOW, and you can attract them with timely offers and coupons. After helping national companies go from concept to millions of dollars in revenues he decided to focus his Internet marketing powers on helping local business owners achieve their goals. Our winning solutions and experience helps to deliver great results across several key areas. With 1 in 7 people worldwide owning smartphones, mobile marketing is the most efficient way to get in front of your audience. IDFA helps identify quality push notification opportunities based on advanced demographic profiles. It could also mean developing mobile apps that are aimed at keeping loyal customers in your sphere of influence, while learning as much as possible about their gaming habits and preferences. The more you can tie mobile marketing and push notification strategies together, the better off you’ll be. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies. It is for this reason that restaurant brands should consider being active in mobile marketing. I am not suggesting that you abandon traditional media all together but you better start making the transition into digital and mobile marketing now, before your customers leave you behind.
Is mobile currently part of your marketing plan or do you plan to integrate it in the future? Mobile apps are as helpful as they are effective since they can drive traffic to your restaurant.
A check-in or a tagged photo is an implied endorsement that is more valuable than simply raising awareness. By becoming active in mobile and social media you start to communicate with a new kind of customer.
When required, delete the sample textprovided and fill in the blanks with information that is directly related to the mobilemarketing project.This template has been pre-populated with an example of what a mobile marketing projectcharter might look like. Project OverviewThe following table includes basic information that is associated with the mobile marketingproject. Execution & Integration ? Mobile Marketing Program Launch (App) ? Mobile Marketing Program Launch (SMS) 3. Project StakeholdersProject stakeholders are all of the people who have a vested interest in the project, yet arenot involved in the day-to-day operations of the project. However, when starting up in the app market, looking at different advertisements to feature in your app, and also different ad platforms to advertise your own application on can have a huge variable in results depending on what platform you use and how you use it, so there’s a bit of knowledge that should be consumed before opening your app up for advertisement. However, if you start to make profit slowly from your application, you could try your luck in feeding it back into the app’s success by placing a few adverts up. Make sure to use an email optimized layout, preferably one-column, and a font size of no larger than a 14 for small-screen readers. Utilizing the segmenting and referral tracking within Analytics, whereby you can track smartphone and tablet visitors and analyze their onsite behavior, you can determine how you’re campaigns are performing. Clarence has a keen eye for finding out what works in a marketplace and positioning his clients’ companies to dominate their markets.
Restaurant brands just like everyone else needs to be visible, they need to be present whenever AND wherever their target audience and customers are.

Top of mind awareness is and has always been about being present and that means being in front of as many eyeballs as possible.
Today, even when we watch TV we have at least a phone, laptop or tablet in our hands competing for our attention. A strong brand is the key to long-term success, treat your customers right and they will support you. If you are planning on a phased approach, provide a summary of what each phase will look like from your perspective.
Stakeholder Name Role Project Responsibilities Defining and evaluating strategy, communicating with other team members and John Doe Project Manager stakeholders, obtaining metrics and compiling weekly reports on project status, conducting meetings. Specific dates are not required.Stakeholder Frequency Method PurposeProject Manager Weekly E-mail update ? Discuss project progress, issues, etc. There are dozens of names that could be mentioned here, but the most notable would be Adfonic or LeadBolt. Before doing this, you should ask those that have used your app, or ask a review site to have an honest look at your app so that you know how to improve enough to match up against your competitors. With 84 percent of those using mobile marketing reporting a gain due to mobile, there isn’t any excuse for falling further behind!
It is hard enough to communicate a message so you might as well hedge your bet by marketing where your audience is hanging out. By attracting a mobile user to your restaurant, you are more likely to stumble upon the type of consumer who is an active social sharer. Project Description2.1 Project Purpose The effective use of mobile media is becoming increasingly important for today’s marketers. Mobile Marketing Manager ? Oversee all mobile marketing efforts and resource allocation ? Collect and reporting project metrics ? Establish marketing objectives for mobile marketing ? Monitor and select mobile channels ? Develop strategies for cross-platform promotion ? Harvest customer insight 2. Project approval, negotiating for resources, Susan Bell Project Sponsor reviewing reports, attending quarterly meetings. This way you will be able to gain new downloads for your app, but also improve upon your daily user sessions because your customers have a better experience with your app than they do with its competitors.
Can any of us really be certain that newspapers will still be printing on paper in 3 years time? Someone who uses Social Media and apps like Instagram or Foursquare to share and post updates with friends and followers like to share often and can be influential to your audience.
According to a recent report written by Borrell Associates, mobile marketing spend will grow approximately 21 times in the next 6 years. According to Wikipedia, mobile marketing can be described as marketing on or with a mobile device.
Defining and enforcing marketing strategy, Director, Enter name monitoring mobile activities for acceptable use, Marketing reviewing reports, attending monthly meetings.
Examples of mobile marketing channels include, but are not limited to, the following: ? SMS Messaging ? QR Codes ? Coupons ? Display Ads ? Apps ? Video ? Etc. Ensuring adequate IT resources are available for the duration of the project, providing Enter name Director, IT technology support, managing security, privacy, archival of content, attending quarterly meetings. Defining and promoting integrated sales tactics, Enter name Director, Sales monitoring mobile activities for acceptable use, reviewing reports, attending monthly meetings. Defining and enforcing customer service Customer Service strategy, monitoring mobile activities for Enter name Manager acceptable use, reviewing reports, attending monthly meetings. Decision RightsTo support the timeline of the mobile marketing project and respect executive time, theproject manager has decided on the following decision rights procedure: 1. Any e-mail or voicemail sent to the project sponsor that requires a go or no-go decision will specify a decision date or time within reasonable limits.

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