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Dengan melakukan penjualan salah satu paket diatas anda mendapat bonus penjualan sponsor sebesar Rp. Pengiriman barang akan kami lakukan setelah kami menerima notifikasi atau konfirmasi pembayaran anda pada nomor kontak kami yang tertera. Form pemesanan anda akan otomatis di cancel apabila kami belum menerima bukti pembayaran anda setelah 3 (tiga) jam dari pemesanan.
On the ground, Robert Sharp & Associates designed business cards, letterhead and print material for tradeshows to create visual brand awareness.
Piesano's Pacchia had menus that required a fresh, custom design as part of the new strategic marketing plan.
Robert Sharp & Associates used the newly made menu to create take home menus for customers picking up their order. In addition to implementing design work for the Borglum, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Washington Route, Robert Sharp and Associates has recently helped Rapid Transit with designs on collateral materials for their new Coolidge Route. From digital billboards displaying mouthwatering dishes, to simple but sophisticated table toppers, the exquisite nature of the design must match the fine-dining experience of the restaurant. The Barbeque Festival, hosted by the Central States Fair, was a new event for the Black Hills this year. With spring fast approaching, Jolly Lane Greenhouse wanted to pursue a billboard advertising campaign. Big Cheese Pizza, a new pizzeria and sports pub, recently opened in Sioux Falls and we were consulted to produce some high quality print materials.

Health KiCC (Better Health for Kids with Chronic Conditions) is a program funded through federal and state monies that provides financial assistance for procedures, treatments, medications and travel reimbursement for children with chronic health conditions.
A custom design was made for new restaurant menus implemented with new layout then photography.
The only problem with menu design: every photo of the client's food presentation makes our graphic designers hungry! Creative work fulfilled for this project included new bus stop signage, flyers with timetables, and maps complete with points of interest.
With the help of a professional photographer and the highest quality of photographic equipment, we were able to incorporate authentic Dakotah Steakhouse fares and spirits into our artwork. We have helped many individuals and businesses develop a strong presence for their brand or product on Facebook.
The decided upon custom design then became the recognized visual brand for all print material.
This was absolutely the case in putting together artwork for two different restaurants in the Holy Terror building of Keystone, SD.
Recent projects include program and magazine ads, as well as advertising for the restaurant's plush interior.
Bright and colorful images of flowers and vegetables were used to showcase Jolly Lane's variety and selection of products for two of the billboards. One of the most important factors we have assisted with is generating an avatar, a picture that best represents the person or business as a whole and gives customers a nice first impression as well as a visual association.

With a wealth of experience designing menus, we met the challenge and produced a pair of attractive, detailed products. With the business being a walking tour, the design team developed a 2' tall stencil of a footprint that incorporated the elements of the logo.
While both restaurants offer a completely different dining experience, a solid approach with strong design is required to make any menu of varying cuisine work as it should. After those items were completed, we incorporated the design into other areas such as Facebook. The stencil could then be used by Rapid City Walking Tours to advertise on the sidewalks of downtown Rapid City. Fasilitas VIRTUAL OFFICE yang mudah dikelola, sehingga akan dapat dengan mudah memantau perkembangan jaringan Anda. Dengan membeli produk-produk paket dari mci kita mendapatkan harga yang lebih hemat dibanding membeli satuan. Dengan membeli Paket Produk MCI, kita berpeluang untuk mengikuti Promo Reward jalan – jalan ke luar negeri dari MC-Indonesia satu tahun sampai 3 kali sampai 6 kali hanya dengan cara promosi saja.

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