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March 9, 2014 by Hoang Tran Leave a Comment The changing marketing trends in this era are bringing more business opportunities for local small businesses to compete more effectively with the bigger players in the market. The host of advantages of Internet marketing for local small business owners compels a deeper involvement in this new marketing trend that is changing business operations dramatically. Internet marketing is a fresh wave of cost effective marketing concept for any business that wants to be well established in its industry with a clear visibility in the marketplace. It has become imperative to build an online presence for all businesses that want to succeed in the marketplace as more business enterprises mushroom overnight to intensify the competition. A better end result is obvious with Internet marketing even for the smallest investment made by small businesses. Modern web consumers today tend to Google for their shopping items before making a purchase on-site or off-site. Hence, it is crucial for a business of any size in any industry to consider building a strong online presence to attract more traffic and potential sales to its website.
With the established, optimized web business site, Internet marketing is so easy and convenient for all parties.
Internet marketing forms a very cost effective advertising tool that is affordable for small local business owners.
It is possible to manipulate the best of Internet marketing tools to transform the business into a global enterprise quickly without hassle or high costs. Modern businesses are discovering the power of online marketing strategies on the Internet platform to become more established and successful with affordable online advertisements and Internet marketing campaigns. The Internet platform generates the right environment for a small to large business to be globally recognized, although local business opportunities still exist to capture the local market. A well designed and developed web business site can reach a wide consumer market to boost the business regardless of its premise or offerings. The Internet proves to be an excellent platform to draw in more potential leads to the business with the myriad of marketing avenues available; this includes online social media networks that have millions of followers for a local small business to target their niche markets easily and conveniently in reaping the desired business outcomes. The variety of Internet marketing tools and solutions can boost the local business easily as these are proven marketing solutions that bring on desired business results. The long list of advantages with Internet marketing for local small businesses compels these operatives to indulge in the available tools and techniques immediately in order to stay ahead of their competition.
However, such local businesses must always keep in mind their business objectives and directions to benefit from the growing number of tools and techniques via dynamic technologies of today.
May 3, 2012 by Tara Jacobsen {EAV:5da08477a9fda337} – funny little empire avenue thingy to verify my blog! BUT, if you want to learn how to grow a marketing empire or really start creating some new habits…this is the post for you!
Three months – this is the timeline that I use for setting habits in place and goal setting. Ok, I am great for making bold pronouncements of new habits that I want start (cleaning my kitchen sink is a biggie!). Watch any webinar and you will find something you are not doing right now, that if you could start doing it would make you a ton of money! Still in the realm of time, remember that something that you just start doing always seems harder than doing nothing (deep, right?) The first time you do a custom picture you have to get a graphic, find a quote, do the formatting, size it, say dammit that was wrong, re-size it, save it, post it, etc. Online I will oftentimes make a folder on my browser (Chrome or Firefox) with all the pages I need bookmarked there.
Because I am careful about what I add to my list of todos, I generally can make a new habit stick pretty quickly.
Being an entrepreneur and working with entrepreneurs, I KNOW how fun it is to chase shiney squirrels. How often have you decided to do something, tried it for a couple of weeks (or a couple of days) and then decided that it didn’t work?
Here is your mission if you choose to accept it…figure out one new marketing habit that you are going to embrace for the next three months! If you could use a little help creating new habits, or heck even thinking about WHAT your new habits should be, check out my marketing coaching programs – they start with a tiny commitment of an hour and go up to 3 months! Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. Choose Skyfall Blue and enjoy the best small business and retail advertising professionals available to Ottawa, Ontario and the surrounding area. Sky Fall Blue utilizes multiple approaches and advertising mediums, which allow us to customize an advertising strategy ideal for your small business. Skyfall Blue has years of market research experience, allowing us to help your business determine the best marketing approach for your unique needs. Business branding is essential to impress a positive image of your business on your customer base. Our marketing specialists help your business see creative, tangible results from your advertising campaigns. Advertising combined with strategic communication is the key to becoming a powerhouse in your industry, and Skyfall Blue is your advertising partner. Skyfall Blue goes behind the basics, combining basic marketing services with advanced SEO and innovative marketing research. Skyfall Blue believes the comprehensive advertising program must include a strong business brand and an incredible media profile.
Skyfall Blue is committed to making your business everything you dream of and more, beginning with a winning marketing strategy.
As a small business we are often overwhelmed with to workload and marketing our business successfully is something that we sort-of pay attention to.
But heck who has the time to do a  marketing plan and implementation when you are rushing from one client crisis to the next because you are the boss BUT also the bookkeeper and the technician, etc. When it comes to you marketing your business the answer to this question should really be the first one.
If you advertise locally you will spend a lot less money than choosing to go further and wider.

Also you will be able to gain the full attention of a small number of people rather than you barely registering with thousands. When it comes to potential customers you want to have their attention fully. Some may see this as lack of ambition but I see it as playing the percentages. Certainly if you aim to be a big company one day then throwing lots of money upfront in order to try and stir up attention for you in the marketplace where there are lots of others competing for the same business doesn’t make a sound strategy. However by becoming number one where you are based allows you the opportunity to diversify into neighboring territories before you become a feature on a more national level. Although being ambitious is great, you shouldn’t get confused between ambition and recklessness.
When running a business you need to be fully aware of what you need in order for yours to be successful. You aren’t actually aiming for what is low, but rather you are making yourself aware of what is possible and so ensuring that you are able to grab it. We get most of our leads from our Internet marketing, our advertising cost has come down and I notice when my e-mail is down because the leads don't come in as fast.
Most of our business comes from the Internet these days, it is so important for estate agents to be visible online in their local communities.
The dynamic internet platform is no longer confined to large corporations with money and power; a small business startup can enjoy a quick establishment in its industry with exponential growth when the right tools and solutions are employed to market its wares and services. The changing marketing mindset is not only for business owners and managers, but also on consumers who are more tech savvy.
Business owners need to be aware of the changing market trends and tools that are easily available to assist them in establishing their market position; preferably sidelining their competition to create a definite market presence.
A local small business owner need not be intimidated with the giants in the marketplace as there are ample business opportunities for every type of business in any size or industry. These tech savvy consumers spend a lot of time performing online research over the wide variety of products offered on the web. A well designed website that contains high quality content would create a stronger web presence and social interaction with relevant parties for a clearer visibility in the marketplace.
A larger ROI can be enjoyed in a shorter time frame compared to traditional advertising means. Once the business is set up on the right platform, the continual maintenance and upgrade works are simple and cost effective. This powerful tool is dynamic in helping a small business to be established in the market with a potential expansion factor. This online marketing potential allows the local business to identify their target market easily before venturing on to international markets.
The use of search engine optimization tools and techniques serves to promote the small business on the web without incurring unnecessary high cost. Small business companies can indulge in link building and Pay-per-click activities as well as affiliate marketing to groom their operations to success. With the right online, marketing tools engaged and cost effective Internet marketing solutions implemented, local small business owners have a higher success rate in the marketplace even if they start their business from scratch. If you were looking for something more uplifting and easy, move along, nothing to see here. Three months is a good amount of time because you can see the end of it and it doesn’t feel like forever!
Yes, that is right, I use a social network or blog or make videos and products about something for A WHOLE YEAR before I give up on it!
But for business, I have to make sure that what I am setting in stone is a good habit to have, that it will help me sell more and that it will actually ACCOMPLISH something.
I love webinars and watched one the other day about affiliate marketing (where you promote other people’s products). New biz owners often do not have clients to work with, do not know what will work small business marketing wise and have nothing but time to devote to marketing. If I had my way, I would do nothing all day but research marketing ideas, check them out, write about them, make videos and get Sonic sodas to keep me going. With that in mind, I am adding a personal note and doing custom graphics for blog posts (like the one on this post).
For example, I went to the post office and bought two sheets of stamps, put my cards right next to me on the desk and had return address labels printed.
But this is the part that I promised to come back to…if it makes the list, I do it for a YEAR!
Seriously, coming up with a new product, service, plan, strategy, idea, concept…all in my sweet spot. Exercise is like that for me, if I don’t have a 6 pack abs after THREE STRAIGHT DAYS of doing situps, I slither back to my slothful ways. It can be phone calls, door knocking, personal notes, sending a daily email, Facebook, Pinterest, postcards. Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People. With the advent of social media marketing however, small businesses can get an equal footing as their bigger competitors in terms of their ability for marketing placement online.
We specialize in helping small business owners increase their revenue and company presence through integrated marketing and strong business branding. We are the advertising agency Ottawa businesses rely upon to know the market, the competition, the trends and the challenges of the industries that matter. Your company brand identify must reflect the mission, value and passion of your company and ensure your business is noticed by the customers you desire.
Your company needs to ensure your brand and message is consistent across all your communications – from your website content to your press releases, logos and more.
Skyfall Blue digital marketing focuses on SEO and social media strategies to increase ad click-through and conversion rates to increase your customer base.
We provide services ranging from business branding to video production, advertising consultation and full advertising program creation.

In addition, we continue to develop new ways to help small businesses maximize their sales potential.
We use our strong background in marketing and business knowledge and experience to adapt strategies to challenging markets, new business climates and updated advertising campaigns.
Your company will become the “go-to” experts in your industry and have the trust of your consumers.
Contact us to see how the Skyfall Blue professional marketing and strategic communications team can help your small or medium size business. A new startup in any local business can stand a good chance to compete with the local market if relevant Internet marketing options are employed. Window shopping to compare products and prices is very rare today with the advent of the Internet to allow greater shopping convenience and pleasure.
The appropriate interactions with established social media sites that have millions of members allow more potential leads to benefit even the small local business.
This new marketing option requires little investment to enjoy the larger returns even for small businesses which allow a better marketing path for the establishment or expansion. Small local businesses can be poised to go beyond the horizon as the Internet offers a borderless marketing opportunity effectively and efficiently. The market offers potential SEO experts offering online marketing strategies and solutions that would boost market presence and bottom lines of the business entity.
The reason for this is, if I don’t I am just jumping around after shiney objects all willy-nilly getting nowhere – more about this later! I thought, hum, if I just found a product every day, wrote a post about it, pinned a picture on Pinterest and talked about it on Facebook, damn I could be rich in three months! I have lists of social media and friend contacts who would disappear if I spammed them with a new product a day and MOST IMPORTANT, I would not enjoy doing that every day. I did this before and it got me business but then I was busy and stopped (that one ever happened to you?) Another one is to work on an ebook or information product every day.
You guys, do a lot of different things to find out what you like to do and what works, then finesse later.
A lot of the time that means talking with clients, paying bills, making sure we are on track, talking to prospective clients and setting up social media empires for other people. This will increase my visibility on a medium I already use (blogging) and add a new area (Pinterest).
Kind of takes the pain out of sending personal notes when I can do it in 3 minutes without leaving my desk! Soooo, for my social media I have a folder with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Klout bookmarked. BUT, the problem with that is the herky-jerky stop start that never gives anything time to get off the ground!
I don’t care what it is, you have to pinky swear that you will do it every work day for the next three months. Let Skyfall Blue work with you to design and implement the ideal marketing plan for your company. As one of the leading Ottawa advertising agencies, we are ideally placed to assist your small to medium business establish viability and presence in the local market.
Free advertising options are readily available with the proper engagement in appropriate social media sites through an active contribution of expertise that meets the needs of modern consumers. This would result in more web traffic to the web business site for a higher sales conversion rate while expanding the customer base of the business.
Hopefully this article can help you somewhat with the knowledge and tools to be able to make money online.I like to write articles about your favorite array as Design, WordPress, make money online and SEO. I could go on and on, in fact I have a list in front of me and am working out which are going to make the short list for the next three month period! The personal notes are just a no brainer for me, I like stamps and going to the post office!
Too often we take the time amount that comes with the FIRST time we do something and brand our new habit with that HUGE number!
Simply by right clicking and saying “open all bookmarks”, each of these pages is opened and ready to fly through! If I do three pins a day for the work year that is 5 (days a week) X 3 (pins a day) X 50 (weeks in a year).
Due to limited knowledge article will equally cliche, so look forward to receiving many words your suggestions to improve. That is 750 opportunities to connect with someone new, share something and even have fun doing it. That makes as much sense as exercising for and hour and a half and expecting to look like Jennifer Anniston!
However, each has its own specialized marketing tools that you can use in promoting your small business.
If I do videos about how-tos even once every couple of weeks, that will be 20 plus Pinterest videos. You need to be consistent in making updates about your products and services to keep your target audience interested. You need to be consistent in monitoring the performance of your marketing outcomes using one strategy to another. I have complied a simple set of information, templates and tools that you can use to consistently generate thousands of dollars.

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