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These days, with social media all the rage, it’s easy to overlook email marketing for your small business.
While social media is hot right now, email is still a tried-and-true marketing channel that shouldn’t be overlooked. Lori Mattern is Content Manager at bMighty2, where she writes for our blog, helps manage our Facebook page, and develops content for clients.
About Lori MatternLori Mattern is Content Manager at bMighty2, where she writes for our blog, helps manage our Facebook page, and develops content for clients.
Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. It definitely works – too many people think that because email is old school that it must be ineffective. Most are surprised to discover that very few brands, 24 percent to be exact, use video marketing, and this is even more surprising since 7 out of 10 marketing professionals say it converts a lot better than anything else. Timing is crucial in every aspect of life, but you must pay special attention to it when it comes to crafting your video marketing messages. If your local business has a YouTube or other video sharing account, it might appear counterintuitive to delete any of the content. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get more leads and more sales for your business. In today’s global economy, one medium of marketing has transcended all others because of its affect across every industry: Video marketing. Video marketing refers to the promotional strategies of companies through the use of short, engaging visuals.
Integrating visuals with text and audio as appropriate, video marketing allows people to simply push play and, if done well, the product speaks for itself.
Typically easy to understand and even easier to share, video marketing has reshaped the marketer’s job as it promotes ingenuity, engagement, and accessibility. Joe Forte is a co-owner of D-Mak Productions, a corporate video production company based in Phoenix. It works – According to a 2012 survey conducted by Exact target, 66% of online American have bought something as a result of receiving a marketing message via email. It’s cost-effective – in 2011, email marketing brought in $40.56 for every $1 spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

It strengthens relationships, loyalty, & trust – With email marketing, you are effectively building one-on-one relationships with current and potential customers. It increases brand awareness – Each email you send builds awareness of your business and brand, and keeps you top-of-mind with customers and prospects. It’s easy – Most email marketing services offer nice-looking templates that are easy to fill in with your own content. If you’re in the process of developing your digital marketing strategy, you might just want to make email marketing a significant part of it. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, and received her bachelor's degree at Purdue University and her master's degree at Ohio State University.
In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. From changing the game of traditional news releases to understanding viral trends, the use of video marketing can benefit any company through visual storytelling. Sixty-five percent of human beings are visual learners, which makes video a great way to market your wares and enhance your news releases. The Harlem Shake, twerking, and every other viral video represents a massive marketing idea that can be integrated into a video marketing strategy.
I think video used in a news release doesn’t necessarily have to be professionally produced. Turns out a lot of people do, so when developing your digital marketing strategy, you’d be wise to consider adding email to the mix. Though that number is expected to fall a bit in 2012,email marketing still offers a large return on your investment. Well-written, engaging e-newsletters and emails that show your personality help readers learn to know you, like you, and trust you. The next time they need your products or services, they’re that much more likely to purchase from you than from someone they barely know.
When she's not hunched over her computer keyboard typing furiously away, she enjoys reading, working out (yes, really), and boning up on her mad WordPress skillz. We'll help you get the most out of your marketing dollar and bring out the marketing superhero in you!
Unless you have one presently, get one started, and use these suggestions to make your strategy superb.

If one of your videos has a lot of down votes, negative comments, or just runs too long, consider axing it to better your channel’s reach.
Where there are no borders – no limits – and where the possibilities go beyond your imagination.
A news release accompanied with a video of your executives, demos of your product, or even something funny helps engage influencers in a new and meaningful way.
While they’re not always part of an email marketing program, companies such as Wistia are making video more accessible in your lead generation efforts.
Even better than a pre-made template, though, is one custom-designed just for your business. If you are making a video for an email marketing message, though, you can go longer depending on what you are trying to say.
Whether this is a call to visit your website or read a white paper, do not waste this chance for follow-up.
These videos can show the true emotions of the people at the event and can go a long way to represent your product or service.
Provide a video of how your product works or have your sales team answer questions they know are coming. Whichever way you go, email marketing is a quick and easy way to reach your current and potential customers right in their inbox. Live event videos can present a first person perspective in real-time that attracts and influences potential clients and generates immediate traffic.
Statistics show that for retail and brand sites, 40 percent of their video sharing occurs through email, with nearly half of that sharing coming directly from emails being passed around and shared. People are more inclined to hire you when they can see firsthand what it is you have to offer and how you can benefit them.

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