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We at THE TELEPHONE MARKETING & TRAINING COMPANY have over 20 years experience and have developed our unique and well practised TECHNIQUES to produce RESULTS with confidence for our clients. With this confidence we are also prepared to share those techniques and TRAIN your existing staff or build a team for you.
Traffic Optimisation: Getting as many targetted visitors to your site or application as possible.
Improving Conversion Rate: Systematically testing and measuring different components to increase ROI. Accessible Design: Ensure you remain compliant by enabling all of your users to access your technology. User Centred Design: Increase client loyalty, conversion and overall satisfaction by making things easier to use. We offer a range of training courses on marketing, time management and presentation skills see below for more information. Marketing training courses are held at The Centre of Excellence, Tamworth or at your own premises. Roar Marketing is a small business, we work in the real world and we understand the pressures and opportunities faced everyday by business owners, directors and managers.  Micro and small businesses that have no option but to adopt a do-it-yourself approach to marketing or people from larger businesses that are new to marketing especially benefit from this course.
Throughout our consultancy work we help people at every level to get an understanding of marketing and how important it is in creating and maintaining a successful, growing business. Our one day marketing training course is designed to help you make best use of your time and marketing budget through real-life examples and marketing know-how learned through many years of marketing experience.
We run this course at the request of our clients either for their own teams or for a group of businesses with a minimum of four delegates in total.
If you wanted to install a new heating system would you do it yourself?  Or would yet get an un-trained person to have a go?  Probably not!

So why do so many business people attempt to do their own marketing without even the most basic understanding of the fundamentals?
The reality is that most owners of small and medium sized businesses have to do their own marketing, at least to begin with.  Come on this marketing training course and you will get a basic understanding of what marketing is and how you can use marketing tools to make your business more successful.
Find Roar Marketing and Karen Nicholls on the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Consultants Directory. First we look at the business plan and what goes into it.  We look at what marketing strategy is and why it is vital to achieving the goals set out in your business plan. The final section of the marketing training course is how to construct a marketing plan and budget and why it is vitally important to monitor, review and evaluate your results.
Managing Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors, Sales and Marketing Managers and anyone responsible for making decisions that influence the direction and profitability of your business.
Effective Web Strategies That attract, engage and convert customers You will be fully aware of the incredible efficiencies and profitability that can be achieved through effective internet marketing. So the question for most SMEs is no longer are you doing content marketing, but are you doing it right? Whether you are a marketer for a large company or small enterprise, it's easy to be seduced by the lure of social media and churn out content with no end game and no way to measure success. According to Phil McGuin of Stickyeyes, who co-presented the webinar with Stephen Bateman of Wise Up Media, the most common content marketing issue his clients face is how to get audiences to engage with their content. In the webcast, he sets out his five content marketing techniques to help small businesses on their content marketing quest.
We asked them to choose what they thought should be the main focus when implementing a simple, cost-effective content marketing programme from a list of top five tips from leading content marketing strategists, including Robert Rose, founder of CMI. Almost half those polled (43 per cent) said "audience” should be the main focus, followed by influencing influencers (25 per cent).

In other words, whether you are a great content writer, a wizard at social media, or a veteran marketer, if you don't start with the end in mind and focus on your content marketing goals first, the chances are your SME will fail at content marketing.
Content marketing: “the great lie” or a brilliant way to tell meaningful (and green) stories?
I’ve blogged extensively already on the challenges of green marketing and in particular the need for the green business community to get better at creating and distributing content that is informative and engaging for its customers and stakeholders. Green marketing: can Abundance’s ‘Green Santa’ reclaim Christmas in the name of sustainability? Yours truly theatre specializes in different forms of theatre like improv interactive participatory theatre, playback theatre, experimental theatre, unconventioanal theatre, contemporary theatre in India. Had great meeting with a client and collected business cards and A1 and A3 posters from the printer. Today, not only are most marketers doing some form of content marketing (88 per cent, according to CMI), but most small businesses are now using content marketing.
According to recent research, enterprise content volume is growing at a rate of 200 per cent annually, yet 60 to 70 per cent of B2B content churned out by marketing departments sits unused. Best theatre drama acting training, Yours truly theatre is improv group in india, and does improv comedy also conducts basic weekday and weekend theatre workshop, theatre, drama classes for children, weekend theatre classes, acting classes, weekend workshops, drama classes in bangalore.creativity courses for adults and children.

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