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Your search for a utilitarian mixer grinder ends here as you can shop online for the Bajaj Glory Mixer Grinder that will surely impress you with its numerous functional features.
This Bajaj Glory Mixer Grinder is provided with three kinds of jars, a blender jar, a multipurpose bowl and a chutney jar.
This Bajaj Glory Mixer Grinder runs at a voltage supply of 220-240V and consumes 450 watts of power. All the blades that come along with this Bajaj Glory Mixer Grinder are made of good quality and hardened stainless steel that ensures longevity.
The Bajaj Glory Mixer Grinder comes with a built-in motor protector that will keep the motor of the cool when there is electrical fluctuation.
This utilitarian mixer grinder from Bajaj is extremely useful as it will let you extract fresh fruit and vegetable juice in very less time. Graphic equalizers are provided for both the main and monitor channels, so you can effectively control feedback or tailor the sound to match the room and program material.
All three mixers in this series offer a total of 12 input channels - four for monaural microphone (incl. The EMX powered mixers offer the ideal combination of outstanding sound performance and easy handling.

The MAKU Tapware range features fine lines and balanced proportions in a distinctive compact design . With this mixer grinder, you will be able to mince, slice, juice, knead, cut, blend, whip, granulate and powder all the ingredients with optimum precision and that too, within just a few minutes. While the Juicer jar has a capacity of 2 litres, the multipurpose bowl has a capacity of 1.5 litres. Moreover, the body of this food processor is made of good quality plastic that eliminates the chance of electrical shocks. Forget about mixing or blending with hand as you can do it conveniently with the help of this mixer grinder. The chutney jar which is extremely utilitarian, is small in size and suitable for blending sauces and making chutney. In addition, the anti-skid feet of this food processor will keep it at place when in use, thereby eliminating any chances of accident by toppling.
All the mincing, slicing, cutting, grating and shredding necessities will be taken care of by the various kinds of blades that come along with this food processor. It is inclusive of three kinds of jars and functional attachments, making it a must-have for your kitchen.

Although the food processor is provided with three jars and attachments, it has a compact design and can be stored away conveniently when not in use. In addition, the edges of these blades also remain sharp and ensure fast performance during each use. You can use the jars for dry or wet grinding of raw spices, blending and preparing chutneys as well.
Whether you want to whip cream, beat eggs for making omelets or grind spices, you can do it all with the help of this mixer grinder.
This mixer grinder comes with a twelve month manufacturer warranty and an extended warranty of 24 month on the motor makes the product all the more utilitarian.

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